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  1. <3 American Server, please check on IP: us.ilovebacons.com



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    :paper: First Starbound Copy (Pixel Tier) giveaway will start when the clan reaches 50 members! :paper:
    Welcome to our thread! Our name is iLoveBacons. First, before anything else, despite the name, this clan has little or nothing to do with Bacon, keep reading and you'll understand! We have been a gaming community since 2006. We have already been a part of many games, including MMOs and virtual worlds. Our name comes from while we were playing Habbo in 2008. Anyone who played this game knows that there is Bacons, the famous hair in the form of Bacon that many players used. Strange origin for our name, huh? However it's been a while since our sites and community have gone down, and now we did return as a Starbound Fansite!

    iLoveBacons is now available in English, with a Portuguese version also available. You can find it at www.iLoveBacons.com.
    We're going to have a big Starbound server for the members to play on. (EU server, Americans be warned!) We will also be hosting events, giveaways, and more. The community is very friendly, and very varied. We talk a bit about everything in the forums and we became some sort of "family", and what a big one! The old communities hit 30k members. We want you to be here and feel that when you're with us, you're home.

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    Our site is the central hub of our community. It serves as a portal/forum where everything is and where members interact with all of our other functions, game servers, events, etc.
    Here are some things you can find on our site soon:
    • A whole new English version of the site apart from the older one, which is in Portuguese.
    • A forum with functions such as a user's live stream listings, events, voice/text chat, Starbound news articles, and more.
    • We try to make your stay in our community fun and rewarding, now with an XP/Levelling system that will reward you with permissions, unlock features, and much more in the site/server as you level up. It pays to be active in the community!
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    Currently, Starbound isn't out for us to play yet. Join us by registering in the community site!
    You do not need to join our community site to be a part of it, you can simply stick around this thread if you prefer, it's only required to join our community site when you want to join our game servers or use some of the resources we will have up soon, like the 5 Starbound Copies Giveaway!
    Refer to this thread to win your special badge in our community site!

    Official Site MemberList (+150 Members)
    01- Bacon
    02 - Katorone
    03 - SeaTheEMH
    04 - T-Rex
    05 - AstroBlast
    06 - beebot83
    07 - Arcadiax
    08 - Dust
    09 - Evithlia
    10 - CrimsonWingzz
    11 - -Winter-
    12 - frostybubbles
    13 - CookieEpic
    14 - Gentlemanly Shark
    15 - Vash
    16 - Arkax
    17 - Vizendel
    18 - Geneticfate
    19 - Samiz
    20 - Zansetu
    21 - HerpDerpy
    22 - vonbenja
    23 - TheTimeLord
    24 - Prophet of Deception
    25 - Lachee
    26 - nikey9
    27 - FixelPixel
    28 - The Question
    29 - bluebadge11
    30 - Shock
    31 - Huami
    32 - [ S]miley
    33 - booglebonzo
    34 - Rutger
    35 - Kirby64
    36 - DatMarv
    37 - Oraiu
    38 - Sionkster
    39 - Gentleraptor
    40 - darko1233
    41 - Rippedfang
    42 - UrASmurf
    43 - AZ_flopybear
    44 - Pancake
    45 - Dictionary
    46 - Pigeon
    47 - 70calories
    48 - Uan
    49 - Caep
    50 - Jackyshan
    51 - Ermadillo
    52 - Bake
    53 - Anchorshag
    54 - echiro-oda-fan
    55 - GravityFlux
    56 - Madcactuslover
    57 - drbawb
    58 - rubadubdub
    59 - EnergyProExtreme
    60 - Solomon Darling

    There are some golden guidelines in here (for this thread and our community site):
    1. Be friendly! Our community was always very friendly and supportive. As I said before, we have become sort of "family" that ends up being united, and consequently, having more fun, which also results in everybody having a nicer stay. We always ask to refrain from any conversation with negative comments if you don't agree/like something.
    2. Roleplaying Friendly (light), Multi Clanning Friendly, Inactive Users Friendly (exception events & giveaways)
    3. And of course, follow the forum rules.
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    Our signatures, special requests, and other stuff that will be available to our members is coming soon. I have very little knowledge of Pixel Art, what ends up limiting what i can do, i did all of this thread, then when we have some nice artist that can do some sprites, i can create what's left for get this area ON!
    Stay updated with the thread and you'll notice new stuff from time to time.

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    Would not be possible without the support of Katorone, he helped with hosting our website!
    Part of laerad.net gaming network. If you're looking to play other games, check it out.
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  2. SeaMichelle

    SeaMichelle Some Sort of Weird Fish Princess

    I'll join! It looks like fun o:
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  3. Argthrond

    Argthrond Oxygen Tank

    I'm not going to join, maybe later, but i wish you good luck! :up:
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  4. I shall like to join this wonderful looking community! [​IMG]
    Because... Why the hell not?
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  5. Soon we shall have for who wants awesome Sigs (the ones I had that dynamically updated your posts / trophy / likes), i need to keep tweaking the code to make it work fine.

    Added, welcome thanks for your help into fixing my English errors. ^^
    Added, welcome AstroBlast! :love:
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  6. beebot83

    beebot83 Big Damn Hero

    Count me in! Just note, I will generally be less active than the other members. Sorry, I'm just generally a solitary person!
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  7. I added you, welcome! Why is that? I might be able to seduce you! :rofl:
  8. Epicface

    Epicface Heliosphere

    Looks like an awesome clan :DD
    Are you accepting alliances? My clan, the Knights of the Round Galaxy, would love to have you Baconeers on our side :iswydt:
    Got that right, right?
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  9. Arcadiax

    Arcadiax Guest

    I'll join, baco buddy!
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  10. :paper: First Starbound Copy (Pixel Tier) giveaway will start when clan reaches 50 members! :paper:
    (pretty high for the first copy since i have a limited number for now)​

    Just added you, glad to have you here! ;)
    I'm working in an awesome alliance system for iLoveBacons, that will include free bagdes in our future community site, i'll PM you when ready!
    But you must convert to the Epic side of Bacon also ^^
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  11. Evithlia

    Evithlia Weight of the Sky

    let's make a beautiful bacon planet :rofl:
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  12. Epic doesn't want to ask what that means.
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  13. I'm assuming he meant that Epic has to join the Bacon community for the alliance to happen. Not sure why, but thats how I interpreted it.
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  14. Epec coward face lold! Yes it simply means that (no need to being active on it), not going for the simple type of alliances, it will be a fun beneficial alliance for both clans that will get people having fun! It is going to be on when our fansite is up, but i will show him what i have in mind soon i can! You'll surely love it.

    Let's mod our server to have bacon items and textures to who want to use? Would be awesome! Are you in? *_*
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  15. CrimsonWingzz

    CrimsonWingzz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Sorry Bacon, I don't think I'll be joining any clans atm; I have a lot of things I'm busy with (YouTube, Livestreaming, etc.). Sorrryyyy! D:
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  16. Dust

    Dust Giant Laser Beams

    Sweet. Can't promise I'll be active. in 3 months time I'm starting a degree in Physics, but I'd be honored to be part of this. :D
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  17. Evithlia

    Evithlia Weight of the Sky

    of course sign me in! :rofl:
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  18. It's okay! I know what is like being a busy bee, i managed communities over 30k members where literally everything is "me this, me that" but I like it! Talking about streams our site will have a stream platform to members, you connect your stream, then all the forum members will see it on the "live streams" menu, it's something nice since we are gaming related!
    Added! I'm glad you are with us Dust, :love:, you don't need to, when you feel you want to check in, you'll always be welcome. ^^
    Good Evithlia, welcome! :love: Added. Now just spread the love!
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  19. CrimsonWingzz

    CrimsonWingzz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Maybe in that case I can join then. Count me in! :)
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  20. Dust

    Dust Giant Laser Beams

    Excellent My secret plan to get in close and eat Bac... Breakfast is on Schedule.
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