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Server Hackers! BEWARE.

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Bacon, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Some of us are starting to experience mad issues with hackers, that simply change their game files to cheat the whole thing. From crashing the server to destroy the WHOLE planet that can even Damage your PC Hardware.

    This is what one did simply changing one item files of a pickaxe to make it dig a HUGE BUNCH of a planet in a row:[​IMG]

    The whole spawn is a layer of lava now.
    This also caused blue-screen to a player who was playing there and it's unable to start its PC now, i also noticed the FPS down to 1 could not even move.

    Advice for server owners:
    DO NOT BE PUBLIC, put passwords, make stuff private, whatever you need, if this spreads we'll be on big trouble. :notworthy:
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
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  2. nightowl79a

    nightowl79a Phantasmal Quasar

    Ofc, what would a game like this be without the stupid hackers that get a sick pleasure from ruining servers.....So many terraria/minecraft servers ruined this way. It's sad when most public minecraft servers ban the fun stuff like dynamite and fire because of this.
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  3. You give them too much credits calling them hackers, they are much script kiddies.
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  4. kik4444

    kik4444 Existential Complex

    This is why I always backup my saves and universe before I open my server or join another server! (cause other people in your party can beam to your ship and do ANYTHING they want, except pilot it. That includes taking items and destroying blocks)
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  5. The worse part of this... Is that it DAMAGED PC HARDWARE of players inside when this did happen, it's more serious than a simply backup file, i'm tyring to help the player but with a bluescreen and unable to start PC it must have been one hardware failure.
  6. DasRav

    DasRav Big Damn Hero

    What exaclty was damaged?
  7. I'm unsure, he says he was in the area, the guy used the pickaxe, then the whole thing started to fell down, with all us it all stop responding, game, pc, etc... But with him after 30 seconds laptop screen got black and blue-screen. Right now PC doesn't start, when to enter the Windows loading it restarts again.
  8. Actinide2k9

    Actinide2k9 Void-Bound Voyager

    If it comes at the loading screen the hardware is probably not fried :) More of a windows problem. Tell him to put in a windows repair cd and click on repair :p
  9. Platoonsgt1

    Platoonsgt1 Big Damn Hero

    If there are any storage devices in the computer, remove them. I've had that issue caused by that before.
    If there are no storage devices, sorry, but I can't help you
  10. diamondmx

    diamondmx Space Hobo

    Your friend's PC is bluescreening on loading windows most likely. There is a way to turn off auto-restart on bluescreen, I'd suggest googling it but IIRC - you press F8 a lot while your PC is booting and you should get a series of options, one of them is to turn off auto-reboot on bluescreen. Also safe mode if you want to try that.

    Then at least you should get your bluescreen error message to work from.
  11. Burasuko

    Burasuko Space Spelunker

    Here we go.......
  12. He said he repaired with the win7 cd and it's working fine again! uff, not sure what did happen but when the guy did that on our server we all (one the area) got our PCs on death-mode. :cautious:
  13. Zidonuke

    Zidonuke Pangalactic Porcupine

    Expected this kinda stuff to happen already, the game is fairly hackable, you should only run private servers. There is no way to moderate the game or control anything at the moment and I suspect it will be like that until they do the release.
  14. Yup, the firewall doesn't help if he changes. I saw he's using the Fish Axe, some DEV forgot to remove it. :(
  15. Katboy99

    Katboy99 Poptop Tamer

    *Instantly puts passwords on everything*
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  16. Baleine

    Baleine Big Damn Hero

    Simple. Computer lagged huge-time because of Starbound using too much resources, windows came unstable : blue screen
    Windows may have corrupted one of its file or its registry and thus was unable to restart.

    This is not an issue from Starbound nor from modifying files, but rather from hardware that can't handle too much stress.
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  17. Atlus

    Atlus Big Damn Hero


    ...You can't damage PC hardware with a FPS overload unless the computer is being cooled by a glass of sweet tea with a lemon in it.

    It's just not possible. It just sounds like they suffered a crash from their cpu memory being clogged by the massive tile loss.
  18. Oculemon

    Oculemon Starship Captain

    Jesus christ
    It's fucking horrifying when you realize that these are the people directly responsible for what gets changed in the game
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  19. Brassqund

    Brassqund Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I am not surprise.
    A beta is an easy target for that kind of attack.
    On your windows, your rar, your pants, your milk, your bacon.... What I was talking about?
    I don't remember but I am hungry now...

    And it is probably not a good thread for that but I would like to test to go in a server...
    if someone would like to take me, send me a PM :p
  20. jesterkris

    jesterkris Astral Cartographer

    I want a pc cooled this way. When it eventually overheats, I have a nice glass of tea to calm my nerves.

    Glad your friend got the pc sorted, you should always have a password and keep the server private regardless of the game. This is the Internet, people aren't nice here.
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