Serendipity2 Farm on PC has Slots Available

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Benigni, Dec 19, 2018.

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    I am hosting a HUGE multiplayer farm.

    We are just about to begin summer of year 1, and there are several cabins available.

    This is my second Community Farm, and the first one was great times.

    There are 2 rules on Serendipity2 Farm so far:

    no item spawning,

    no fishing mods.

    In order to use the new farm type Community Farm, which allows for the 10 players and the huge map, you will need SMAPI installed as well as 2 mods for the game.

    If you don't already have SMAPI, it is free and easy to install and does not threaten your existing saves. I'd be glad to guide you through the installation process, as I have done successfully with a few players so far.

    SMAPI - from with instructions for configuring Steam at

    MTN mod -

    Community Farm -

    Mutual respect is always best, and I reserve the right of course to refuse or discontinue any player I choose in the unhappy case that things get out of hand, but hey, I am an easygoing guy, and I don't foresee any major difficulties, especially considering that practically all of the Stardew Valley players I have encountered so far have been cool.

    I still enjoy vanilla Stardew, but I also enjoy experimenting and playing with various mods. I will probably be using Chests Anywhere for example, which will allow me to access all chests at any time from wherevs on the maps (but I won't steal your stuff!). I also used a mod to increase the startup cash for the farm so I could easily set up the 10 extra cabins and such. We have used up the extra coins at this point, but there will be plenty of field snacks on hand for you to eat if you so choose, and the wallpaper and flooring catalog is available, so you can customize your quarters.

    Various other modifications may come into play. You can use whatever mods float your boat, as long as you don't spawn items or make fishing super easy.

    I am 'Benigni' on Discord ( and 'OldBlueBen' on Reddit and Steam.

    What do you say? Shall we play?
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      Benigni Aquatic Astronaut

      ps. only players running the new beta version can join - i'd be happy to show you how to opt into beta

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