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Bug/Issue Selection screen bug. Closes before I can use.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nellynee, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Nellynee

    Nellynee Intergalactic Tourist

    I only just started playing, and I'm having a save spanning glitch with the selection screens (the one used to select items to donate to the museum, and the one used to place a new building on the farm, specifically. I have no idea if it also affects the screen used to place animals in barns, as I can not build barns)

    When opening said screens (attempting to buy a building, selecting "donate to museum"), I get a natural load in, as in it fades in and loads completely, but then it immediately fades back into the game without any input from myself. I am unable to select any artifacts or place a building quick enough to even register on the screen, though the mouse moves when I try.

    This glitch encompass all of my saves, and survives several un and installments of the game. I am updated to the latest version as of August 30th, 2017, and I have no mods installed, nor have I made any attempt to install any.

    I have reconfigured my controls in hopes that a button canceling the screen was on a faulty button on my keybord, but no such luck. That being said, the ability to open my item menu doesn't work (what is initially assigned to the E button) even when I move the controls around, but I can get around that by opening the map and navigating from there.

    I'm more worried about the selection screens though, as I am currently locked out of both the museum and all farm buildings. I can technically play, but am less inclined if I can use such massive parts of the game.
    • imly2k

      imly2k Space Hobo

      I have the same bug. Tried everything I can think of but it still persists. Have you found a solution?
      • Nellynee

        Nellynee Intergalactic Tourist

        No I have not, I'll let you know if I do it you promise the same

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