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Bug/Issue Seeing character events

Discussion in 'Mac / Linux Bug Reports' started by Weetute, May 11, 2019.

  1. Weetute

    Weetute Space Hobo

    First of all I’m sorry for my broken English

    I found post how ti solve this in computer but I play game in mobile how should I solve this?
    I couldn’t watch shane’s event so I just decided to marry him But after giving him the pendent I get to know that I should’ve watch his event which happens before the next one or it was just a bug So now I can’t see all events permanently...This is one of most important reason I wrote this

    There is a lot of bugs in mobile even excluding that one
    Letters are always cracked in the community center after collecting all the bundle and when it shows how much I sold that day
    And sometimes my items disappear when I put them to complete the bundle they are not in my bag and also not in the bundle/And when I try to move furniture it disappeared too I wanted to put a chicken statue in Shane’s room so I moved it but suddenly it disappeared It is a donation reward so I can’t get it back right?

    I was ok when my items are gone somewhere else but I’m sad that I have to play the game again to see the events☹️ Really disappointed

    I think there should be QnA or bug report in other languages too It is so difficult to report bugs for people who can’t speak English

    However, thank you for reading this long stuff Have a nice day
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