Abandoned Secret Ponchos Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by SeaMichelle, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. SeaMichelle

    SeaMichelle Some Sort of Weird Fish Princess

    It's a game! A multiplayer arena game with an isometric view set in the wild 'ol west!

    I've got one spare copy, and that means only one of you will get it!

    So, here's what I'm gonna do. We're going to hold a little... tournament. A winner-takes-all multiplayer arena game. A fight to the death, where the last one standing walks away with a game in which you do the exact same thing. Are you up for it?

    Here's how it works.
    • The game in which the battle takes place will be decided by vote between three selections (shown below).
    • Only one game will be played, and in a Deathmatch style. (In the case of Team Fortress 2, team deathmatch tourney-style elimination.)
    • You must have all three of these games or have the ability to download and play them in order to enter the contest. (Don't worry, they're all free and multi-platform.)
    • When you post, you will be entered into the roster. There must be AT LEAST three contestants signed up for the contest to happen.
    • In the event that there aren't enough contestants before Sunday, August 24th, 2014, I'll flip a coin. The person with the first reply will be heads, the person with the second reply will be tails. I'll paste the result fairly. If only one person replied, they get the game.
    • When you post, you must vote for your game of choice. Otherwise, your entry will be voided. The voting ends Sunday, August 24th, 2014.

    • Chompy (TF2)
    • XGShadowstar (TF2)

    The games of choice are:
    NOTICE: Due to the violent nature of these games, player discretion is advised. You shouldn't enter the contest if any of these games makes you uneasy or if you don't like crazy violence. None of these games are insanely violent, but they all have guns and two of them have blood. Please be aware of each game's content before entering, as there's a chance the game you choose won't be selected.
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  2. Juice Box

    Juice Box Pangalactic Porcupine

    Juice Box only has TF2 and has never heard of the other games, but wishes you luck in finding your other champions, (record to Youtube maybe?)
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  3. Chompy

    Chompy Cosmic Narwhal

    Secret Ponchos looks awesome and I've played TF2 but I suck. But hey, count me in I guess. :p

    Edit: TF2 would have to be my vote.
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  4. Tremendo Dude

    Tremendo Dude Pangalactic Porcupine

    I suppose I'll throw my hat into the pot. I'll have to look into Starmade and Urban Terror, though.
  5. SeaMichelle

    SeaMichelle Some Sort of Weird Fish Princess

    Reminder guys, you need to state which game you're voting for or your entry is invalid.
  6. Tremendo Dude

    Tremendo Dude Pangalactic Porcupine

    Oh welp, I misread. I thought we were gonna do the battle in all of the games. If it's down to vote, I'll vote TF2.
  7. Tomato Master

    Tomato Master Noob Simulator 2014

    TF2. Mostly 'cause I'm good at it and have not heard of the other games.
    Edit: When will this take place? I have school and might only be able to play on the weekends, or after 6 pm.
    Also what if our internet possibly goes out during the battle? My internet sucks and randomly goes out.

    Why do I always miss the dates for things. Welp seems I wont be getting the game. Oh well.
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