Secondary Attack Balance

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by ThisIsAUniqueUsername, Jul 27, 2016.

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    I'm sure there is a lot to be done in this area and I encourage others to leave their suggestions.

    The main reason I started this thread is that I think the flipslash for broadswords is underpowered. It feels like blink explosion is clearly the best melee secondary. With it's very high damage, invulnerability while charging, and usefulness as a movement ability, it seems like a no-brainer to use a weapon with that ability over any other.

    As I mentioned, there are many other abilities that could use tweaks but here I would like to address my suggestions to make flipslash better because I'd really like to use it.

    - Ideally, making the player invulnerable and unable to collide with enemies would be ideal (perhaps with damage from projectiles still enabled). Much like the screw attack from metroid games which this could draw inspiration from. Not to mention this would put it in line with the invulnerability of the player while charging a blink explosion.

    -If that would make it too powerful, the ability to initiate the attack in midair would also make it easier to use the attack whilst avoiding contact with enemies.

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