RELEASED Sebastian Portrait! (Finally there's a mod to support mine)

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by inktho, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. inktho

    inktho Aquatic Astronaut

    2017/4/5 - Oh My God There's a Mod That Supports Large Portraits Now
    I even took some screenshots using mine:

    What it requires:
    - SMAPI (
    - "Portraiture" mod (here) (Download the older version if you're still using SDV 1.11!)

    The mod uses .png's instead of .xnb's, interestingly.
    Here's the file for my portrait mod.
    (You'll have to rename it to "Sebastian.png")

    There's instructions for how to use the mod on the page (let's be real if I could figure it out, you shouldn't have any issues LOL)

    Now I really want to do portraits for everyone else... I'll get to them eventually but I hope you enjoy Sebby for now!

    I decided to make a Sebastian portrait mod (and planned to make one for the others eventually) but I foolishly pixeled him at 128x128 instead of 64x64 and to downsize it makes it look...bad (and would require a lot of reworking)...

    I'd really like to implement a higher res portrait in my game but I have no luck in finding a way how.
    I found a thread from a few months ago but it seems his project was never finished bc he couldn't find other artists and therefore never shipped the mod... (his res was at 256x256 anyway but it's far easier to upscale rather than downscale)


    Maybe I'm just being stubborn but I think this resolution gives a lot more freedom than 64x64 so it would be really neat to figure out how to use higher res portraits!

    Here's what it looks like 256x256 btw (it's just upscaled 200%):

    [​IMG] (I'm not even sure if it would be this size in-game anyway)

    If I can get this to work, I'd love to make more for the rest of the characters
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    • Mr.Mudkipss

      Mr.Mudkipss Big Damn Hero

      THESE LOOK GREAT! I hope you figure it out :3
      • peachitto

        peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        wow, he looks so amazing! very nice work!!

        it's a little frustrating the files have to be 64x64 but what you see in-game is 128x128 anyway. i've never programmed/coded anything beyond simple HTML so it all sounds very confusing to me...
        i hope there is a solution somehow... because this looks so good! it would be a shame for you to not be able to use it!
        • Sereru

          Sereru Aquatic Astronaut

          Ahhhh!!! My husband!!! These look incredible! I especially love the ones from his motorcycle scene *spoilers?*. Those have always been my favorite in any Sebastian set, for some reason.
          • inktho

            inktho Aquatic Astronaut

            Thanks for the positive responses, guys! I did some light investigating and apparently the guy working on the HQ mod had been absent bc of computer issues but he should be finishing it eventually after all! So maybe I'll wait until then... ; v ;
            • Noroxus

              Noroxus Void-Bound Voyager

              Wow these look really good! O:
              • Cobalt_Tea

                Cobalt_Tea Big Damn Hero

                goodness,your art style is super adorable! ;o; <3
                • Sky303

                  Sky303 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  The shading is fucking phenomenal, I hope you find a way to implement the larger size. The pixel size restriction makes it hard to have nice portraits :( Well done mate.
                  • inktho

                    inktho Aquatic Astronaut

                    Thanks guys! Still not luck on implementing a larger size so I might try doing 64x64 and seeing the best I can make of that for now.
                    • HopelessSpaceCadet

                      HopelessSpaceCadet Big Damn Hero

                      OMG! I love your art style! I wonder how Elliot (my hubby ^^) would look in your style....makes me should do him next! if you plan to do anymore. I really like you Sebastion. he looks so adorable!
                      • Gamerweiss

                        Gamerweiss Scruffy Nerf-Herder



                        Unfortunately, I can't actually assist with your question at all. I don't have any idea how coding works or anything like that. I just think this art style is absolutely adorable and I hope you do more. If I didn't have a thing about every portrait needing to be in the same style, I'd totally use him. ;u; <3
                        • Cobalt_Tea

                          Cobalt_Tea Big Damn Hero

                          hello again! theres a mod that just came out on nexusmods that allows larger portraits. i saw it and immediately remembered this thread :) its here if you want to give it a look!
                          • Rachaelora

                            Rachaelora Void-Bound Voyager

                            I really dig his look in this hoping for a download soon
                            • Bold Heart

                              Bold Heart Void-Bound Voyager

                              I just found this and wow, wow, wow. Cutest Sebastian ever. Now I'm a huge fan of your art!
                              • inktho

                                inktho Aquatic Astronaut

                                OH MY GOD finally! I'll try it out and if things go smoothly I'll share here.
                                • inktho

                                  inktho Aquatic Astronaut

                                  It worked!! T_T I'm so pleased that it actually worked so easily... I put up the file for sharing. Definitely thinking about doing more portraits but I haven't done any pixeling since this project... 9 months ago LOL.

                                  In the meantime I could easily do non-pixel portraits if anyone is interested.
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                                  • asdasdgfrw

                                    asdasdgfrw Title Not Found

                                    I'm not sure if bigger than 128x128 would fit with the rest of the game, but it would be fantastic if you made other characters!
                                    • SheepMilks

                                      SheepMilks Phantasmal Quasar

                                      I would personally love it! your art style is amazing <3
                                      I wonder how you would do Alex!
                                      • inkumi

                                        inkumi Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        HOLY COW your art is so gorgeous ;_; I'd love to see more - pixel or otherwise!
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                                        • Anul

                                          Anul Orbital Explorer

                                          This is so beautiful I hope you make more *.*

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