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Would seasons be a good idea?

  1. Yes, I want the day/night cycle and temperatures to change on my planet.

  2. Sure, why not.

  3. Meh.

  4. Nah, I don't think so.

  5. I want it to stay clear and sunny forever on my planet! No way!

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  1. PurpleSquirel43

    PurpleSquirel43 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Each planet you're on should have its own seasonal cycle depending on its orbit. Things like shorter days in the winter and more rain in spring would take affect.

    I didn't see if there was another post like this, or if its already planned, but let me know!
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  3. AviansFTW

    AviansFTW Master Chief

    Yes, this is a great idea! Adds a ton of dynamic!
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  4. Ironpaw

    Ironpaw Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Seasons would be great, especially if they had real effects on the environment like freezing the top of water bodies or causing trees and plants to lose leaves or stop growing.
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  5. elverion

    elverion Industrial Terraformer

    I doubt this will get added to the game as they would have to add new graphics and animations for every tile for each season. I would also assume that season change would only take place if there's no players on the planet, as that would be much easier to do.
  6. PurpleSquirel43

    PurpleSquirel43 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I don't think that it would get in the game, either, until post-release.
  7. Senego Trainz

    Senego Trainz Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Such a system could even completely alter the planet characteristics. Think about planets with extreme period of revolution, or highly eliptical orbit. Seasons could change within weeks or years. The change might be enough to alter the climate from ice desert for say, ten years, to hot sand desert the following years. Gravitation, tides, the sky panorama all would undergo constant variation. In reality this might even be the norm, at least not rare for planetary orbits.
    So this opens up some serious issues for the "claim your planet" thing. You might find out that the temperate climate you found at your first visit, turns into violant, constant thunderstorms after a year. Which i find wonderful!

    This would add another layer of long term naturalism to the world, a reminder that a planet is not just a static backplate to the gameplay. But a representation of a living, animate environment.

    I am all for this! Though i know it will be very hard to implement in all its consequence.
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  8. I completely support the OP and this post.
    Upvoted !
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  9. PurpleHamsta43

    PurpleHamsta43 Star Wrangler

    How many seasons? And how long will each one last? more info please
  10. PurpleSquirel43

    PurpleSquirel43 Pangalactic Porcupine

    That would depend on the planet. Most planets would have the normal 4 seasons (except ones that have no tilt on their axes, maybe?), I'm supposing, but the duration depends on how long their year is.
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  11. Sower

    Sower Big Damn Hero

    This idea is very good and has great potential to add even more atmosphere to Starbound.

    For example, during Autumn trees could go through deciduous. And since Starbound has so many different types of trees that alone would be an awesome feature... the leaves on normal trees would change color and fall, plant-type trees would lose their petals and wilt, and other types of trees could bloom, shimmer, glow, and etcetera. Such a feature could greatly add to the pool of potentially generated content since trees wouldn't have to change during seasons and some could even remain static throughout all seasons.

    The devs have said that planets are assigned certain types of randomly generated monsters/animals which are generally unique to that planet. Another potential idea is that there might be a few extra creatures assigned to planets with seasons, which would only spawn during those specific seasons. For example a cold-type creature would spawn during Winter or a flying bug-type could spawn during a hot Summer (if a planet went through those types of seasons)... or the creature pool could remain entirely static even on planets with seasons. Just like before this would greatly increase the potential for the already ridiculously awesome generator for planets.

    Planets could become even more unique than they currently are.
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  12. Diagnosan

    Diagnosan Subatomic Cosmonaut

    If seasons are implemented in to Starbound, I feel one grave mistake to avoid making is tying it in to the real world calendar. If every world is in winter at the same time, that’s a big ol’ mistake.

    Seasons should be unique to each planet. Some should have rainy/dry seasons, others the four season cycle.

    A tropical world might never see snow, but it may see months without rain, during which pools dry and plants wither. In only a few short weeks time, that might change to rains that don’t stop until the planet sees intense flooding and flourishing vegetation. A dessert might see rain only once every few years, but when it does, it blooms. Never, however, underestimate the power of drought locked with the seasons, even on worlds you might not expect it. These could also come with infestations of insects that take advantage of the weakened plant life.

    Some could have intense periods of heat and cold very rapidly, others very slowly, with little time in between. Some seasons could last years, others could last weeks. Some may last so long so as to seem almost permanent within the contest of the life of the game/players.
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  13. Dahoga

    Dahoga Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh, please add this! I would love to live on a planet that changes from season to season. It would add so much depth and immersion to the game!

    In other ideas, animals would grow more hair/slime/whatever to cope with lower or higher temperatures and ice would freeze on the top layer, while keeping most underwater species alive. Ice fishing, anyone?
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  14. Diagnosan

    Diagnosan Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ice fishing sound amazing.
  15. ZackTheGreat

    ZackTheGreat Space Penguin Leader

    +1 to this idea! I think seasons would do wonders for Starbound and make its environments actually feel like it has a dynamic ecosystem. This could even lead to more interesting elements that could add more life to the game. Like for example seasons would spark events like festivals in towns depending on the season on the planet.
  16. Core

    Core Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This idea is probably the most beautifulist I've heard of yet, somehow managed to find this and luckily I did!

    Although this would dely the beta for Starbound, it would be nice, but I don't they would implement it until post-release with the Dev's and smaller art team working on bugs and other major implementions. But other than that I don't see why they wouldn't add it ;)
  17. Sower

    Sower Big Damn Hero

    Yeah, that's a good point. Seasons should be specific to each planetary system and not set globally. It would be amazing to travel from one system to another, with each solar system applying the local seasonal aspects to their planets at differing times (if there are any).
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  18. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Pangalactic Porcupine

    Up for the Seasons in Starbound ! Would be nice to have also the Fog ! We have rain, snow, sun, etc etc, why not the fog ?! Nice autumn atmosphere, especially for halloween ;)
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  19. Azerk

    Azerk Void-Bound Voyager

    I love this idea.
  20. linux_user

    linux_user Lucky Number 13

    seasons is not bad but BAD idea in the end

    first this game should get on its own feet

    after this someone from "hard-coders" should learn some astronomic and how day sickles work
    why ?

    first there might be planet where is sunny day
    next there is planet that been in the darkness all day
    planet that hav mix out of sunset and sunrise at same time (because there is 2 suns)

    same as planet that have 100% of the time rain or 0% of the time rain or mixed
    planet like gas giants would have stormy weather almost 95% of the times , probably good weather at day time and stormy at night

    temperature changes is non logical , there is no body heat display level , and for example robots dont need heat anyways

    to temperature need some very hard rework

    because for example , water stores heat over day and gives away over night , so player could stick close to water source at night

    also eating something produce from inside body heat
    drinking something produce from inside of body heat
    walking produce body heat
    even thinking produce heat

    also clothing protects from heat lose
    some fluffy + leather clothing would even further protect from cold temperature

    heat itself is produced by almost everything so even diggin yourself underground will give u alot of heat to survive without any "heat" sorce , since ground itself would store heat

    the "heat" engine is way to under worked from what i have seen at videos

    i personaly myself would suggest to remove it completely , cuz its just a bugger that would only annoy:facepalm:
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