RELEASED Seasonal Outfit Changes

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  1. Chill-T

    Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thanks for input, I might show some previews later in the day. ^^

    It's on his mod page on Nexus, but this is pretty much what was stated.

    "About the modification permission:
    Hate to bring this up again, but I'll just make sure.
    When I granted the modification, It means I gave permission, not that I transferred the copyright.
    Which means, I have the copyrights of both this mod AND the edited mods based on this one.
    So please don't edit both of them unless you're the author of the mod edited prior to April 4th.
    Thank you.

    I changed modification permission. You can still distribute the original files, but you can't change the assets contained in the files. Except for the mods that already have been edited."

    I suppose what I can do here is release the seasonal version, and remove it if the author happens to return and asks for its removal. Ah— and I just realized the other day that you updated your mod, kekeke. ^^ Keep up the good work! I love the maternity outfits, adds more detail to an already amazing game.
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    • paradigmnomad

      paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      The next few releases of this are going to be an amalgamation of adding/removing sprites as we get permission to include them in future releases.
      Anyone who takes a gander at the content.json in future releases is gonna see a lot commented out heads up.
      • Tanpoponoko

        Tanpoponoko Big Damn Hero

        Only now just realized I'd had the wrong file for Clint's summer outfit for the mod!! I just uploaded the correct one to the main post!
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        • space-nessy

          space-nessy Void-Bound Voyager

          i don't really use this site much but i wanted to say that i adore this mod <33 honestly, it adds so much more life to the game and the characters. thank you for creating it!! :)
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          • Chill-T

            Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I'm releasing the portraits today. ^^ Download link here!:

            — Completed —
            ● Pierre finished
            ● Clint finished
            ● Sebastian finished
            ● Jodi finished
            ● Shane finished
            ● Vincent finished

            — Mostly Finished —
            ● Finished all but Robin's winter portrait
            ● Finished all but Haley's winter portraits
            ● Finished all but Gus' winter portraits
            ● Finished all but Alex's winter portraits
            ( The winter outfits are a bit of a pain. ^^; )

            — In Progress —
            ● Finished Mayor Lewis' summer portrait, but now he looks like part of the Mario brothers.
            ● Finished Elliott's spring, spring rain, and summer portraits
            ● Finished Demetrius' summer portrait
            ● Finished Willy's summer portrait
            ● Finished Abigail's summer portrait
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            • Chill-T

              Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Here's a little preview of Abigail's summer outfit I was working on the other day.
              Screenshot (1615).png
              And here are some portraits in action!
              Screenshot (1540).png
              Screenshot (1541).png
              Screenshot 3.jpg
              • paradigmnomad

                paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Those are wonderful! I can't wait to see even more of them complete <3

                Btw I love that the file names are formatted properly. Thanks!

                Edit: Do you think for Shanes Outdoor Rain you could make his hood be behind his chicken? Kinda looks like he's clipping through.
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                • Zosa

                  Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                  if i wanted to make raw portraits to match the seasonal outfits would that be ok? i am not clever enough to implement them or anything but maybe if they were good enough and you ok'd it someone on here would try to implement them into a patcher or something?
                  • Chill-T

                    Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Aak! Thanks for pointing out the error, Paradignmnomad, looks like I forgot to check every portrait. How embarrassing.

                    I'd like to add that I sadly only worked on a single portrait yesterday. The file is now available. ^^
                    I know Kent's fall outfit is meant to be designed like a windbreaker, but I quite liked the open jacket alternate. ^^ Right now I'm unsure on who I should work on next, but once the easiest outfits are taken care of, updates will begin to slow a little.

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                    • Chill-T

                      Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      It's actually pretty easy to implement the portrait pngs! It requires no coding at all on our end. ^^ However, Tanpoponoko and Paradigmnomad will be the ones to take care of adding the files to their mod. If, say, you want to test out the quality of your portraits ingame, I recommend using the Portraiture mod and pasting your portrait pngs. You can test out variations of your portraits by using multiple folders that way. ^^

                      I recommend you rename your portraits according to each NPC's seasonal sprite, it'll be easier on Paradigmnomad. You can find the NPC sprites by going to your Seasonal Villager Outfits folder, then clicking on the Sprites folder.

                      I'd love to see what you have in store! More portraits = more good stuff. :D
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                      • Zosa

                        Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                        no, i mean like i have 0 skill whatsoever X D these would be raw pngs and nothing more, haha. i am barely able to manage adding mods to my game, i would not dare try and make anything X'''D
                        • Chill-T

                          Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Ahh, okay! I'm pretty useless in pixel art and in coding, so I understand you in a way. :rofl: And raw pngs are all that's needed for the portraits, so it's all good. ^^
                          • Zosa

                            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                            we can sit together in the stands and cheer on the clever kids who know how to make codes that dont suck and/or die :rofl:
                            • Chill-T

                              Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Finished all of Kent and Pam's seasonal portraits. Download link up:

                              For the shirt print on Pam's fall portrait, I assumed it was a pumpkin, considering the season and Halloween. Initially, there was supposed an alternate print, which was.. a parsnip. Y'know, Pam loves parsnips, so she has it on a shirt. (Great logic there, I definitely have prints of grapes as well.)

                              Also, I'd hate to be a bother again, @Tanpoponoko, but I'd like to try to keep every detail of the outfits in your vision. ^^ Plus, progress will be much smoother. If you have specific flowers for these sprites, I'll add them into the portraits. I'd also like to ask, on Alex's winter and Demetrius' fall outfit, are their collars fur collars? Just making sure. And it'll be great too if you have certain flowers for the Flower Dance.
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                              • Chill-T

                                Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Sounds like a plan. :up: *Grabs giant foam finger*
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                                • Tanpoponoko

                                  Tanpoponoko Big Damn Hero

                                  Please do, that would be wonderful!

                                  The new stuff is looking fantastic! Yes, it was a pumpkin I imaged for her sweater too, haha! Oh also, just a small note, I sort of imageined Pam's summer dress to be striped with pink and lighter pink, but it looks great anyway! But if you had the energy/will to make a version with stripes, that would be amazing!

                                  I can easily make it into an unofficial mod to add to the game and make it available on the front page of the forum post, it should be no problem! :) I'll try to have the WIP version up sometime later today.

                                  As for the details on flowers and such, I'll share what I had in mind when I created them....
                                  • Emily Spring - Camellia
                                  • Penny Spring - Cosmos. I also imagined her brooch to be like little colored eggs. They could also be like jewels too, if you prefer that!
                                  • Penny Spring Rain - Clover. I also imagined her brown shirt patterned with small pinkish roses
                                  • Abigail Fall - Ranunculus
                                  • Evelyn - I didn't make this sprite, but I suspect it's a rose?
                                  • Marnie Spring - Daisy on a purple ribbon.
                                  • Marnie Fall - I imagined that as an undershirt where it's like one piece of fabric folder diagonally over the other, and the dress is kind of a tunic that goes over it.
                                  • Alex and Demetrius Winter - I imagined them both with wool for the collars!
                                  Flower Dance
                                  • Demetrius - Assortment of wildflowers (I have nothing particular in mind hehe)
                                  • Linus's crown - From left to right, Lily, Violets, Forget-me-not, Lavender, tulip, Wisteria
                                  • Kent - White Rose
                                  • Marnie - Also wildflowers, nothing specific
                                  • Pierre - Lily of the Valley
                                  • Willy - Plumeria
                                  • Pam - Thistles
                                  • Clint - Iris
                                  • George - Black-eyed susan
                                  • Gus - Lily
                                  Please let me know if you'd like any other details for any of the outfits :)

                                  Also, in other news, should be adding some more Luau outfits later today!
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                                  • Chill-T

                                    Chill-T Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Thanks! I can definitely add stripes to Pam's summer outfit, it's no trouble at all. ^^ Tell me anytime in case you'd like more changes in future portraits. And I have to say, I admire the detail you had in mind with the sprites! I can work at ease now with the proper flowers. :D And I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

                                    Awesome! Glad that the portraits aren't troubling you. ^^ And I'm definitely looking forward to the Luau outfits. It's really a treat for the holidays to be included. (And when I think about it, I'm pretty excited for Halloween to come up next.)
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                                    • Tanpoponoko

                                      Tanpoponoko Big Damn Hero

                                      Ok, got a version of the portraits up for content patcher! I'm no genius at coding, so I'm sorry if I've made a mistake somewhere. Hopefully it should work :)

                                      @Chill-T I also noticed that in Elliott's Summer Suspenders and Haley's summer ribbon hat seem to have sprite previews forgotten on the files!


                                      Also, I figured I should share more details on some of the more abstract features, if you'd like:

                                      • I based Emily's outfits off of this artist's interpretation
                                      • Spring Abigail's shirt has a crescent moon on it
                                      • Spring Emily's wearing a light pink blouse that's slightly crimped, but loose
                                      • Summer Willy's hat is a yellow fishing bucket hat, and the things around the brim are tackles he's stuck into it
                                      • Autumn Penny's dress has a wide collar made from lace that goes over the top of the dress
                                      • Autumn Leah has a decoration of berries/leaves in her hair
                                      • Autumn Haley's dress has a pattern of dark flowers on it
                                      • Autumn Rainy Leah's scarf has a mushroom applique
                                      • Winter Maru's sweater and knit hat patterns are something like this
                                      • Winter Leah's hood has a silky fur on the lining
                                      • Winter Penny's undershirt has a lacy collar that goes around her neck, and the sweater has something this sort of pattern. Or they can be holly berries! :)

                                      These were just the ways I imagined them when I was creating them, if you want to do something differently then please feel free!! Thank you again for contributing all this wonderful artwork!!
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                                      • Moragaine

                                        Moragaine Existential Complex

                                        Greetings! For starters I want to say how much I love this mod! I love seeing all the characters in new costumes. However, I just did the Feast of the Winterstar and several of the characters didn't have their winter outfits on. The characters were Jas, Harvey, Caroline, Shane, Jodi and Sebastian; everyone else was bundled up for the cold weather.
                                        • Zosa

                                          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                                          oops, i had not realized the format was 64x64 X'''D this might not suit my style(i thought it was actually 128 or 132 X D )

                                          even so, would either of these styles be ok?

                                          they aren't like super great but they can be done very fast(about an hour thirty per outfit set) and they would be free to mod in any way you guys please as long as i got credit^^
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