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Discussion in 'Mods' started by leyalluna, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. leyalluna

    leyalluna Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello! I'm thinking about making Seasonal NPC Sprites and Portraits but I don't know anything about coding... I get the idea of basic use of Content Patcher(simple replacing Sprites and Portraits) but Tokens and Conditions area really confuses me... Would someone explain me how to code it?

    I still don't have any seasonal Sprites or Portraits yet... I'm redoing my Portrait mod to ease me when I do the seasonal version. My plan is to have outfits depending on the season, weather and festival. And if possible indoors and outdoors too.

    This is my basic plan.

    • Abigail_Spring_Sun_Indoors
    • Abigail_Spring_Sun_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Spring_Rain_Indoors
    • Abigail_Spring_Rain_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Spring_Wind_Indoors
    • Abigail_Spring_Wind_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Summer_Sun_Indoors
    • Abigail_Summer_Sun_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Summer_Rain_Indoors
    • Abigail_Summer_Rain_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Sun_Indoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Sun_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Rain_Indoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Rain_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Wind_Indoors
    • Abigail_Fall_Wind_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Winter_Sun_Indoors
    • Abigail_Winter_Sun_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Winter_Snow_Indoors
    • Abigail_Wintet_Snow_Outdoors
    • Abigail_Festival_FlowerDance
    • Abigail_Festival_Luau
    • Abigail_Festival_SpiritsEve

    Though this will take ages to finish...

    PS. Is it possible a mod to have choice between standard npcs and seasonal npcs? So player can choose either one of them to play with? I want to pack everything into one mod.

    PS2. Does somebody know where are Marnie's 'Dancing at the wedding' sprite is and similar special sprites too? I thoght it was included in the character file but it wasn't and I couldn't find it... T_T
    • paradigmnomad

      paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      SVO already does most of what you want. Content Patcher currently can't detect location so indoors/outdoors isn't possible - hence why it's a config option in SVO. We always welcome contributions by the community (can DM to me) if you want to add to SVO. If not I recommend taking a look at the monstrosity of a content.json for guidance.

      1) Yes you can set it to be standard npcs and seasonal. You'll have to create a config for it or use a dynamic token depending on how you set it up
      2) They should be in cursors.xnb IIRC
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      • leyalluna

        leyalluna Void-Bound Voyager

        Thank you so much!! I'm gonna look carefully through the content.json LOL
        Can I ask you questions when I'm stuck with something? Or is it too much? T_T
        • leyalluna

          leyalluna Void-Bound Voyager

          I think I figured out how to do it and have written the basic parts of content.json

          Can someone please check it out if everything is correct? Since Content Patcher can't detect locations, I will be doing just Outdoor Outfits.

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          • paradigmnomad

            paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            In theory you could do a dynamic token for standard/seasonal similar to how I do it for DCBurger vs Portraits:

            From SVO:
                        "Name": "Portraits", <- Change this to anything you'd like (cannot be the same as another dynamic token)
                        "Value": "Portraits", <- `Standard`
                            "PortraitStyle": "standard"
                        "Name": "DCBurger",< - Change this to anything you'd like (cannot be the same as another dynamic token)
                        "Value": "DCBurger", <- Change this to seasonal
                            "PortraitStyle": "dcburger" <- Change this to 'Seasonal'
            Your File (excerpt):

            "FromFile": "{{PortraitStyle}}/Portraits/Abigail.png",
            You can replace `PortraitStyle` with whatever you'd like. That'd remove the need for:

            "When": {
            "PortraitsSprites": "Standard"
            etc. after each entry.

            I also recommend doing something like

            Character Entries

            Portrait Entries

            For each NPC rather than character / portrait / character/ portrait. Makes it easier to look through if everything is grouped together. Other than that I think it looks good!
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            • leyalluna

              leyalluna Void-Bound Voyager

              Thank you!!! Now I'm starting to get how it works and it's really fun! Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥

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