RELEASED Seasonal Custom Farm Buildings

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    Finally it's done. ;)

    This mod changes most of the farm buildings.

    The buildings are based on the vanilla building with changes according to my taste.
    Since I don't like the original coloring of the game I focused on a realistic appearance with realistic colors.

    This is a content pack for an existing mod.
    • You'll need Seasonal Immersion (minimum: Version 1.9.1) in order to use this content pack.
    • Moreover you'll need SMAPI (minimum: Version 1.15.3) to use 'Seasonal Immersion'.

    The following buildings are changed and adjusted to the respective seasons:

    • Farmhouse including Greenhouse
    • all three Barns
    • all three Coops
    • Shed
    • Stable
    • Silo
    • Slime Hutch
    • Well (changed to outhouse)
    • Mill

    Other files which are changed:
    • craftables (bee house, wood/iron lantern, lightning rod)
    • flooring (adjusted paths)

    Optional files:
    • I'll add a content pack which contains the well as an actual well. The default version replaces the well with an outhouse.

    Some Screenshots:





    >> You can find more pictures attached to this post.

    Recommended mods:

    I strongly recommend to use the follwing mods to get an realistic experience similar to the shown screenshots.
    Important note: you have to use 'light dirt and grass 3' version.
    This mod is used in the screenshots. You are free to use any other map recolor according to your taste but you should definitely use one.


    Just copy the to Stardew Valley/Mods/SeasonalImmersion.

    Additional info:

    This mod overwrites the above-mentioned files. If you are using custom flooring.xnb oder craftables.xnb your game will load my textures instead.
    Due to the simplicity of 'Seasonal Immersion' you can change that by yourself. even if you aren't experienced in modding.
    For instance: you don't like the fall paths. You can either delete the file completely or replace it with the spring flooring file.
    If you have any problems or concerns on this topic just let me know in the comments. I can assist you.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, need help with the installtion or find errors feel free to write a comment.

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