Sci-fi Colonial Empire Wars Thing (V.Game Idea)

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    I loved Advanced Wars. I loved Battalion Wars. I loved Civilization. I loved Fire Emblem. When I played Advanced Wars as a kid, I wanted to make my own game where the player could personally design units from top to bottom on a new untamed world where empires rise and fight each other for territory and resources.

    Essentially, I am looking at a scenario that echoes closely to Beyond Earth, Rimworld, or... that Metal Gear game that is just not Metal Gear. Not even a good example, but the scenario is that the player controls a colonial empire on a new tiled world. The goal is to grow the empire as large as possible and move toward victory conditions that will allow your empire to "win", such as a science victory or a domination victory.

    Of my drafts, this is the complex economy version.
    What I want is for each tile based empire to be based on a strong internal economy with three resources; Materials, Credits, and Population. Players need to construct material gathering buildings over resource nodes like Metal Mines to fuel their material income. Players need to construct housing units to house your population, which is needed to provide manpower and a workforce. Housing units provide population and credits. Population is a resource needed to satisfy manpower needs and workforce needs. Metal Mines become more efficient the more their workforce need is met. Buildings are built by a unit called a Construction Rig and these are essentially the workers.

    Of my drafts, this is the simple economy version.
    Mines provide funds, Cites provide funds and increases the unit cap.

    Units and how they are produced
    Bases, Airbases, and Seabases need to be constructed to build the appropriate types of units. Units need manpower/unit capacity, materials, and credits to be build. Empires research technology which unlock new components for designing units. Units are divided into categories; Infantry, Land craft, Sea craft, Air craft, and Star craft (No real plans for Star craft yet, but it fits the Sci-fi theme). Units can be customized by their weapons, mobility, chassis, personnel, and how many are in a unit. Damage is determined by weapon accuracy (damage chance), weapon damage, weapon effectiveness (super/not very effective), and unit size. Health is determined by chassis and mobility. Speed is how far a unit can move and is determined by weight, chassis, mobility, and unit size. Stealth is how effectively a unit can avoid being detected by the enemy and is determined by weight and unit size. The personnel effects the performance of units in different ways. Standard soldiers have no effect. Recon persons have a higher detection and sight value. Veterans take up more from the unit cap but bolster stats. Mercenaries do not take from the unit cap but make the unit cost more. etc. I want there to be plenty of options and components to mix and match for units.

    I know Chucklefish is working on Wargroove and I love all of the designing tools that they are going to be giving the players. My only question for it is will it have mod support? Anyways, I'm extremely distracted, and I'm only to blame. I need to stop multi-tasking. If you have any questions or suggestions do let me know.

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