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  1. haynesy566

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    The Faithless
    Please note:
    I am basing the world of this RP off my story I have written in my literature thread, however this will not tie in with events depicted in the story and I'll also be making a couple of extra races aside from Humans, Vampires and Enhanced Vampires. I'm really looking forward to getting this RP started and I'll create an RP thread once I've received a satisfactory show of interest.


    As the world grew older, the technology grew more advanced but time cannot change the way people think. Humanity had begun to derail as world leaders were being mysteriously assassinated. But that wasn't what tipped us over the edge. During an autopsy performed in the bodies it appeared that the only abnormality was a bit mark on the neck that resembled the same as the mythical vampires. Two days after the discovery was made public, their was massacre inside a shopping mall. Over two thousand people were murdered and blood decorated the interior of the building like a bad paint job. Every body bore the same puncture marks in the neck just like the world leaders. Over the course of three months the attacks escalated and eventually entire cities were being wiped out. The remaining sixth of the worlds population went into hiding, bunkers spanning hundreds of kilometres were built and people were forced to live inside. Just as we were beginning to think we had found a safe place, there was a murder. Only this time the killer didn't run away. We found the body of a twelve year old boy laying discarded in a hallway, painted in his blood on the walls were the words "follow the red brick road of truth". Naturally we were too naive as to what we were up against. We followed the blood that was smeared all over the floor and found ourselves at the medical ward where a slim pale man with black hair was drinking the donor blood we kept for transfusions. We approached and ordered him to raise his hand and get on the floor but he just turned and faced us. He grinned and I almost threw up at the sight of his bloody teeth. He pulled out a chair and sat down staring at us like we were just something to amuse him. I noticed he had precise scars running the length of his arms and legs, parallel to his bones and two slight scars above his upper lip. He locked eyes with me for a moment and I was surprised not to feel fear, just unease but also a slight twinge of recognition. I opened my mouth to ask what his name was but before I could, the captain opened fire. I can't remember exactly what happened next due to the incredible speed the creature used, all I know was that the team of twenty men were dead in less than two seconds. Except me. I was still standing. I spun around to find the creature facing me, emptiness filled it's eyes. He lunged at me and before I knew it, I was knocked on the floor and the world turned black.

    Overview and analysis of races: Most of the world has been turned to rubble by the raging war between vampires, humans and sorcerers. The human government launched many sorts of bombs and bio weapons around the world and as a result there are a large number of mutant beings that also roam the ravaged earth. Survival isn't easy, but people make do with what they have. Humans have discovered tactics to kill vampires and have a shaky alliance with the sorcerers, however there are groups of sorcerers that frequently attack human settlements. Vampires hat everybody and have a reputation of being cunning, lethal and ruthless. Humans have mastery over weapons such as firearms and explosives and a grasp for science while sorcerers rely on magic and vampires rely on their natural abilities and perks such as flying, invisibility for a short time and of course the hunger for blood and inability to move around in daylight hours. Some vampire groups have also enslaved humans to create a new breed of vampires known as the Enhanced. These vampires are extremely unpredictable and have no loyalties to any groups but humans and sorcerers react hostile towards them. Enhanced can be outside in daylight hours and do not crave human blood. They are also able to control and use a primitive form of magic which is based around elements. Mutants are very similar to humans but live in their own mutant communities or by themselves, they have no loyalties but are jealous of the humans untouched by the radiation and mutation-causing chemicals. They also have their own unique abilities that can be chosen by the player. Mutants must have a physical mutation. REMEMBER THAT NO CHARACTER CAN BE OVERPOWERED, they must be within their character restraints.

    Character App
    Race:chose from the ones listed above
    Age: vampires and sorcerers don't age so put the age you'd like them to be but everyone else does age at the normal human rate.
    Appearance: use your imagination but also stick to your race (don't have a mutant who's completely normal looking and fits a human description better.)
    Intended role and alignment: is your character a good guy, bad guy, some random guy or just a go with the flow guy and who is their buddies)
    Backstory: tells us about them, their life and why they are the way they are.
    Inventory: what stuff do they have (please keep it within reason)
    Art: this isn't really requires but feel free to do some if you'd like.

    • Be nice
    • Follow the general forums rules
    • The GM's word is the law, feel free to make suggestions but final say is the GM's
    • Have fun!
    If anyone has suggestions or can give me a hand making this RP look better I'd appreciate it very much! If you want to know more about my stories visit Haynesy's Story thread in the creative works section and look for Scars of the Faithless.
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