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RELEASED SBSE - Customize your player colors using any color!

Discussion in 'Other' started by Phaze, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    SBSE Desktop


    Version Information
    SBSE Desktop works on all current versions of Starbound, including Unstable and Nightly builds up to Upbeat Giraffe. I do not guarantee continual support for Nightly releases, but will attempt to update as much as I can.

    Starbound is a pretty open game, and was made in such a way that lets you edit many aspects about your character. Unfortunately in the beta so far there's no good way to modify some of these attributes! In comes SBSE, a downloadable tool that hopes to allow you to expand beyond what the natural limits of the game will allow.

    SBSE focuses on player customization. Specifically, this beta version will allow you to modify almost any color your character uses, including hair, skin, and armor. Some races have more than one color for both skin and hair, and you can edit all of them! You can also edit your name, description, and even change your hair to any of your species' hair styles regardless of gender!

    SBSE attempts to work with the set up that YOU have, including mod support. I've tried to make SBSE play nice with any configuration, so you should be able to edit aspects of your modded characters too!

    SBSE Desktop is currently offered as a BETA program, and is bound to have bugs and missing features. I do my best to release stable versions but there is always a chance that a release may end up with some problems. Please keep this in mind if you're going to use SBSE. If you wish for SBSE to become more usable, the best way for you to help is to simply report any problems you have directly to me. I listen to everyone's complaints and requests and will always take them into consideration.
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  2. Reno

    Reno Phantasmal Quasar

    I can't wait to give this a go once I get the game running! I'm hoping the limitations on color for some species--like the Avians--are temporary, but if they're not this is a crazy cool tool to have. Thanks dude!
  3. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeah I was a little surprised that color customization was limited to a specific range of colors - though in doing this little project I understand why. It's difficult to have 100% random colors on a sprite and maintain the art style. A problem I had was actually colorizing while maintaining the shades used for the edges of the sprite. I think I did a pretty good job but it's not perfect. In a future update I'll have an advanced option for further tinkering.

    Also I added a gif preview of the process for those who are hesitant to try it out!
  4. danks_

    danks_ Existential Complex

    This is why I'd love to see Gear's work become open sourced one day, to mix everything up and end up with 1 bad ass web tool that does everything and that you can localhost :')

    This is great, thanks a lot for this!
  5. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    I could do what he did but I decided to focus on something else first so that instead of two sites doing the same thing, each serves a purpose until their features overlap. Eventually I might expand into a full editor but since Gear's already does that I want to focus on other useful things.
  6. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    I wish I was able to make something like this :O Nice job!
  7. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Just updated to support facial masks and facial hair. These act differently for different races, I think the only races that use them are Avian and Apex. Apex uses the facial hair for beards, and Avian uses facial hair for Fluff and facial mask for beaks. So far I haven't seen any race that colors the facial masks, but the directives are there if one comes out!
  8. Gear

    Gear Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I really like this, the loading thing is great!

    I wanted to do something similar for rendering/editing item colors, but I haven't got around to that yet
  9. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    changing colors of clothes/items would be very nice...... Gear , i've spawned some vanity items using your starreader (very good btw) and the only problem is, everything comes in red... except the glitch crown which nicely comes in black :)
  10. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    @Gear Thanks! If you need any help with it I can lend a hand.

    I updated a little bit to read the proper names and colors for your equipped armor, but you can't save them yet. I'm getting around to that in a little bit but I've been called away for tonight so it sits unfinished. I also added better error handling with the upload process so the button should revert to a state where you can try again without reloading.
  11. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Spoke too soon. Managed to squeeze in armor color saving just in time before I need to go for the night.

    Tomorrow I will finish off the head and back items and their coloring as well!

    EDIT: added some tabs to the main page that should clarify the tool more.
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  12. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    not seeing the armor color changing?
  13. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Some armor might not have color customization options. My code basically checks to see if the armor has an existing color tag and if it does it shows the option. I might look in the future at trying to force it for any armor, but that goes into messing with every color rather than just colors that are supposed to change.

    My code could also be bugged, I haven't tested it across a wide variety of player files yet which is sort of the purpose of this beta right now. If you send me your player's UUID I can look and see if it's my code that's bugged or if your armor can't be customized

    you should see something like this depending on the armor: [​IMG]
  14. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    oh i see, no worries.
    i've noticed many clothing objects have different colours set in their files. armor i don't think has that, so that's maybe why
    i'll give it a try with some different clothes for you
  15. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'm pretty sure the color directives in the save are for a future dyeing system, so it's probably that armor cannot be dyed or something which is why you aren't seeing them. When I add the head and back items tomorrow I'm pretty sure this will be most useful for capes and crowns and other vanity items
  16. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    apex starting clothes do show up in your editor, but the colours don't save back.
    don't sweat it, you've done a great job so far. i look forward to updates when you have the time :)

    i'm looking forward to dyes working. you can tell by the files that the pallettes are meant to be swapped.

  17. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    So, back at work on this today. Your back item and head item now show up properly now (still no color editing options for it), but on further research into the coloring issue I believe I've come to some conclusions:

    - The only armor that the game colors currently is the starter armor.
    - Other armor gets it's color from the first color directives in the armor's JSON file
    - These colors aren't stored in your save file like the starter armor's are, which means currently my editor won't be able to change or read them

    This means that the next thing I'm going to work on is better support for armor colors. I have to probe further but I believe I can just read out the default colors so at least visually my editor's character preview is the same as in-games. Then I need to see if I can indeed force colors to save to your file. I imagine it should work out as expected but I'll make an update again when I know more.

    EDIT: So I now know that putting a directives variant on just any item doesn't seem to work in game. I'm not sure yet how the game determines which items can have that directives tag, but I know a few more things now:

    - Most armor has a specific set of colors you can set using a colorIndex rather than color directives
    - As far as I know there's no flag to force using color directives

    EDIT2: May have spoke too soon again. Seems that I wasn't properly writing to the save file's equipment slot so NONE of the color changes were working. I'm just coding up a storm right now to sort through this before I say anything else.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  18. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Okay so I spent a good part of the day figuring all this out, probably more time than is healthy. BUT! I now have custom armor colors working!

    I still need to implement the code for helmet and back item colors, that will come later tonight or tomorrow morning. Still! You can now customize the color for your chest and legs armor for any armor in the game barring special armors or armors that have no inherent color options. I haven't done extensive testing, but I've confirmed this works for at least avian and human races on both base and vanity armors (my web app will only apply the coloring to whichever armor is visible).
  19. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    seems to work wonderfully on apex armor too. great work Phaze, thanks
  20. Phaze

    Phaze Pangalactic Porcupine

    Just released an update that finishes off what I set out to accomplish. I change the UI quite a bit to fit in all the color options better than a tall box. I am fairly certain there are no bugs but just to be safe I'm not taking it out of beta quite yet. I want to continue this and add more features but I'm not sure what to add next, so if you have suggestions let me know!

    Also I made a gif of the new interface if anyone's interested: http://i.imgur.com/UqzfMfl.gif
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2013
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