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  1. Starbound Control Panel
    Available on GitHub
    SBCP is an application written in Ruby that allows server owners and administrators to more easily manage their server by providing easy access to common utilities without having to spend the time to implement their own custom solution.
    It is packaged in the RubyGems format for ease of distribution and installation. Please see the GitHub page for requirements.

    The ultimate goal of SBCP is to provide both basic and advanced features to server owners who would not otherwise have access to these features as they would require custom development, which not everyone can or feels like doing.
    SBCP aims to be easy to install and use.

    Please refer to the GitHub page for a full list of features.
    Support for the 1.0 release of Starbound is planned.

    Master branch is generally tested before being committed.
    Development branch may offer more features, but is highly experimental.

    If you're interested in using SBCP on your server, check the GitHub page:

    If you run into an issue or have a feature request, please document it on GitHub as well:
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  2. As a side note, I can't get the post to look any good. It's a mess no matter how the text is aligned and the sentences are long and drawn out because of the fluid width of the website.
    Oh well, what can you do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I was looking at writing my own, but this looks great - going to give it a shot. Thanks.
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  4. SBCP 0.2.3 released
    • CLI Mode has been re-written to use a REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)
    • Added RCON support (You can now type 'say <message>' inside the REPL to send a message across the server.)
    • Added duplicate name protection. (Two characters cannot share an identical name, this is required for certain features.)
    • Added player information tracking, such as account, name, ip, and current nickname. (Type 'get players' to see.)
    • Added current session information. (Type 'get info' to see server statistics, such as start time, total uptime, and estimation until next restart)
    • Added color coding to the console output
    Known Issues
    • Until the first restart, the time until next start statistic may be inaccurate. (Actual restart times are not affected.)
    • Using the default values and then configuring them with the config command (or leaving them as default) is highly recommended until the setup and config can be re-written.
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  5. Let me know how it goes! I'd love to get some feedback on it.
    You may want to try the latest version, it's much better I think.

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