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Bug/Issue Saving screen lag!? Please fix

Discussion in 'Support' started by irenejaneog, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. irenejaneog

    irenejaneog Space Hobo

    After collecting many milk, eggs, wines, mine minerals, and fish so I can conserve money to upgrade my house to have children etc. I dumped all the items to the shipping bin of all the hard work I have put for the past days and nights. And now the moment I’m moving forward to year 3 in spring day 1 in the saving screen it’s lagging.....I have restarted the app. It did not work. Waited for more than 35 min hoping it’ll move on from saving .... did not work..... also deleted my last “new progress” hoping it work this time ....still stuck and didn’t progress through after the save :/ not sure if its bc of the new update or if it’s a bug issue because before the update everything was okay till now :/ all excited for the new year for nothing rip.....

    Forgot to mention I’m playing the iOS app version ... if this helps ?

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