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  1. mauri8

    mauri8 Space Hobo

    I have the pirate stardew valley and i want buy the original the saves are passed? and i get the achievements?
    • Aemi

      Aemi Starship Captain

      you could backup your saves on your desktop. Make sure you uninstall the pirate version before you install the real one, then plop the saves back in their proper folder and hope for the best. you probably won't get the achievements you have earned so far just by loading up your save file, but I dont know how the achievements are triggered so who knows.
      • NikkSword

        NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

        You can back up your save files and install the real Stardew Valley, then uninstall the pirate Stardew. Then move your save files into the folder for Saves and you should be able to load them.

        The achievements are tied to your Steam Profile, so you would not get the achievements. You would have to create a new character to get achievements (You have to be connected to Steam and you have to EARN the Achievements, meaning- For the Earn 15,000g achievement, you would actually have to EARN 15,00g. It does not matter how much money you HAVE, it matters that Steam counted that you EARNED it. Or for the 'beat Praerie King' acheievement, when you actually beat it, it sets off the achievement. If you load your game, Steam does not check if you have actually beaten the game. Or for the 'Complete the Museum' collection, you have to actually give Gunther all the items, you can't just load a Save that has all the items)
        • mauri8

          mauri8 Space Hobo

          Thanks, i have a dude, if i catch 9 fish different in the pirate version and i pass the save file to the original and i catch a 1 different fish i have the achievement?
          The same is the crafts and the donate to the museum?
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          • ssokolow

            ssokolow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            It should work. Achievements work by having SDV tap Steam on the shoulder when you get them, so it should only matter that you're set up with Steam when you receive them. (ie. I could get 9 types of fish on my legit GOG copy, switch the save file over to a Steam copy, and then get the achievement by getting one more.)

            (If you're impatient, look into save file editing. You could make a backup of your save file, then edit it to un-complete sets that would trigger achievements, then get the achievements, then restore your backup.)

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