Saves becoming corrupt/disappearing

Discussion in 'Support' started by DeathAngel777, Mar 22, 2016.

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    So Two times now my save has gone corrupt/disappeared. When i load up Stardew-click load game-it then says "No game files found" (this text is also glitched and offset/off screen)
    In the saves folder it shows i have a save but not in game.
    I have tried the trick with making a new character and moving the files but then when i load that save it crashes the game.
    I dont know how/why this happens but it has twice. One when i was in Year 1 summer and the recent one i was in Year 1 Winter. So i dont know what casuses this.
    Lastly the game did not crash and this happened. I saved then exited the game normally how i always do and then next time i want to play, this happens.
    Help to the solution or a fix would be great. Even just info to avoid this.
    Thank you~~~DeathAngel.
    Ps. I love this game alot, just cant keep restarting after 20+ hours each.
    • Yusuke Urameshi

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      Can you upload your save file and savegameinfo file? Either upload them as a zip or upload them both to and copy paste the links it gives you here.
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      • Yusuke Urameshi

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        Your save file only has NULL values in it and cannot be fixed.
        Do you have a backup? If not,
        Try right clicking within the
        folder then hit properties, then under the previous versions tab, see if there are any previous version of your save file.
        If there is nothing there, I am sorry, you will have to start over.
        I suggest making backups next time.
        Also there is a save editor you can use to help get some of your progress back:
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        • ande2286

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          Thank you. It did have a restore point from earlier in the week so better than nothing.
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