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Save File Editing Guide (For solving some common issues)

Discussion in 'Support' started by ConcernedApe, Mar 19, 2016.

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    The game checks for the QiChallengeComplete flag to spawn that note. If you did not get credit for finishing that quest, you may not have that flag. In terms of save editing, you'll want to add the following element to the <mailReceived> list for your character:
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      Hi guys,

      I lost my chicken statue (furniture) while picking it up while having a chicken statue artifact in the backpack. It looked like it went to the backpack but it isn't there, in fact there are 2 chicken statue artifacts in my backpack now..

      Can i restore the chicken statue (furniture) by editing the save file?


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        Yea, here's a restored one.

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          Thanks, it works!
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            Not sure if this is the right thread, but I lost my space boots!! I have no clue how, I've not dropped or sold them, or anything like it! I don't know when I lost them, either, because I only usually put them on in the mines (but always have them in my inventory) so I can't just quit the day. I'm playing on Switch, so are there any ways I could possibly get them again? The guild doesn't sell them, I don't think. Thanks in advance for any help!
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              First of all I’m sorry for my broken English

              I found post how ti solve this in computer but I play game in mobile how should I solve this?
              I couldn’t watch shane’s event so I just decided to marry him But after giving him the pendent I get to know that I should’ve watch his event which happens before the next one or it was just a bug So now I can’t see all events permanently...This is one of most important reason I wrote this

              There is a lot of bugs in mobile even excluding that one
              Letters are always cracked in the community center after collecting all the bundle and when it shows how much I sold that day
              And sometimes my items disappear when I put them to complete the bundle they are not in my bag and also not in the bundle/And when I try to move furniture it disappeared too I wanted to put a chicken statue in Shane’s room so I moved it but suddenly it disappeared It is a donation reward so I can’t get it back right?

              I was ok when my items are gone somewhere else but I’m sad that I have to play the game again to see the events☹️ Really disappointed

              I think there should be QnA or bug report in other languages too It is so difficult to report bugs for people who can’t speak English

              However, thank you for reading this long stuff Have a nice day
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                how do i edit out added npc's?
                • speedzombie

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                • HenriqueJoao

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                  the cutscene of lowis unlocking the community center doesn't trigger on the game, but it's also not in the file, can someone help me?
                  • lolfail

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                    Could somebody help, I'm trying to divorce Leah but the game crashes when I do so, I've tried to do it with screwing around with the game file, but still crashes, I didn't do anything with the file, before the first crash.


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                    • seemars54

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                      Part I:
                      This is the fifth game I've started on SDV. It's the second game I've started on my Galaxy Tab after 1.4 was released. I transferred the save to my PC and have been playing on that. Everything has worked as expected, except when it comes to Naming my horse.

                      In Winter 1, I built my stable. When prompted the first time, I decided to name my horse Hot Flash. (You figure out why.) The next day, I was again prompted to name my horse. And the next day, and the next, and the next. And every day. I finally said, "Fine! Name the bloody thing Grover!" Nope. It still wants me to name it. Every day.

                      On the one hand, it's a minor nuisance. On the other hand, it's a major annoyance. It makes me want to use both hands to wring some (non-human)'s neck.

                      It seems unlikely, though not impossible, that I've simply lost those particular brain cells and don't remember HOW to name my horse, besides typing in a name and hitting "OK" (or enter). Can you help me give my horse a fitting label? And maybe even help me understand why it's happening. In case I ever want to start a 6th game.

                      Part II:
                      So, this happened and that happened, did something wrong with my saves - having to do with "old" and "new" - and the end result was that I lost 40 some days of progress on my farm. Back to the days BH - Before Horse. Eventually I obtained the horse a second time. And the game still won't let me name him.

                      In the interests of clarification, I started this game on my Galaxy Tab A, but added the stable on my PC. Then I screwed up and saved a NEW save instead of an OLD save (or something like that - ), losing 40-plus days, including my stable. Worked my way back, got my stable back - and still can't name my horse.

                      In case you haven't figured it out, l'm not much of a gamer. Stardew Valley is the only game I play on line; I'm playing the game exactly as it came from the egg, no mods or any such thing. Any help?

                      Much appreciated.
                      • alianasilver

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                        I do my stardew valley expanded. It wanted me to update to SMAPI 3.6.1 and of course I had to update the associated mods. I lost my completed greenhouse. I received error messages that multiple mods were attempting to access the greenhouse, so it went with the default greenhouse. So, i have an unfinished greenhouse and a completed community center. I was wondering if i could edit the save file to restore my greenhouse. I have located my save files--under appdata/roaming/stardewvalley/saves/username--my last save is still there. I've opened my game several times, checked the greenhouse, and closed without saving. My Stardew Valley last save is the same day, but about 3 hours later, since I have been working on it. Is there a way to edit my save file to restore the completed greenhouse? Even if I don't have the saved ancient fruit and trees--that's ok. Since the community center is showing as completed, I don't think I could re-complete the greenhouse. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.
                        • alianasilver

                          alianasilver Space Hobo

                          My brilliant daughter fixed this. Not entirely sure how, but grateful.
                          • princecatling

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                            Hey, can anyone give me the event ID for Elliot's 14 heart event? My cat jumped on my keyboard and closed my game and when I opened it again the event didn't trigger again TT__TT
                            • EmbiTea

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                              Has this list been updated as of late? Morbid curiosity has me wanting to see the 10-Heart Group Event but for some reason it's not showing, so I wanted to check if I actually triggered the event already and just completely forgot it ever happened.
                              • ParkBench

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                                I want to redo Sam's 10 heart event so I got rid of the ID for the event but every time I save ingame, the event ID pops right back up in the save file even though I didn't see it. Am I missing a step?
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                                  Dunno if this is past its expiration date, but I'm unable to trigger the 6 heart event with Robin, even when using the tactics mentioned here. I deleted any mention of event 33 in my save logs, tried both in co-op mode and in single player mode, but none of it worked. Robin is sitting at 6 hearts, but I'm still unable to obtain the recipe for the music note block. Q_Q I need the note blocks for the mermaid puzzle on Ginger Island.
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