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Save File Editing Guide (For solving some common issues)

Discussion in 'Support' started by ConcernedApe, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. andiluxe

    andiluxe Phantasmal Quasar

    Thank you! I can confirm I'm using 1.2.30! Should I instead report this as a bug?
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

    • Rambo99

      Rambo99 Space Hobo

      Sorry, but do not tell me how to reset the achievement of "monoculture" in a saved game.
      • LuthienNightwolf

        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

        Just curious if there's a way to make an adjustment on which fish you've caught? I just spent all day fishing and finally managed to catch the lava eel, along with an ice pip and several red snappers. Then I went to bed to save and it got stuck, and I had to close out without saving the game. I *really* don't want to have to do all that over again (especially the lava eel) so is there a way to just go in and edit the save file to say I've caught one? If so, where and how?
        • MysticTempest

          MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

          Rambo99, was this a typo? If so the achievement number is #32
          So, find the following section, and remove that one.


          Hey LuthienNightwolf, this is definitely possible.

          You'll need to search for the "<fishCaught>" section. And, then you'll want to copy one of the item entries. From <item> to </item>; and paste it back in under that fishcaught section. Then edit the int variables. And, repeat that step for each new fish.

          Here's an example of a Red Snapper caught 8 times, with a biggest catch of 23in.


          The first int variable is the Object ID# of the fish.
          The second int variable is how many you've caught.
          And, the third int variable is the largest size you've caught.

          ObectID#s for the fish you mentioned:
          Lava Eel: 162
          Ice Pip: 161
          Red Snapper: 150
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          • MysticTempest

            MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

            Well if you want to upload your save, I can take a closer look for you.
            But, if all you want to do is remove the cellar on your own.

            Then search for "farmerNumberofOwner" in your save. It's under the Farmhouse GameLocation data, but searching for that is quicker.
            It will take you to a section that looks like the following code. Change the '3' to a '2' in the "<upgradeLevel>" section.
            • Dathamor

              Dathamor Void-Bound Voyager

              Can anyone tell me what the 10 and 8 heart events ids for Emily so I can then save Clint from his demise? Thx
              • Sternchen

                Sternchen Big Damn Hero

                Does anyone know something about following IDs?

                • MouseyPounds

                  MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                  Sorry for the late reply, but I happened upon this post after looking through the events recently. Anyhow, here are the descriptions of the IDs in your post:
                  • 112 - Learning to communicate with Junimos after drinking from Wizard's cauldron
                  • 706 - triggers Pierre's letter than he started selling fertilizer
                  • 68 - triggers First letter from mom
                  • 69 - triggers Second letter from mom
                  • 76 - triggers Letter about farm being featured in local paper
                  • 70 - triggers Third letter from mom
                  • 471942 - Emily 2-heart (dream)
                  • 707 - triggers Pierre's letter than he started selling higher quality fertilizers
                  • 463391 - Emily 4-heart (injured bird)
                  • 71 - triggers Fourth letter from mom
                  • 295672 - 60 museum donations (guess since it seems to be a trigger for event 66 (Gunther's visit to farm) )
                  • 917409 - Emily 6-heart (secret dance)
                  • 2118991 - Shane visit to farm after 6-heart event (cliffside)
                  • 67 - first visit to Oasis
                  • 639373 - Lewis & Marnie having a discussion near his house
                  • 2346097 - triggers Abigail's letter inviting you to her room for 8-heart event (spirit board)
                  • 558291 - visit from Grandpa's ghost after automatic evaluation
                  • 2146991 - candle-lighting from Grandpa's evaluation
                  • Sternchen

                    Sternchen Big Damn Hero

                    Thank you very much :)
                    • ExCurryStick

                      ExCurryStick Space Hobo

                      Hi, so this is what happened...
                      My character was in the mine at 2:00, when he was about to pass out, i checked the mission menu to see the mission compeletion. But after that the character was awaked and the time have went from 2:00 to 2:10, then he passed out again at 2:10. After waking up the next day, my game would always crash when i try to sleep(save) during the next day. So i'm basically stuck.

                      is there a way to fix this by changing the savefiles?
                      • GERBS

                        GERBS Space Hobo

                        Hi, a few days ago i download SMAPI and the immersive farm 2 mod and i started on a new game with the mods and started the community centre, but when i went to play one of my other saves, a different character (without SMAPI just the normal version of Stardew) that character had the same community centre progress as the other one i started with the mods so i uninstalled all of the mods, deleted everything, because i thought one of the files had conflicted and it had not shown up my progress. So afterwards i went back onto the game and it was still gone (i also tried putting my old saves from %appdata% back into %appdata% that didn't work and i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restored my steam backups), but the funny thing was the rewards i got from doing the community centre were still working e.g mine carts and bus stop... So my question is after about an hour of file digging trying to find it, what is the file called that contains the community centre data and is it possible to easily edit it using notepad? (i.e is the same type of format as the saves in %appdata% or is it like some of the other files that when u open them in notepad just look like a bunch of random symbols)

                        Eddit: I went back to look into my save files in %appdata% and it turns out it put the save files that were in there back in there even though i had deleted them and put the older saves i had backed up in there i tested this a few times and it kept replacing them. It replaces them every time i launch the game and search for saves.
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                        • MouseyPounds

                          MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                          If you have Steam's cloud sync turned on, you'll need to delete & swap the save files while the game is running to avoid them getting "restored." Just start the game and tab out at the main menu then do your save swapping. Regarding your original question, all progress is in the save file.
                          • GERBS

                            GERBS Space Hobo

                            Ok thank you very much! ;D

                            Edit: (lol the edits) the file thing worked but the community centre was still reset, the community centre files must be somewhere else, i think im just gonna play through it though, i cant be asked any more xd ;D
                            Thx for your help though!
                            • Anorak1987

                              Anorak1987 Space Hobo

                              How can I replace the games vanilla content after switching it out with stuff from the more crops mod
                              and I have tried putting it back but it says that the game failed to launch
                              Please Help!
                              • jccy1991

                                jccy1991 Space Hobo

                                Awesome work Sir!! Appreciated it! But do you happened to have the updated and all the event IDs? Because I can't find certain event IDs from your list in my saved game. Hence I don't which event IDs I should delete due to missing one or two cut scenes in my saved. Hope you can help me out here. Thank you!
                                • Ebra

                                  Ebra Space Hobo

                                  Hi all,
                                  can someone fix my save file, whenever i try to load it brings me back to title again.(i really want to continue playing the game.)
                                  Appreciate your helps.
                                  thanks ion advance.

                                    Attached Files:

                                  • mavisvalventini

                                    mavisvalventini Aquatic Astronaut

                                    Dear Concerned Ape,

                                    Hello, Concerned Ape, I a have a bit of a nasty problem on my hands, I was editing my game files beacuse I wanted a cat instead of a dog, so I deleted a line of code that said xsi:type="Dog"><name>Lucky</name><isEmoting>false</isEmoting to xsi:type="Cat"><name>Butterscotch</name><isEmoting>false</isEmoting saved it and started my game, title screen loaded as usual and as soon as I load my save file it brings me back to the title screen again... Please Help, I've played so much and made so much progress, I did this to both my Old and other Not Old save file (The one with lots of numbers) Thank You and sorry for the trouble.

                                    Warm Regards,
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                                    • MtsMB

                                      MtsMB Tentacle Wrangler

                                      What's the Recycle Machine ID? I want to delete this from my save... :c It's causing crash on multiplayer/beta
                                      • MysticTempest

                                        MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                                        Ebra's file was fixed in the other thread here: https://community.playstarbound.com...ubleshooting-guide.112827/page-3#post-3266707

                                        Upload your save, and I can try and take a look for you.

                                        The data for the recycling machine looks like this. Only the Vector2 location will be different, and you may even see data for the recycled item.

                                          <name>Recycling Machine</name>
                                          <DisplayName>Recycling Machine</DisplayName>
                                          <Name>Recycling Machine</Name>
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