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Save File Editing Guide (For solving some common issues)

Discussion in 'Support' started by ConcernedApe, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. ConcernedApe

    ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

    Save File Editing Guide
    There are several known issues that can only be solved by editing your save file. I am working to fix these problems so they no longer happen, but in the meantime, here is a guide to solving some of the most common problems.

    General Info

    Stardew Valley save files are located in your '%appdata%/StardewValley/Saves' folder.

    Open windows explorer and enter %appdata%/StardewValley/Saves into the address bar. Press enter. You should see a list of one or more folders. Your save file is located within a folder that has your character's name and a bunch of numbers. Within that folder you'll find a file with the same name as the folder (this is the actual save file that you will be editing), and a file called SaveGameInfo (this is only used to display info on the loading screen).

    Before editing any save files, I strongly recommend making a back-up, in case anything goes wrong.

    Notepad is a good program to use to edit your files.

    Below are a list of common problems, and the steps you can take to resolve them.

    Event/Cutscene never happening
    This seems to be caused when multiple events trigger at the same time. You'll only see one event, but the game will think you've seen all of them, preventing the others from ever taking place (should be fixed in next patch). To resolve this, you'll need to make your save "forget" that you saw the event.

    Note: Some events require you to receive an invitation from the NPC before the event will be triggered (e.g. Sam, Penny, and Alex' 10-heart events). These invitations are usually triggered by an "invisible" event. If you never received an invitation that you were expecting, you'll need to remove the ID for the invisible invitation trigger event. You can find those ID's in the Farm section below.

    1. Open your save file in notepad.
    2. Search (ctrl+f) for "eventsSeen". You should see a list of <int></int> with numbers in between. These numbers are the "event ID's" of the events the game thinks you've already seen.
    3. Locate the event ID for the event you never saw (see below), and delete it (along with the <int></int> that surrounds it)
    4. Save your file.
    5. You should now be able to see the event (be aware that events will sometimes only trigger at certain times/places/seasons, etc.)

    Click "Show Spoiler" for a list of most events and their corresponding ID's. common requests are in bold:

    Marnie's Shop:
    92 -- Marnie receiving your cave carrot in her house.

    1848481 -- Elliott's 8-heart event (book reading in the Library).
    0 -- Event where Gunther asks you to bring him artifacts/minerals.

    38 -- Penny's 10-heart event (bath house)

    13 -- Haley's 6-heart Event (missing necklace at the beach).
    20 -- Alex' 2-heart event (football toss at the beach).
    288847 -- Alex' 8-heart event (mom's music box at the beach).
    29 -- Sebastian's 8-heart event (umbrella in the rain)
    43 -- Elliott's 10-heart event (boat ride)
    733330 -- Sam's 3-heart event (beach with Vincent)
    739330 -- Willy gives you his old rod

    Bus Stop:
    4081148 - Sam's 8-heart event pt. 2 (band show)

    Elliott's Cabin:
    39 - Elliott's 2-heart event
    423502 - Elliott's 6-heart event (piano)

    47 -- Sam's 8-heart event pt. 1(band show)
    55 -- Leah's 8-heart event pt. 1 (art show)
    992553 -- Clint gives you the furnace blueprint
    992253 -- Leah 6-heart gives you the statue
    65 -- Demetrius sets up your cave with bats or mushrooms
    66 -- Gunther thanks you for doing good work with the museum (gives you something)
    690006 -- Marlon talks to you about slime hutch
    1590166 -- Marnie gives you cat
    897405 -- Marnie gives you dog
    91 -- Marnie 3-heart asks you to bring cave carrot
    93 -- Jodi 4-heart asks you to dinner
    102 -- Pierre talks to you about seeds
    63 -- Kent introduces himself
    2346091 -- Alex 10-heart (Not an actual event, but causes you to receive dinner invitation from Alex)
    2346092 -- Sam 10-heart (same as above)
    2346093 -- Harvey 10-heart (same as above, balloon invitation)
    2346096 -- Penny 10-heart (same as above, spa invitation)
    2346095 -- Elliott 8-heart (same as above, book reading invite)

    14 -- Haley 8-heart event (photos)
    52 -- Leah 6-heart event (fruit in tree)
    54 -- Leah 10-heart event (picnic)
    181928 -- Penny 8-heart event (field trip)
    318560 -- Jas and Vince at sewer pipe
    611944 -- Shane 2-heart event (at the pier)

    Haley's House:
    11 -- Haley's 2-heart event (cleaning)
    12 -- Haley's 4-heart event (pickle jar)
    15 -- Haley's 10-heart event (darkroom)
    99 -- Emily's 4-heart event (secret dance)

    7 -- Maru's 4-heart event (beaker)
    57 -- Harvey's 4-heart event (check up)
    571102 -- Harvey's 8-heart event (bedroom)

    Alex' House:
    18 -- George 6-heart event (tells you about his legs)
    19 -- Evelyn 4-heart event (recipe)
    21 -- Alex 5-heart event (can't read)
    2119820 -- Alex 6-heart event (working out)
    56 -- Harvey 2-heart (in-home visit)

    Leah's House:
    50 -- Leah's 2-heart (sculpting)
    51 -- Leah 4-heart (phone call)
    584059 -- Leah 8-heart (if you chose "sell art online")

    901756 -- Abigail's 10-heart
    100162 -- Marlon gives you sword

    2 -- Abigail's 4-heart (flute)
    8 -- Maru's 6-heart (telescope)
    26 -- Linus 4-heart (wild bait)
    384883 -- Sebastian's 4-heart (working on bike)
    384882 -- Sebastian's 10-heart (bike ride)
    404798 -- Get gold pan from Willy

    40 -- Elliott's 4-heart event (buy you a drink)
    96 -- Gus' 4-heart event (bar tab)
    97 -- Clint 3-heart event (dating advice)
    911526 -- Alex' 10-heart event (dinner date)

    Sam's House:
    95 -- dinner with Jodi & Family (with Kent)
    94 -- dinner with Jodi & Family (without Kent)
    44 -- Sam's 2-heart event (band jam)
    46 -- Sam's 4-heart event (dropped egg)
    100 -- Kent's 3-heart event (popcorn)

    Carpentry Shop/Maru's House:
    6 -- Maru's 2-heart event (lab)
    9 -- Maru's 8-heart event (electrocute)
    25 -- Demetrius 6-heart (tomato)
    33 -- Robin 6-heart (crafting blueprint)
    10 -- Maru's 10-heart event (secret project)

    Sebastians' Room:
    2794460 -- Sebastian's 2-heart event (on computer)
    27 -- Sebastian's 6-heart event (Game night)

    Pierre's Shop/Abigail's House:
    1 -- Abigail's 2-heart event (video games)
    3 -- Abigail's 8-heart event (spirit board)
    16 -- Pierre's 6-heart event (secret stash)
    17 -- Caroline's 6-heart event (fight with abigail)
    58 -- Harvey's 6-heart event (aerobics)
    3102768 - Morris offers the 50% off coupons

    611439 -- Lewis unlocks the Community Center
    4 -- Abigail's 6-heart event (graveyard)
    831125 -- Shane's 6-heart (video contest)
    2481135 -- Alex' 4-heart event (commiserating with dusty)
    34 -- Penny's 2-heart event (helping george)
    45 -- Sam's 6-heart event (skateboarding)
    53 -- Leah's 8-heart event (art show)
    63 -- Lewis & Marnie at 6-hearts each
    101 -- Clint 6-heart event (talk to emily)
    233104 -- Sam's 10-heart event (sneak into room)
    191393 -- Final cutscene (day after finishing community center)
    502261 -- Final cutscene Joja (day after finishing all joja projects)
    502969 -- Linus digging through trash.

    35 -- Penny's 4-heart (clean)
    36 -- Penny's 6-heart (cooking)​

    I lost the Mermaid's Pendant, and I can't buy another one

    1. Open your save file in notepad.
    2. search (ctrl+f) for "specialItems"
    3. delete the <int>460</int> you find there
    4. Save your file... now the old mariner should sell you the pendant again.

    I chose the wrong profession

    1. Open your save file in notepad
    2. search (ctrl+f) for "professions". You should see a list of numbers surrounded by <int></int>
    3. Use the list below to find the ID of the profession you want to change.
    4. Find the profession ID you want to change, and replace it with the ID of the new profession you want.
    5. save the file. Now your profession should be changed

    Click "Show Spoiler" for a list of Professions with ID numbers:

    Rancher = 0
    Tiller = 1
    Coopmaster = 2
    Shepherd = 3
    Artisan = 4
    Agriculturist = 5
    Fisher = 6
    Trapper = 7
    Angler = 8
    Pirate = 9
    Mariner = 10
    Luremaster = 11
    Forester = 12
    Gatherer = 13
    Lumberjack = 14
    Tapper = 15
    Botanist = 16
    Tracker = 17
    Miner = 18
    Geologist = 19
    Blacksmith = 20
    Prospector = 21
    Excavator = 22
    Gemologist = 23
    Fighter = 24
    Scout = 25
    Brute = 26
    Defender = 27
    Acrobat = 28
    Desperado = 29
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    • Xylia

      Xylia Tiy's Beard

      Thanks, especially that part about the Professions! I bet a lot of people will be happy (including me) to know how to change professions, lol.
      • Mazz

        Mazz Void-Bound Voyager

        Does Kent showing up at your farm the first time have an event ID? I had Leah and Gunther show up in Spring 1 Y2, and I never saw Kent's intro in my current game.
        • Trifoilum

          Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

          Thank you so much for spending time and adding this <3
          • ConcernedApe

            ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

            Added the ID to the list. It's "63"
            • BlastTheWolf

              BlastTheWolf Intergalactic Tourist

              So i did this cause the only Clint event i had was him giving me the furnace but now when i go to launch my save the game crashes help.

              the first link is my error log the second is my actual save file.

                Attached Files:

              • Yusuke Urameshi

                Yusuke Urameshi Space Kumquat

                I spent a good half hour on it Wolf, applying what little I know to your problem. I couldn't get it to work, sorry.
                At first glance it appears your eventSeen section is off, and I corrected it, or at least I thought I did. But the game still crashes when I load your save. Sorry bud.
                • ehaydon

                  ehaydon Space Hobo

                  I don't know if this is happening to other people, but (at least for me) a save file will crash when you try to load it if the folder the save is in is named different than the save itself. (ex: Save folder is name_117836447, but the file is name_114333128). To fix, I changed the folder name to the save name (I don't know what would happen if you do other way)
                  • BlastTheWolf

                    BlastTheWolf Intergalactic Tourist

                    Thanks, guess it's a good thing I made a backup before I did anything. I still cant get the event to happen idk if his event doesn't happen in fall or whatever but im gonna keep trying. I wish there was just a program that would let you check and uncheck events in the game that way its easy to fix the save without doing what happened to my previous one.

                    This is my current working file if someone wants to try and help with this one im still trying to get clints events to work ive only got the furnace in the mail that's it. unless like what i said before that im just in the wrong season for the event to happen

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                    • korbawest

                      korbawest Void-Bound Voyager

                      Hi, how to change my profession on Mac Winskein wrapper version?
                      • Mazz

                        Mazz Void-Bound Voyager

                        Awesome, thank you.
                        • hurrshire

                          hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                          qq notepad and wordpad keep crashing
                          • Keychain

                            Keychain Pangalactic Porcupine

                            Okay, so..

                            I accidentally missed Abigail's 10-heart event. I married her and even got 13 hearts before I realized that this was an event I missed. I just went and checked my save file, and the eventid for it is not there. So the game does not acknowledge I've seen it. But I've gone to the mines several times after 5PM and it still has not happened. Am I doing something wrong? Is there no way to get this event to play? i would really like to experience it for myself in my own save.
                            • rikaouji

                              rikaouji Void-Bound Voyager

                              just a guess but, I believe it is not possible for you to see the event anymore due to you marrying her before it could happen. Don't quote me on this though, I may be wrong! Hopefully someone who sees this will have a proper answer for you soon!
                              • Keychain

                                Keychain Pangalactic Porcupine

                                I really hope not. I was told that the game once received a patch that prevented these sort of things from happening. :(
                                • hurrshire

                                  hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                                  After said patch, I was able to get my 10-heart event with Sebastian after marriage. It took a few tries, I'd say keep at it?
                                  • Keychain

                                    Keychain Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    I've got no choice but to keep trying haha, but thanks for the reassurance. Good to know it should still work after marriage.

                                    However, maybe it's not working because I'm at 13 hearts? I know her 10 heart event gives you dialogue choices that can effect how much affection she gains from it. Is that related or did you have Sebastion at 13 hearts too?
                                      Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
                                    • hurrshire

                                      hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I think I had him at 12 or 13 when the event finally triggered.
                                      • Destany89

                                        Destany89 Cosmic Narwhal

                                        Anything for game crashing after first day of marriage?
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                                        • Joystiel

                                          Joystiel Void-Bound Voyager

                                          How'd you manage to get the event? I deleted the 384882 in the save file and I've tried time and time again and it never works. It's still in winter right now so I don't know if that's a problem.

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