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  1. jonoaf

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    Ok, so I'm a bit of an arborist at heart. When I visit planets I like to take samples of the plant life from each world to bring back to my home world. the problem is once I start building up a collection of saplings, I have no way of identifying what type of tree it will grow without planting it. Is there a way to modify the tool tip to include a better description? "Flower tree" "Pine tree" or even saying it came from a Tar or desert biome would be helpful. It could just have an image preview of the adult tree and I'd be happy. Thanks!
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    I agree, it is really quite difficult to figure out what will grow from a sapling. Even if the text can't be changed so easily, maybe the icon could be generated from the tree type instead of having the icons be, hmmm, whatever the icons are right now. For instance, assuming the tries are randomly generated, just use a particular seed for the RNG and have the resulting tree be the logo.
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    A very simple way to do this is to add the fully grown tree's description to the end of the item description for the sapling. "The tree is <trunktype> with <leaftype>."

    It would be so nice for the arboretum I'd like to build. Supported.
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    Isn't that the case already? I'm pretty sure the white cotton trees have a white cottony icon, whereas cherry trees have a pinkish hue ("a rosy glow" :) ).
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    Sort of, but not really. I think the icon is supposed to show the trunk on the left half and the leaf on the right half, but it is really hard to 1) distinguish certain pairs (see below) and 2) some are just hard to figure out what they are from the picture (also below). Plus, the full icon (when hovering over it) is identical on all of them -- just a sapling in a jar.

    What I was trying to suggest was that the larger (and maybe smaller) icons could be a shrunk down full try. Assuming the trees are randomly generated, just fix the seed in the RNG and then display the resulting full-grown tree.

    Hard to distinguish: Screenshot from 2015-02-26 11:40:00.png (the leaves on the right are slightly blue)

    Hard to identify: Screenshot from 2015-02-26 11:42:30.png . Three of these are missing the trunk image, and I have no idea what the yellow blob represents on the second one.
  6. STCW262

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    A simple way to fix this would be to make the description tell the player what kind of tree it is, or have a "preview" of the resulting tree.
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