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Same character, all quests and outpost reset

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by noanixe, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. noanixe

    noanixe Aquatic Astronaut

    I launched Starbound,selected my character and I started with my ship on a different planet, very far away from where I used to be. I could not teleport to none of my flags or teleporters, only planet above. I entered the outpost with the portal on starting planets, and the outpost was reset: Dipper lost his teddy bear and none of the shops were opened, same with the Ark, the Floran and Hylotl key I had were not here, and no npc too, exept the old lady. All the quest I accepted were here, so I had to search for Avian clues, but I could not unlock anything. At least my house and everything I built on other planets was still alive, but I could not use the outpost at any way, so I messed with the game files, and the game just bugged and now I have to start over. Please fix this, I don't want to loose everything twice.
  2. Streaky Haddock

    Streaky Haddock Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i have this EXACT problem, even down to what stage of the main quest I was at.
    It's worth mentioning that this problem manifested after a power cut shut down my computer mid-game.

    All missions completed, and even show as completed on the journal. The teddy bear mission was available so I took it and completed it, but no further quests became available. I tried to 'abandon quest' in the 'completed' section of my journal to see if that opened things up, but alas no.
  3. nomaki

    nomaki Space Hobo

    For anyone else who finds their way here for the same issue (Outpost progress being reset), paraphrased from this Reddit post are the commands you can type into the chat window to restore your progress:

    First, you will need to make yourself an Admin

    WARNING! This also unlocks absolutely everything from crafting, tech upgrades etc; so for the sake of not ruining all the fun for yourself, try to avoid doing anything whilst Admin mode is enabled!

    If you are playing single player, you can just type:

    to grant yourself Admin rights in your universe

    If you are hosting a multiplayer server, see this update log to add yourself as an Admin to your universe.

    Once you have admin rights, type in one of the following commands based on your prior progress in the story:

    Have you done the scan quest?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission1

    Have you found the Floran artifact?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission2

    Have you found the Hylotl artifact?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission3

    Have you found the Avian artifact?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission4

    Have you found the Apex artifact?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission5

    Have you found the Glitch artifact?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission6

    Once you have made sure your Outpost is back to how it was, just type

    or remove yourself from the server's admin list to disable Admin mode and go back to bounding across the stars!

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