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RELEASED Saiyan Race (Updated) 2019-07-05

Adds the Saiyan Race with New stuff

  1. Axellord

    Axellord Space Spelunker

    Axellord submitted a new mod:

    Saiyan Race (Updated) - Adds the Saiyan Race with New stuff

    Read more about this mod...
  2. Tuska

    Tuska Aquatic Astronaut

    how do we install it properly
    because i just put it in the mod folder it will just close starbound
  3. Axellord

    Axellord Space Spelunker

    1) Idk if works in the current version. I made it for 1.3.4
    2) Only needs to add in the mod folder and use any race extender.
    3) If you show me the log file i think i can repair it.
  4. Tuska

    Tuska Aquatic Astronaut

    nvm it was a file corrupted i fixed it tho thank you for helping
    Axellord likes this.
  5. Axellord

    Axellord Space Spelunker

    Ok ^^

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