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Outdated RWBYbound - Universe & Weaponry 4.0 Upbeat Giraffe

The weapons of Monty Oum's RWBY

  1. deadpoolsCAT

    deadpoolsCAT Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm having a problem here and not sure what to do...
    I can't find any dust, ANYWHERE and I've dug up about 5 different planets now and no dust.
    Sure I got some from smelting bars but I'm stuck there too because when I smelt copper bars, it just gives me 1000 more copper bars so some help would be appreciated.
    Is it a glitch? Or is it due to some mod I'm using?
    Help PLEASE.
  2. Oddbrother

    Oddbrother Cosmic Narwhal

    It could possibly be from another mod you're using that generates ores on planets. Do a file search for oredistributions.config in the mods directory and see if you get multiple results.
  3. deadpoolsCAT

    deadpoolsCAT Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for the fast reply I'll check that now. ;)
  4. deadpoolsCAT

    deadpoolsCAT Void-Bound Voyager

    Nope, only 1 result and that was the RWBY one.
  5. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    RWBYbound edits the biomes mods folder. Any custom ores or biomes may clash with this mod. There is an older version called RWBYbound lite which will work, but you'll want to pair it with mods that do not edit the environement at the moment.
  6. gempakz09

    gempakz09 Space Spelunker

    how to find the burn dust
    i cant find it
  7. Cluedo

    Cluedo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Try visiting a new planet, previously generated ones remained unaltered.
  8. Rebelixas

    Rebelixas Yeah, You!

    well i have 2 questions where can i get frost dust and burn Crystals?
  9. Cluedo

    Cluedo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Frost and reverse dust can be found underneath the primary dirt layer, right before you reach the magma stone layer that sits above the lava center. Burn crystals are forged from burn dust.
  10. Rebelixas

    Rebelixas Yeah, You!

    Thank You :)
  11. IbenGold

    IbenGold Void-Bound Voyager

    can someone help i dont know how to get the crystal mostly the frost burn and reverse
  12. Cluedo

    Cluedo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Dust crystals are forged from dust/dust ore. Dust will not appear on planets that have already been visited prior to installation of the mod, so visit a new planet to find it. Burn dust is kept close to the surface, while frost and reverse dust can be found underneath the primary dirt layer, right before you reach the magma stone layer that sits above the lava center of a planet. Anything else you need to know?
  13. xxCygnus13xx

    xxCygnus13xx Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Monty passed away today. I want this mod to live on as a nod to his life and work.
  14. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    Yep, I can confirm I'll be continuing this and noted his unfortunate passing over the weekend. This project is not forgotten, I was just anticipating the inevitable weapons update which would have made things even more difficult to port over. If people are interested in getting the project out faster, I don't mind accepted external help with this. I'm fairly new to the modding process still so I'm relearning what's been changed in the weapon files again.

    The full list of missing content:-

    Nora Costume
    Monty Headgear

    Moderate Priority:-
    Implement Cinder
    Implement Neptune's 'Pisces'
    Implement Professor Ports Blunderbuss
    Sun Wukong
    Coco's Gatlingbag
    Fox's Sickles Costumes

    Low Priority:
    Alternate Costumes
    Alternate Blake fix
    Velvet Scarletina Costume
    Glynda Goodwitch

    Lowest Priority:
    That freaking Nevermore.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2015
  15. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    Woah. That's news to me. Just talked to my girlfriend about this, apparently it was an allergy test? That really sucks. :/

    So here's my question to you: You're new to the modding process scene and you're looking for help... How would a random person, such as myself, be able to assist you? I have no skill in coding and stuff, so what are the requirements? If it's something I can manage, then I will look into helping you given it doesn't eat my entire life and such.
  16. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    Pre-update, it wasn't too complicated to make weapons. I used the templates provided within the Starbound assets folder as a basis for the work. I assume I'll have to recreate them with new assets using the new infrastructure. So far the migration process hasn't been overtly stressful but I have noticed some changes in keywords Starbound uses to define errors, bringing up errors all over the place when i try to run the mod in the new version.

    Implementation isn't too bad actually, but the full costumes are the most time consuming. If one weapon takes me about two hours to draw and make a functioning starbound weapon file to work alongside it, a costume takes a full day for me to draw and get in the game functioning alone. If someone prefers the aspect of drawing pixel art for stationary objects/costumes, implementing them actually takes up a lot less time. It would also explain why the Nevermore is taking forever and Nora is far from done.

    it isn't all entirely bad news though, the Starbound update has brought some new mechanics for me to play around with in new weapon types. But armor is being very difficult to migrate as well as make right now.

    This was an old video. I have a way better mic now, but this was basically the process for making weapons:-
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2015
  17. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    Hm. Looks like most of the work comes from the spriting of a weapon. I can do that, but that'll take me forever because I'm a perfectionist and the details that you did on the Wilt and Blush blade is something I'll spend hours on trying to get right and never get it done the way I want it. The coding for the weapon looks pretty much like a templated code with minor adjustments. I had thought there was actually going to be some Java work in there as soon as I heard N++, so I was relieved since I know a bit. However, there appears to he a LOT less work so if I were to commit, it would take me a while to do something, but I could get one done. Most of it, again will be the spriting and by the time I get one done, you'll probably have gotten at least 5-10 more done, considering how fast you made a weapon in the video.

    I can give it a shot and test out making a weapon myself, but I want to try something simple, so I may end up making a duplicate weapon that you've made with different textures. I haven't been on in forever, but if I make something new that you're looking for, you're more than welcome to use it and modify it to how you like. I'll probably have the pixel art done by Tuesday, given school and all.
  18. Mlah

    Mlah Starship Captain

    I can't seem to figure out how to make any of the crystals, their recipes don't show up in any of the furnaces. I've looked through pretty much every crafting station I can think of but still can't find them.
  19. R3AP3ROVS0UL5

    R3AP3ROVS0UL5 Aquatic Astronaut

  20. Cluedo

    Cluedo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    2 Copper bars = 1 Burn dust
    2 Silver bars = 1 Frost dust
    2 Iron bars = 1 Reverse dust

    Use the furnaces.

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