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Outdated RWBYbound - Universe & Weaponry 4.0 Upbeat Giraffe

The weapons of Monty Oum's RWBY

  1. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    The mod is no longer tubala rasa dependant. Damage is still one thing I definitely need to touch up on next build; at the moment I've been testing them on Alpha planets so the damage may only be proportionate to those mobs. Another thing, is that the damage values have seemed to have shifted a tad in Furious Koala. I'll look into it.
  2. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    I've found 2 speific bugs thus far:

    1. Ember Celia has 2 crafting recipes: One involving pixels and iron on the Metalwork Station, another with Burn Dust and Pixels with the Dust Table.

    2. Attempts to use the Myrtenaster [Frost] tends to lead to those nasty 'exit to desktop' crashes I used to get with some music tracks :S

    Anyway, thus far it's a fun pile of stuff here :D
  3. inylchilar

    inylchilar Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The same happens to me when I try to swing it. I read the log. I think it has something to do with it not being able to find the right animation for it. Seems like a code thing.
  4. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    Going to prioritize getting the above mentions fixed and work on some kind of structured recpe system for the weapons so they no longer look like WIP equipment.

    Already working it out as:-

    Each weapon at the start can be crafted into a lesser tier variation. (I.E Rusty Rose before Crescent Rose) This should help with some balance at the beginning of the game, because at this moment in time it only takes a few shots from any weapon to completely dissect the mother ship and any accompaning mobs.
    So here's the basic plan:>

    Rusty Rose => Iron Bar x 15, Burn Crystal x 5, Frost Crystal x 1


    Crescent Rose => Rusty Rose x1, Redsteel x 15, Burn Crystal x 5, Frost Crystal x 1, Reverse Crystal x1

    The amount of materials needed should substitute enough for the quality of the weapon. Plus i don't really like using pixels in my craft recipes, more fun to just gather materials honestly. And Red Steel would be made from Steel and Red Dye, obviously.

    But yeah, that's a few ideas I'm putting into practice right about now. Have the full weekend off to experiment with things. (Still need to get the darn shields working, if anyone could assist that would be great.) Other than that, probably expect a fix in the coming week. I always like including a new weapon in each update so can't forget that.
  5. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    Sounds like a good way to do it for me.

    As another idea though, because dust seems so common in generation thus far - Dust made to crystals, and crystals work both for crafting and weaponized?

    For example, 5-10 Burn Dust can make a Burn Crystal. When used as a weapon, it explodes and creates fire effects much like a Molotov. And, naturally, Burn Crystals can be used for combustion parts of the weapons.

    Would give a use for the dust afterwards, and you could even combine the dust (in theory) to hybrid crystals, with new effects depending on what dust is used. A random idea of that being a ice/fire dust combo making a HE Crystal, with a huge blast radius.
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  6. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    Zephyrsword updated RWBYbound - Universe & Weaponry with a new update entry:

    Costumes, Recipes and more!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    Love the idea of the mod. Tested it out a bit, had to spend time digging in a massive planet to then realize I needed to go to a new planet. A couple hours wasted, but oh well. After building the Crescent Rose, I have a few suggestions:

    1) When using the melee mode, perhaps you can fix the animation to fit the hands better?
    -a. The standing sprite can have the scythe tilted outwards in front of you more to look more like it's being held rather than shouldered. I do understand the awkward position of the arms may make it seem unrealistic to hold it that way. I dunno, I'm tired and running on 5 brain cells right now.
    -b. The third holding sprite (ending animation on the swing) has the scythe floating above the back of the arm. Perhaps the scythe's position can be lowered? Maybe it's like this intentionally due to the ground though. I dunno. If that's the case, then that would rule out tilting it to look more like a natural swing.

    2) Holding the scythe as the sniper rife has the weapon floating under the arms. Perhaps it can me moved upwards more to look like the arms are mostly flush with the scythe? I know this'll block the view of the scythe a bit, but once again, it would feel more natural. This request may be really hard to make it look right due to the weapon's long handle and limited animation and sprite freedom. Hell, it's awkward just thinking about how I would hold that thing and fire it like a rifle. It just feels weird trying to "hold" it.

    Other than those, I think that the mod is good so far (from what I had the time to test and look at). Clearly the mod is in a very early stage, so I can expect a lot more improvement from here on, and many great things to come from this. I'll be keeping tabs on it.

    Edit: A typo was found regarding Blake's Faunus Wig. It typos "tierd" when it should be "tired" (just like me). Other than that, I have nothing more to add at this moment. Looking forward to your next update!

    Edit 2: Before I go to bed and forget the idea- Perhaps techs can be looked into as a future idea? Running off the Blake Shadow Clone idea seems fun, but more as an evasion/movement ability. Using the tech would allow for a small dash forward and also allow for a small double jump, both would be lesser versions of the Pulse Jump and Energy Dash, by half the value or something.
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  8. tenebrosicaelum

    tenebrosicaelum Void-Bound Voyager

    Why not add the Faunus in as a race They could bring more people to the mod reviews and more to the point that they might get more downloads? and the weapons Seem Underpowered... Ruby looked like she did at least 1000 damage when tearing off the Nevermores head
  9. Cluedo

    Cluedo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hey, the mod no longer works for the current version, Enraged Koala. I hope you can fix this soon.

    Edit: Never mind, it's working now.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
  10. DrowzeeSpaceman

    DrowzeeSpaceman Void-Bound Voyager

    Is there something specific that you did to get it to work? When I try to play, It just gives me an error saying that the mod needs to be updated.
  11. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    To be fair, you have to also take in account a few other things: 1) The Nevermore was stuck to the ground, with absolutely no give. This would be the start of the initial "cut" as she broke it free of the ice. 2) Weiss had given Ruby the ability to run up that wall (at a fast speed, no less), and 3) I'm pretty sure that firing her rifle for forward momentum (or in her case, vertical) also helped that fact.
    If anything, it should be considered more like a DoT attack, where the Nevermore had slowly taken more and more damage to the point of the top of the cliff. At that point, Ruby would have either 1) Done enough damage over time to cut it off, or 2) Used all her strength just as she reached her top to tip the damage to be over the necessary amount to finish it, partnered with the DoT. Remember, there's a scythe cutting around the neck for a good 20 seconds, and that thing is sharp. I'm surprised it wasn't bleeding the entire way up as it is.
  12. tenebrosicaelum

    tenebrosicaelum Void-Bound Voyager

    What about adding the faunus?
  13. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    Adding the Faunus? I fail to understand. I had also rewatched the part again, so let me reclarify what the "damage" done would be. This is after the Death Stalker is defeated, as we cannot assume what damage was taken before that as (Soon-to-be) RWBY was off-screen.

    1) Nevermore takes a face shot from Yang.
    2) Nevermore swallows rounds from Yang.
    3) Nevermore crashes into wall due to explosive ammo to the stomach.
    *Weiss freezes the tail, but I doubt it damages it much if at all*
    4) Ruby is flung flying at a high speed at the Nevermore using three sources of speed:
    4a) Ruby's Rifle Rounds for velocity
    4b) Weiss's Wind Spell (Not sure of the mane or whatever) for a hold and a launch forward
    4c) Blake's Gambol Shroud Ribbon as a slingshot.
    5) All of these have a huge impact on the.. Well, impact of the scythe on the Nevermore's neck.
    6) Add in the fact it's slammed against the wall AGAIN.
    7) Taking off running at a high speed vertically, Ruby will have to break the Nevermore out of the ice and this will cause friction and pressure on the Nevermore's neck with a sharp bladed scythe. That's gotta hurt.
    8) Dragged UP the cliff, every bit of friction will slow it down as she runs up, digging it into the neck more (DPS), as well as any damage it's back would take from being dragged over time (More DPS).
    9) The Nevermore's head then impacts the cliff edge. Ow.
    10) Ruby's finisher, due to the Nevermore no longer being able to move vertically anymore, cuts off the head.

    Looking at these facts, there was lots of damage that had happened just between the death of the Death Stalker and the finishing blow. We don't know what happened, but we cannot just say that Ruby had done an immense amount of damage to it because she lopped the head off. There were many, many other factors to consider. This is not me saying that she hadn't done a significant amount of damage as the finisher, because that would be a huge lie. If anything, that's the thing that did the most damage overall, but everything else before it helped it along. It's like comparing chopping a tree in one swing to chopping a pre-prepped tree in one swing.

    Do note how I exclude the body shots done to it by Yang and the others, as it's the significance of the head being cut off. Should the Grimm creatures act like RPG characters and damage accumulates to a certain point for death, then add the other damage, but most of it is to be presumed done during Team RWBY's scene.
  14. tenebrosicaelum

    tenebrosicaelum Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes, I get that, but, WHAT.. ABOUT.. ADDING... THE FAUNUS... AS A CUSTOM RACE... TO THE MOD
  15. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    No need to get all caps in your reply. Almost seem like shouting, and I feel like there was a rule somewhere about that. I did say at the very beginning of my quoted post that I didn't understand. That's it. My reply after that was me reclarifying my post to be more clear to the damage that was done. My original post had mentioned nothing of the Faunus, which was an oversight on my part. Not noticing that you asked about adding in the Faunus as a race was a mistake, and had I actually remembered that or re-read it, this wouldn't be happening.

    Once again, I apologize, but you should watch your step when it comes to those who misunderstand or completely fail to understand. Yelling is not the best course of action. My opinion would be to have redirected my eyes to your post, which I was originally referencing to so that I would get it. I still would have redone the damage, but avoided the yelling. Should we take the course of action where you reply to my second post as you did, I would say it would have been better as a reflection of yourself and possibly the adherence of the forum/board rules of not yelling and either once again redirecting my gaze or just saying what you said without the caps.

    I'm not here to tell you how to run your life, but make suggestions based off what I see. If you wish to take heed of my advice, good for you. If not, then that's how you are as a human being, like myself, and I have no place to judge. I do wish you a good (rest of your) day, regardless.
  16. tenebrosicaelum

    tenebrosicaelum Void-Bound Voyager

    I didn't mean to be rude, I'm also one who misunderstands things ^^; I hope you know i do enjoy the mod and I hope that we can get along as friends if that's possible after a couple of mistakes made by both sides, I do hope to see more from this mod, and i will continue to watch for updates when i get the chance
  17. TessVerres

    TessVerres Aquatic Astronaut

    It's no big worry, we're all human so nobody is perfect. I am happy to see that this was resolved in a civilized manner. As such, I am sure that we will get along fine in the future.
  18. VallenTheDark

    VallenTheDark Void-Bound Voyager

    Where can I find the crystals?
  19. Zephyrsword

    Zephyrsword Starship Captain

    Haven't been able to use Starbound for a while as I had to build a new PC (It's a lot better than my old one!) I'll check the new versions that are available and update it so you guys can play with it again. Of course, I hate updating the version on its own with nothing new so there'll be a new weapon incoming. Hopefully I can finally finish the lite version of this mod so you can also play without it clashing with your biomes mods.

    If you're trying to look for the crystals to make your weapons make sure you go to a new planet so the new materials can actually generate. I purposely set the ores so that the spawn at certain depth levels (you won't find them all on the surface!)

    Custom races are an unexplored territory for me at the moment. I've stated when I first started working on this mod that its a new thing for me, and I only really started it because I was practicing learning how to create custom weapons. Hopefully, it should extend out to races in the end but you must understand that it takes a bit more work to get something like that operational. So yes, expect faunus, but for now you should be able to craft a Blake wig at least that you can work with. Something as drastic to the core build will have conflicts though, so don't expect it to be in the Lite edition, when I do finish it.
  20. StudlyDudly

    StudlyDudly Space Hobo

    Can someone help me? Every time I try to download the mod from MEGA it says there is a temporary error and when it says retrying, it never starts the download.

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