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Tutorial Running Starbound Server as a Service (windows 7)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Dipdac, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Dipdac

    Dipdac Space Hobo

    Ever want the server to run at boot and be persistent in the background? Here is a solution, which I admittedly ripped off of a link on the murmurguide:

    Step 1: Get NSSM (http://nssm.cc/download/nssm-2.21.1.zip) This is a non-sucking service manager.
    Step 2: unzip, wherever you please
    Step 3: Run your command prompt as an admin. It's important that you run it as an admin, since NSSM can't do it's thing without the admin privileges. Easiest way I've come across doing this is by navigating to it via the start menu, (start>all programs>accessories>command prompt) right clicking on it, and selecting run as administrator.
    Step 4: Navigate to your NSSM directory, which means to type 'CD' and then the path that you extracted your NSSM into and hit enter. PAY ATTENTION to which version of win7 you have, as it matters whether you use 32 or 64 bit. Navigate to that one. For example, I typed in this:

    CD C:\users\justin\dowloads\nssm-2.21.1\nssm-2.21.1\win64

    Now if you are averse to command prompt navigation, you can just extract the appropriate executable to C:\windows\system32 and skip on to the next step. That is the default directory for the command prompt.

    Step 5: Type in "nssm install starboundserver"
    Step 6: In the dialogue box, browse to the Starbound server and select it.
    Step 7: Click Install service.

    A few notes:

    This will not run the server when you install it, just when you boot windows, and it will not display the log that you are used to seeing when you run the server. I don't really know how to get that log to come up, but I do know you can always look at the log in the .txt file in the starbound directory. Also, pay attention, when you have the server ready, steam will not be able to update starbound until you stop it. You can do this by opening the task manager, clicking on the services tab, clicking on the services button, finding 'starboundserver', right clicking on it, and stopping it. Now you should be able to update it. From there you can either run the server manually, or restart your computer.

    You can REMOVE services with NSSM as well by typing "nssm remove <serviceName> confirm" in the same manner as you installed it. Be careful doing this. Don't break your computer. I highly recommend you read the readme that comes with NSSM as it is a nifty tool and knowing all of what it can do for you is a good thing.

    EDIT: I've updated the guide to reflect the fact that a newer version is out. Thanks furrycat!
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  2. furrycat

    furrycat Aquatic Astronaut

    FYI version 2.16 is not the latest NSSM version. There have been a few improvements since then, though none which would affect the guide as written.
  3. Dipdac

    Dipdac Space Hobo

    Thanks! I've switched it to NSSM 2.21.1.
  4. JdeFalconr

    JdeFalconr Intergalactic Tourist

    Just wanted to ressurrect this thread to say this worked like a charm for me with v1.05.
  5. mrMegaCentauri

    mrMegaCentauri Space Hobo

    Just to keep it going, I have just set this up for the first time and it's working great for me! Using Starbound Server v1.4.4 - Using NSSM 2.24 (64bit). Windows Server 2016 Standard (64bit)

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