RPG Bosses that are far easier than people think.

Discussion in 'Games' started by Xylia, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Xylia

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    Newer kids are more used to flashy graphics, ultra-realistic this, ultra-realistic that, and many of them look back on SNES games and think they are "bad" because they have "bad" graphics or that they are "boring" because there's not enough action.

    Bollocks, I say.
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  2. D.M.G.

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    That's why us old nerds have the task to teach at least a few of them about the beauty of the 8 and 16 bits eras
  3. FoxDE2

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    I feel like I'm the only one that wanted it to stay true to its turn-based roots, just with more polished graphics and better grammar.
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  4. Xylia

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    You're certainly not the only one.

    That's exactly what I wish, too. Keep the game's mechanics exactly the same, and just polish up the translation, the graphics, and maybe clean up the audio just a little (no remaster really needed for its soundtrack, it already has CD-quality music).

    I know I might get a solid lump of hate thrown my way for saying this, but I like the Secret of Mana remake for exactly this reason.

    They kept the game true to its roots for 90% of the game (they gave us 8-directional movement and attacks and better companion AI). They kept everything the same, right down to the prices of armor, enemies' health, how much damage you do, etc.

    They did get rid of annoying I-Frames, and this made the game a little easier and people are complaining about it (not that the original was hard, mind you).
  5. D.M.G.

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    Then again, who knows, they might make sommfink great
    Actually, the main downside of the FF7 remake is the fact that it is a remake
    I ain't saying a remake is meaningless for that game, but it'd go smoother, imo, if it was a game of its own
  6. Xylia

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    To be honest, I think they could have done both: simply re-doing the assets to FF7 and re-releasing the game would surely not be that hard; the hand-drawn backgrounds were beautiful and outside of maybe cleaning them up a little to remove pixellation, all they'd need to do would be to clean up the 3D sprites and polygons and perhaps the spell effects, and boom. You got a nice remaster.

    Now, in tandem with this, they could also do a reboot or re-imagining of the game for people who want a more modern take on the same story. That way, both camps would be happy. Myself, I'd play the former. I like FF7, but in 2018 those people with the square hands are just plain ugly as crap, especially when the PS1 was able to deliver FF8 (and its tech demo, Parasite Eve) and FF9 which did way better in that department. People who want the FF13-style game would instead go to the reboot and be happy with that.

    Both camps win, and SE gets to sell "two" games.

    What kinda has me frustrated, is I don't get a choice in the matter. I either play the ugly-as-balls PS1/original PC version, or the "new" one that will cost a heck of a lot of money, and will be released in an episodic format, and the game will be completely different and there won't be hardly any nostalgia factor whatsoever in it.
  7. Waffle-Chan

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    Did someone say FFIX!?!?!?!?!?!?
    *bursts through the wall, wearing Vivi’s hat*
  8. D.M.G.

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    Welp then again it was the beginning of the PS1 x)

    Tell us about dissapointing bosses, Waffle :D
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  9. Waffle-Chan

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    Ok, so I fucking love black mages and FFIX, but Black Waltz 2 is just disappointing. After Black Waltz 1, I thought these guys were like the elite trio or something, but nope. BW 3 isn't too hard either :p

    BTW, they weren't easy because I was overleveled or anything. I haven't done any grinding in my save at all!
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  10. Xylia

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    I fully understand why it was ugly-as-balls in the PS1 days.

    But they REALLY could have touched it up for FF7's re-release on Steam. Would it have been that hard for them to at least add passable 3D modeled characters, of similar quality as what we see in battle?

    But nope, they took the original PC files (INCLUDING THE MIDI MUSIC!) and slapped them on there, modifying the .exe just enough to get it to run on modern computers.

    Pure lazy.

    I mean, 'cmon, MIDI music? When we have computers today that could easily handle .oggs? And get this. The midi music was actually converted to .ogg, which means it took EFFORT to convert them from MIDI to OGG.

    They had to play the midis, and have a recorder record it as raw wave data and then encode that to ogg.

    Why not, you know, use the PS1 soundtrack instead, because it sounds 100x better?

    They later, eventually, fixed this.... after a modder already offered the fix online. lol.
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  11. Sparklink

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    When it comes to new games versus old games I will almost always say that the newer game has the better soundtrack; even if it is simply an old piece of music played with a modern simulator, band, or orchestra. I was recently enjoying the game Sonic Mania, it has been the first time I really enjoyed a Sonic game in a long time. All of the music you hear in it is music you have probably heard before. But I like the newer music better because it either has higher sound quality, or it is re-mixed. (And this time Stardust Speedway Zone has good music in the United States!)

    Quality is not everything though, many times the originals are better than the newer compositions.
  12. Xylia

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    One problem with modern music vs chiptune music of the 8 and 16bit eras, is that the chiptunes produced far more simpler tracks and because they are simpler, the main riffs of these tunes stuck in your head because there weren't 200 instruments going on at the same time, drowning each other out.

    You can get a modern track that sounds awesome, but more than likely, there's not a main riff that stands out (and the few that do stick with you, do have main stand-out riffs).

    That's why I can remember tunes from SNES games I've played 20+ years ago, but I couldn't even attempt to hum or even playback in my head, a tune from a modern game that I played last year.
  13. Bamboozler

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    Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Sephiroth Battle

    On PlayStation 2 there was a 'secret boss' for the Kingdom Hearts 2 game - Sephiroth

    Growing up I was always told by all of my friends and the gaming communities on the internet (shout out to GameFAQs :laugh:) that the post-game boss fight is by far the hardest boss in the game and that it would take countless tries to defeat without grinding levels for hours on end. I remember beating it on my 2nd attempt and I was under leveled at the time.

    I'm not sure if Sephiroth was actually a 'hard' boss at the time or if he was overhyped due to the fact that back in 2005 the concept of post-game secret bosses was such a new concept. To anyone that has played the original Kingdom Hearts games - what are you thoughts?

    Also to anyone that doesn't know about the game and/or boss fight here it is:

    PS: That's not my video - just a coincidence that that person has 'won in 2nd attempt' in the title lmfao

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