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    I've created a mod that adds Caroline as a bachelorette to the game, since she's my favourite character. It consists only of changes to the game's xnb files, so there are no changes to the game's code.

    This is still a Work-In-Progress mod, so there's a lot that can be improved (see Notes and Known issues below).

    Installation instructions:
    1. Download the attached file, or the Mega mirror link.
    2. Take a backup of your game, or at least of all of the files that get replaced (see Modified files).
    3. Take a backup of your save (%AppData%/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves)
    4. Unzip the attached file in the game's root folder.
    Mirror download:
    Mega: https://mega.nz/#!4t8SxZiJ!mG1JJHPt86lQRE0hiSL35At3X5LdWsFMoFLmV94ws6g

    • It is possible to marry Caroline and have kids with her.
    • Caroline's heart events are based on Abigails. I've done some minor changes to the dialogue (Caroline does not refer to Pierre as her dad, she doesn't refer to herself as a young girl etc.), but otherwise it's identical to Abigails. Unfortunely I'm not skilled enough to create entirely new events :/
      It's still possible to date Abigail while using this mod, besides a minor caveat (see Known issues).
    • I've modified both Caroline's character sprite and portrait so that she should have all of the needed expressions/animations for heart event, wedding etc. I'm not a very good artist, so some of them may look a little bit iffy though :/
    Known issues:
    • On the social tab Caroline will initially have the status "(single)", despite then being married to Pierre.
      This is because that text is defined in code, and not in any of the xnb files.
    • The first day that you introduce yourself to Caroline she won't have the status "(single)", and she won't be datable. This should be fixed simply by going to bed; afterwards she will be datable.
      This seems to be caused by hard coded logic for character introductions. All the other times (including on new days) this is instead fetched from a xnb file.
    • For her "Two Hearts" event the mini game will display pictures of Abigail in the bottom right corner instead of pictures of Caroline.
      This is because the pictures that's used during the mini game are defined in code.
    • For her "Four Hearts" event she will alternate between reading a book and doing a silly looking dance, instead of playing on a flute.
      This is because the flute animation is stored in the fifth row of Abigail's character sprite, and reading a book/silly dance are already located there for Caroline's character sprite. Since the flute animation is defined in the game's code it's not possible to fix with xnb files alone without breaking other animations for Caroline.
    • For Abigail's/Caroline's Eight Heart event I've not been able to create a new sub event for the apology on the farm the day after. Instead I've updated the previous sub event so that Caroline has replaced Abigail. This means that if the player does the Eight Heart event with Abigail it will be Caroline apologizing the day after.
    • During the wedding the mayor will prounounce the player and Caroline husband and husband :O
    • Also, during the wedding there will be a duplicate Caroline as a guest.
      This is because the game is hard coded so that only the default bachelors/bachelorettes can be excluded as guests.
    • After the wedding Caroline's room in the player's house won't be decorated.
      This is because which tiles that should be used is set in code, and only for the default bachelors/bachelorettes.
    • During festivals and similar events Caroline will still be with Pierre.
    Most if not all issues are caused by the fact that the mod only modifies the game's xnb files, and not the game itself. These issues may be possible to solve with Storm API in the future, though.



    Modified files:
    • Content/Characters/Caroline.xnb
    • Content/Characters/Dialogue/Caroline.xnb
    • Content/Characters/Dialogue/MarriageDialogue.xnb
    • Content/Data/EngagementDialogue.xnb
    • Content/Data/mail.xnb
    • Content/Data/NPCDispositions.xnb
    • Content/Data/Events/Farm.xnb
    • Content/Data/Events/Mine.xnb
    • Content/Data/Events/Mountain.xnb
    • Content/Data/Events/SeedShop.xnb
    • Content/Data/Events/Town.xnb
    • Content/Portraits/Caroline.xnb
    Please let me know if you discover any new bugs, especially if they are game breaking. Also, feel free to modify this mod if you think that you can improve it :)

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    • Cimeni

      Cimeni Phantasmal Quasar

      Considering what kind of place Pelican Town is, I get the feeling the townspeople would shun you for stealing a man's wife like this. Poor Caroline, never struck me as a cougar.

      You homewrecker, you. :nuruninja:

      (That said, if the events were unique and not just what her daughter's are, I'd most likely download this for a bit for the laughter c':)
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      • pesard

        pesard Void-Bound Voyager

        Wow so now you go after her mother too

        At this rate someone probably come up with jas for sure lol
        • Ryuseii

          Ryuseii Void-Bound Voyager

          Well what happens in Stardew stays in Stardew.
          • JonONeill

            JonONeill Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Why am I not surprised your character's name is Kirk with this mod?

            Kirk may have got all the women but Picard was always the better.
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            • Delsin7

              Delsin7 Space Spelunker

              And with a potential harem mod, the mc will become the Hierophant/Priestess of Happy Happy Village. A Franklin Badge will be the official seal of the cult.

              Hehe, while a bit weird to hit on Pierre's wife/Abi's mom, this could make things very interesting. Just think of the dialogue potential when you steal Caroline away. Pierre becomes a drunk and yells at you all the time. Abigail would either be fine with it...or blame you for destroying her family. And the other villagers could have all kinds of juicy gossip and whatnot. 'She only went with *mc* because I hear Pierre is *insert thing about his stash here*'
              • Gurofiend24

                Gurofiend24 Intergalactic Tourist

                Sweeeet, hope someone does Jodi next >.>
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                • Poke2201

                  Poke2201 Intergalactic Tourist

                  I wonder how Marnie's would play out though. Mayor Lewis -> Marnie <- Player. If someone learns how to make events this could be a good storyline.
                  • taxlnwza

                    taxlnwza Poptop Tamer

                    Jan's done with me, I like Jan.
                    • Arachnofiend

                      Arachnofiend Void-Bound Voyager

                      This mod would be perfect for a Joja Mart run. Ruin Pierre's business and steal his wife while you're at it.
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                      • ZeroMGA

                        ZeroMGA Industrial Terraformer

                        Cougar nothing, I feel dirty because the bachelorettes all feel at least 8 years younger than me, if not ten. Except maybe Penny, and the reasons for that aren't really any better.

                        This and Jodi please :p Emily being available will be nice, though.
                        • hydragtk

                          hydragtk Void-Bound Voyager

                          update 1.1 release, and my wife Caroline disappear. can you make update for Caroline pls, thank you so much!
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                          • Swordog

                            Swordog Intergalactic Tourist

                            Please update this.
                            • hydragtk

                              hydragtk Void-Bound Voyager

                              Hello! can you please update this mod? i miss Caroline so much!
                              • BraveVesperia

                                BraveVesperia Space Hobo

                                I'm having an error with the NPCDispositions file, it keeps changing everyone's names. Is there a way for me to fix that?

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