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Roman/Renaissance Village suggestion.

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Coalsack, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Hello everyone! I finally found a Lush planet large (and pretty) enough to put my fourth base. Since I already built an steampunk manor, a Byzantine castle (on a cherry forest planet) and a Japanese castle (on a garden-forest one) I wanted to make a more Mediterranean settlement.

    My planet, Fomalhaut Rim III, has the Gateway just right of the beam down point, and some nice looking ruins on the other direction, that I plan to use as base.

    On my steampunk manor I used copper for the roofing, and a combination of ornate wood and painted brick for the walls. On the other hand, for the Byzantine castle, I used red and soft bricks, mainly. The Japanese one used the traditional ornate wood and wall (of rice paper) structures.

    That said, what furniture, tiles and vegetation would fit the best for a Roman settlement/palace? I think that the "Roof Tiles" are the ones that I'll pick, but I'm a bit lost regarding the columns, the flooring and the walls.

    Besides, I'd like to know if there's some Mediterranean kind of vegetation to put here (Olives, walnuts, etc). Without saying, the place is gonna have vineyards and wheat fields, but pines everywhere...kinda doesn't fit.

    Finally, what kind of furniture is the best? Anything that looks from the Classic Age or from the Florentine Renaissance would fit.

    A little note, I may use FU mod after finishing my main game, so if you know a tile/furniture/tree that would fit and belongs to said mod, point it to me.

    Edit: Found a good tile combo, but I'd like to hear suggestions or improvements. There's what I've done:

    Roman Phase I.PNG
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
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  2. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, that's a good start. It pretty match up with the Renaissance Era Roman building. But the pillars in the middle of the building, I think it's from the old-styled Roman building, which is kinda not match with the main building. Or maybe you can improve it, so it will be much good looking.

    That's my thought about it. I am sorry if my thought about it is wrong or something. I am not a Roman building expert or an architect.
  3. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Too bad that we don't have Doric, Ionian or Corinthian columns...

    I tried painting the columns white, but they barely changed. The other option is using either soft brick or painted brick to make pilasters (square columns). Hmm, regarding furniture, what would you recommend? I'm thinking a bit of the Apex "classical" set, specially those red curtains.
  4. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    I guess Apex furniture is the closest.
  5. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Okay, I made some progress...

    Roman Phase II.PNG

    I think that I sould start working on things like a bath, a kitchen, and things like that.
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  6. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Okay, added a couple of things more. I'd like to hear what combo of trunk/leaves should use for the trees that I'm gonna plant near. Besides that, I'm planning to do a bath, and an hypocaust running under the house.

    Roman III.PNG

    I dunno way but I hate having plain dirt under my structures. Usually I replace it with stone, sod blocks, and in this case, bricks that will make most of the hypocaust system.
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  7. SillyLeaf

    SillyLeaf Space Penguin Leader

    Hmm, I guess some Glitch's furniture would fit better for the kitchen (Like the cauldrons, kitchen tools and probably other stuff).
    Not sure if you like to use mods, but "Racial Kitchen Counters" has a nice cooking table for the style of furniture you're looking for.
  8. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Unrefined wood and plant matter might be a good choice of blocks for making a tree. Well, I guess, I never make a tree before.
  9. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Has some mod, like Fracking Universe, some kind of olive tree? I know that it has apple trees...
  10. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    Not sure exactly everything that's in it because I haven't used it for a while but check out Nostalgic Greenery by Charlatan. It has a lot of garden and such objects. You might find some useful things in there.
  11. Coalsack

    Coalsack 2.7182818284590...

    Okay, a bit more of progress. Main house is almost finished, and I started with the bath area. I've planted some crops near (wheat and grapes), but they aren't pictured.

    Roman5.PNG I think that I exaggerated a bit with the hypocaust.
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  12. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Nice, I especially like the rooms with the pillars and fountain. Looks cool!

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