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  1. squidspeaker

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    So it occurs to me that the Stardew Valley forum does not have a roleplay section. I myself enjoy roleplay, and I think it's extremely entertaining! It's like writing a book or play, but with other people, and no one knows what's gonna happen next.

    So I guess I propose the question, would anyone actually consider roleplaying? Canon characters, farmers, OCs, everyone's welcome. We'd have an out of character chat, and a RP chat obviously. But I think it would be fun to get a lot of people involved, and it'd be entertaining.

    We'd have to maintain a set of rules for the RP, like no ERP (erotic roleplay), and keep it mildly PG13 because a lot of people may not like certain aspects, and that like.

    So what do you all say? I'd love to hear more people discuss this.
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    • Alkanthe

      Alkanthe Oxygen Tank

      *raises hand* I'd be all for this!
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      • MagicallyClueless

        MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

        I think the idea is really neat, though I'm too shy to RP with most people ;^;

        i'd still love to see what people are wanting rp style or what they have in plan
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        • Firepaw Da Cat

          Firepaw Da Cat Tiy's Beard

          I'd be interested in seeing Stardew Valley RP, but it doesn't need it's own RP section as there's a general RP section. People can make Stardew Valley RP threads there [​IMG]
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          • Satashi26

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            Id be down for a little fun. Nor sure what, but it could be interesting!
            • Megzzzx

              Megzzzx Void-Bound Voyager

              How would it work? Do people have to take the roles of the villagers? Because if everyone just plays their farmer all wanting to marry the same villagers it might get crazy.
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              • squidspeaker

                squidspeaker Subatomic Cosmonaut

                I was thinking possibly in a thread, or on Discord? I like Discord for text base RPs like under the first spoiler, but not ones under the second spoiler.

                Gilford: Hey lets RP!
                Shane: Yeah that'd be great!!
                Gilford: Woohoo!

                Gilford approached Shane, smiling brightly with his toothed grin. With a loud clap of the hands, he loudly exclaimed, "Hey lets roleplay!" Shane nodded in agreement, "Yeah, that'd be great!" The two shared a few laughs, as Gilford cheered.

                Sometimes improv roleplays are the greatest. We'd have to set a basic plot/scenario, but from there on out, who knows what may happen!

       up for question. I myself can RP some villagers, even some of the love interests, but I actually don't like RPing romance with other people as it peeves me out a bit. On the other hand, if two people mutually agree they'd like to RP a romance between a villager and farmer, two farmers, or two villagers, I see no problem in it. That's why we'd have to have a out of character chat for the RP, so everyone can communicate what is and isn't okay for roleplay!
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                • Ghostly Fox

                  Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                  As a thought, maybe RP'ers could play as non-farmer characters? Much like the thread where people described what they would be like as an SDV NPC.

                  As to the Farmer, here's three ideas:
                  1: Farmer is kept as a generic character, and usually kept off screen.
                  2: Everyone who wants to be the Farmer makes a character and people who are playing as Not-Farmers vote to choose one.
                  3. Multiple farms and multiple farmers to match.

                  As to romance, it might be be a good idea to arrange it so that two people with characters interested in the same NPC or character don't wind up in the same RP-verse unless they are both okay with competing in-character for the romance option and agree to keep things civil OoC. Might also be a good idea for people who want to romance an NPC to have the choice to either play as also that NPC or have someone else play that NPC for them.

                  It might be a good idea for people who have a plot in mind to give a rough idea of it, what the genres in it would be. That way a comedic relief character doesn't wind up in a psychological horror RP, for example.

                  Just my thoughts on it. Depending on what gets decided and how things get set up I might be interested in playing. Who knows, maybe it will help me with writing my fic....
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                  • Jonesy

                    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

                    There already is a roleplaying section on the forums. Since it falls under the Social subforum, it's not restricted to any particular game. A Stardew Valley RP would be perfectly fine, as long as it meets the necessary criteria to constitute an RP (i.e. clear rules / direction, separate thread for OOC discussion, etc.).

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                    • SilverwingsDITV

                      SilverwingsDITV Space Hobo

                      Theres a brandnew stardew valley roleplay site I’m working on> although this post is several years late heres hoping some people come join us in making canon and oc characters :)

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