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  1. WyattDerp

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    I would just like to suggest craftable robots, or collect parts of a robot for a quest then you get a robot from finishing the quest. It's just a feature I would like to see.
  2. DeadBoyBA

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    I too would like to see robots. Crafting them would be fun. Expecially if there were different types of robots to build. But they should also have a function.

    Mining Robot: When activated it will mine a single type of block from a specified area around it or in a straight line in a designated direction. Its operational limitation would be based on its inventory. For example it could have only 2 inventory slots. Therefore it would continue to mine untill those two slots were full or it could no long find the given type of block in its area.

    Crafting Robot: Prior to activation the player could designate a "Plan" by highliting blocks. The player would then place the plan over the area where they want it built. It would have to be pre-mined so that the robot does not have to move any blocks, only place them. Once activated the robot would use any blocks in its inventory to exactly reproduce the "Plan". The ability for the robot to fly or at least ignore gravity would be required for some projects.

    Combat Robot: I imagine having a robot dog on a leash that I can attach to a spot near an area that I want protected. It could even have lazers or missles to deal with flying enemies. This type of robot should be limited to a maximum number in the world. It should also have a simular upgrade progresson to any weapons. There is also the possiblity of a lowgrade verson of this to follow you around and take care of those pesky little critters while your mining or something else that precludes you from being combat ready.
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  3. Serp

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    Rex and that retarded radio bot that follows me everywhere I go!

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