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Community Road to 1.0 Video Summary [ may contain spoilers ]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by The | Suit, May 1, 2016.

  1. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    This is just a Brief Summary of changes featured in the video.

    Note changes again can occur prior to and post 1.0 this is only a summary of what is featured in the video.

    User Interface Changes:
    • Inventory pickup switch added which lets you choose if you want items to go straight to hotbar on pickup or to inventory.
    • Scanner mode - used for 3d print scanning , as well as scanning for story plot.
    • Compass added to UI to shows where quest goal is.
    • More inventory bags - more total space.

    Monster Changes:
    • Touch Damage
    • Smarter Guards - use more variety of weapons and shields
    • New bosses - not featured in nightly.
    • One mission per race
    • Transition missions between major plot points.
    • Randomly generated monsters appear more often on surface
    • Some monsters have unique death animations.
    • Friendly monsters are back.

    Weapon Changes:
    • During combo move attacks you are temporarily invincible
    • Temporary invincibility when you hit enemies with meele weapons.
    • Stave random weapon generator added
    • Some featured Staves;
      • Cloud Stave - summons a cloud which rains on enemies causing damage. You can control the position of the cloud with the mouse.
      • Ring Ball Stave - Summons a ring of balls which will launch in the direction the mouse is one at a time after a period of time.
      • Homing Ball Stave - a Stave which summons a damage ball - which moves along with the mouse.
      • Homing Ring Balls - a mix of the above 2.
    • Attacks no longer interrupts enemy windup.
    World Changes:
    • Multiple Biomes on planets reintroduced
    • Transition between biomes in planets.
    • Dungeon loot getting revamped to provide better rewards at end of Dungeon.
    • New Hidden Trap door block - which will take the image of the background block.
    • Avian towers being shifted to avian villages.
    • Dungeons now have "Quest regions" which can by referenced by quests.
    • Rails can now go in any direction.

    Colony System \ Crew System
    • Crews can be hired by creating a colony and doing colony missions.
    • Crews can also hired from the outpost from Beak Easy
    • You can hire Penguin Crew Members
    • If a crew member dies they respawn on the ship
    • Crew members health and damage is reflective based on the players equipped items.
    • Different type of Crew Members
      • Medics - Heal you in battle, sell medical supplies in the ship
      • Warriors - Fight for you on planets
      • Engineers - Buff your ship
      • ??? - Character gives you yellow stims to cause player to always glow
      • Tailor - allows you to change your crews costumes.
    • Crew members comment on random items in the world.
    • Crew Members - interact with certain items
    • Crew members - teleport to you if you get separated.
    • You have have 2 crew members and 1 pet with you in planets.
    • You can replace crews outfit with what you are currently wearing by having a tailor NPC. Colors cannot be changed.Head gear currently cannot be changd
    • Merchant colonies will increase their inventory based on missions you beat by them.

    General Changes:
    • Performance Improvements.
    • Steam Workshop support for mods.
    • Crafting and Quest Progression are no longer tied. You can progress Main story line without upgrading gear accordingly.
    • Upgrading ship now has 2 paths to upgrade
      • The more crew members you have the bigger ship you can upgrade to
      • Or you can buy illegal upgrade licenses from outpost
    • Matter manipulator now upgraded through unique interface. Lets you upgrade matter manipulator in any order.
    • Star map updated - stars more spaced out.
    • You can fail - randomly generated quests.
    • Invite players to join your game through Steam.

    • You can capture more aliens with capture pod
    • Capture pods will show the monster inside the pod as part of item description.
    • You can equip collars on pets to buff pets.
      • Ghostly collar - turns them transparent
    • You can call pet back with same pod.
    • You use a pet healing station to heal pets.
    • Pet tether station - will tether pet to a certain area.
    • Pet collars are one time use - but can be replaced.
    • You can capture critters - but will not be aggressive.
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
  2. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    Afraid you forgot a section:
    Things Not Happening:
    • Weaponized shovels
    • Weaponized rakes
    But really though thanks for the summary. Watched the video before I saw it and pretty sure you got most of the major points. Good job!

    Though I did notice a few things missed off the top of my head:
    • Many more dungeons added to every biome.
    • Biome combinations only allow certain combinations which make sense.
    • Some dungeons have vehicles spawned at them.
    • It appears gates now spawn on planets? SHH! REMEMBER: NOBODY SAW THAT.
    and one of your points was cut off:
    • Dungeons now have "Quest regions" which can
    I assume it would be "...which can allow NPC quests to specifically reference and lead to dungeons and structures."
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  3. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Forgot a couple of details on World Changes...
    • Current Glitch Castle is being converted to a friendly castle with shops and etc.
    • New UNfriendly "Black Knight Castle" aboveground dungeon, much more open, fortressy, and VERTICAL layout with bridges and long falls. One of the biggest common dungeons in the game.
    • Avian towers are being moved to new "Devout Avian" villages, which feature sacrificial altars and such, different from Grounded Avian villages (in current)
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