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    Hi, so, I don't like changing things too much from base game files and originally picked the Riverland Farm for the additional challenge it offers with the small and oddly shaped landmasses, but having to loop all the way around the farm just to get to that southwest chunk of land was becoming an irritant for me so I decided to do a map edit that adds one tiny island and a double bridge to get over to that area.

    ( And it cleans up the deep water north of the area to match... )

    I've not modded since before the big changes last year, so this is my first time working with the new mod structure and Content Patcher. That said, I've loaded it and tried to assure nothing is amiss before uploading it here for anyone else interested.

    Uploading a .zip and a .rar to be safe, but both contain the same thing.

    It works like normal mods do, just plunk it down in your mods folder.

    ( And make sure you have SMAPI + Content Patcher, etc... )

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      Wanted to post to mention this little island IS eligible for building, so it looks like I got that right.
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