Rival marriages, difficulty settings, and fixing boyfriend/ girlfriend things

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    ok so I have a few suggestions.

    First off, Rival marriages. Where if you don't marry that character, another character can marry them. Like in the older Harvest Moon games such as Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town. If you have the game set to a high difficulty, then they could get married before you can marry them if you aren't quick enough. But if you have it at easy, then they won't get married at all and that one person will be forever alone while the others get married.

    2nd off, difficulty settings, pretty self explanatory. Set how hard the game is at the beginning.

    3rd, fix having multiple boyfriends/ girlfriends and not having your current boyfriend/ girlfriend jealous. I'm all for polyamory and poly relationships, but you shouldn't be able to do that unless you enable it in the options or in the beginning character creation. Also make it so you can break up with them or have them break up with you once they lose all of their hearts. Also I haven't gotten married yet, but add divorce if it's not there yet.
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