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Risk of Rain Starstorm (Unofficial Expansion)

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by Neik_, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Neik_

    Neik_ Space Hobo

    Hey everyone!
    I KNOW, I KNOW this is a very unused forum but HEY, this game seriously deserves more life!
    And that's why I made Starstorm!

    Not only is this MORE CONTENT but it also is MORE CONTENT!

    Seriously, it's just never ENOUGH content.

    Over 40 new items, 6 survivors, enemies, artifacts, stages and MUCH MORE to bring new life to this amazing game, what are you waiting for?
    *cough* Sorry, that was cliché.

    Screenshots to get your attention:

    Getting it is as easy as getting the ModLoader for your original Risk of Rain game at https://rainfusion.ml/ and getting the mod from there too!
    There's a lot more mods in the site, even a RoR2 one, for those of you who love the newer stuff in the RoR universe!

    Thanks for reading, as thanks to you we might now revive this game once and for all!
    O-or probably not, as this is the first post of 2020 in this forum.
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