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Risk of Rain Patch v1.0.2 released.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Foamed, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Foamed

    Foamed Space Spelunker

    Changelog taken from here: riskofraingame.com/risk-of-rain-patch-v1-0-2/


    Protect and Serve:
    * Cooldown reduced by 1 second
    * Internal cooldown reduced by 1 second
    * Animation now properly scales with attack speed
    * Now allows for slowed movement, retaining shield direction
    * We were aiming to have the skill feel less clunky, also allowing the Enforcer have tools to block body-centered missiles later in the game


    * Reload: Removed redundant frames.
    * Steady Aim fully charges at 2.5 seconds, rather then 3.
    * Now properly reduces damage by 50% (rather than 60%)
    * Again, aiming to have the Sniper feel less clunky while maintaining class identity
    * Multiplayer games now have the option to prevent item hogging
    * Enabled by the host in lobby
    * If a single person has too many items compared to the rest of their team, the game will prevent you from picking them up. Feel free to post feedback if it is too strict/lenient!
    * Last boss now drops a Monster Log

    Bug Fixes:

    * Melee attacks now properly work with the Brilliant Behemoth
    * Hourglass no longer procs on dead players
    * 40 minute achievement no longer procs on dead players
    * Monsters on top of drones no longer crashes the game
    * Gaining more than 70 unique items no longer crashes the game
    * Damage stat is now properly saved
    * Sound no longer loops if cutscene is skipped during the alarm
    * Ifrit can no longer moonwalk
    * Variety of other small bug fixes

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    • SwagtasticPanda

      SwagtasticPanda Orbital Explorer

      Does anybody know how to update the game when you don't have the steam version?
      • Foamed

        Foamed Space Spelunker

        The Humble Store always provides Steam keys, and if you didn't get it through Humble Store or Steam, then that means that you've either pirated it or got the DRM-free version from a friend.

        Sorry, but there's not a lot you can do then.
        • joey4track

          joey4track Ketchup Robot

          You should be able to click the link that you got from your humble store email and there should be the new version available to download
          • SwagtasticPanda

            SwagtasticPanda Orbital Explorer

            Didn't pirate it. You can directly download it from the humble bundle.
            It says it hasn't updated yet. The latest version is 1.0.1
            • SwagtasticPanda

              SwagtasticPanda Orbital Explorer

            • joey4track

              joey4track Ketchup Robot

              Oh well, why not just get your steam key? Anyway, they will probably update the humble version soon I imagine.
              • SwagtasticPanda

                SwagtasticPanda Orbital Explorer

                Hope so. Steam is stupid and it doesn't let me redeem things without calling a number that doesn't seem to exist, so that is kind of not an option. Thanks though! :D
                • P.Alex

                  P.Alex Industrial Terraformer

                  I don't think that's supposed to happen... an Elder Lemurian started infinitely triggering Will-O-The Wisp and catapulted into the sky... ruined my run since I could no longer move as a result :wut:
                  • joey4track

                    joey4track Ketchup Robot

                    Similar thing happened to me but with the chargefield generator. Mentioned this in a another thread but I guess I better put it here as it is probably closer to a bug thread for the new update
                    • physicsmajor

                      physicsmajor Space Hobo

                      Are buffs for the Mercenary being considered? He takes way too long to kill things and the cds of his abilities the way they are make him not flow very well. I wrote a thread in suggestions on it.
                      • arcticwolf15

                        arcticwolf15 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        I was excited getting the Chargefield generator for the first time... then confused... then dead.

                        ERROR in
                        action number 1
                        of End Step Event
                        for object oEfLightningRing:

                        Error in code at line 4:

                        if instance_exists(parent)
                        at position 21: Unknown variable parent

                        This error code was spammed in the error log several hundred times.

                        Also, if Protect and Serve is initiated in midair and then a rope is grabbed, you can change direction after exiting the rope. Shooting locks the direction.
                        • sunBather

                          sunBather Orbital Explorer

                          Anyone else getting this graphical glitch with the new patch? Black boxes around these enemies when they stand still:

                          • arcticwolf15

                            arcticwolf15 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            I actually came back to report this. I believe it's a transparency issue with certain frames of the sprites. I've only noticed it on golems so far.

                            While we're at it, anyone care to start and/or sticky a bug thread?
                            • Lotus Gramarye

                              Lotus Gramarye Master Chief

                              Wha? Mercenary is already extremely good. Get a couple Leeching Seeds and you're practically immortal. Get a Wicked Ring and you're literally immortal.

                              Also, I noticed a small ~4MB patch just downloaded. What did it do?
                              • silver593

                                silver593 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Uhg, I still cant play until they add support for three monitors, I cant even play on one monitor because the game has "scales" not resolutions...
                                • Lmaoboat

                                  Lmaoboat Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Penwize, Reciful and Legalaze like this.
                                  • physicsmajor

                                    physicsmajor Space Hobo

                                    get a monitor disabling executable that you can throw on your main monitors desktop and just disable one of your other monitors while playing for now. I have 2 monitors and it works fine.
                                    • Bob_boberson

                                      Bob_boberson Space Penguin Leader

                                      Another bug which might go under radar a while is if the Sniper uses Steady Aim while walking he gets stuck walking the entire time you charge the shot making him even easier to die walking his way into a mob of monsters...
                                      • SPLlT

                                        SPLlT Big Damn Hero

                                        Update your game via steam. This was patched not too long ago.

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