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Outdated Rise of the Hylotl 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed

Hylotl-themed dungeons, lore-based armors, weapons, items, tiles, objects, etc.

  1. Cipherstar

    Cipherstar Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This kills my game with this error:

    Warn: Perf: ClientApplication::update millis: 2961
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop.update millis: 2961
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop millis: 2975
    Info: Shutting down Star::Root
    Error: VariantException: No such key in Variant::get("hueShiftOptions")
      BiomeDatabase::surfaceHueShift(String, unsigned long long)
      CelestialParameters::CelestialParameters(CelestialCoordinate, unsigned long long, String, Variant)
      CelestialMasterDatabase::produceSystem(RandomSource, String, Vector<int, 3u>)
      CelestialMasterDatabase::scanSystems(String, Box<int, 2u>)
      CelestialMasterDatabase::findRandomWorld(int, int, Maybe<String>, Maybe<float>, Maybe<String>, Maybe<Vector<float, 2u> >)
      Title::Title(shared_ptr<Player>, shared_ptr<PlayerStorage>, shared_ptr<Cinematic>, shared_ptr<Mixer>, shared_ptr<Renderer>, shared_ptr<AssetTextureCollection>)

    Darn shame. Looks like an epic mod that I'd love to use.
  2. TheHalfBit

    TheHalfBit Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Nothing to do with the mod other than the images of the housing:
    Really nice work using the background tiles to create the illusion of houses in the background! awesome idea!
  3. D9sinc

    D9sinc Big Damn Hero

    Does this work with the Lazarus dungeon mod really love the look of this mod and would LOVE to have more dungeons to explore just not sure if it's compatible. If anyone knows please enlighten me so I can either download this mod and play it with Lazarus or if I have to make a difficult choice.
  4. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'd totally LOVE to have this mod alive again on stable soon! Anyone knows if the author is still active?
  5. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    All you got to do is click on the guys picture. You will see the last time they logged in.
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  6. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    Hey there, happy to see fans!

    I'm very busy with my game Otherworld. I like Starbound, and I know I definitely want to finish my mod. When the time comes, I'll definitely get back to working on Rise of the Hylotl, but today it's not possible. Hold tight, someday I will be able to make it compatible and better than it is!
  7. jimmyjack

    jimmyjack Phantasmal Quasar

    Do you have a link to your game? I would like to check it out!
  8. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

  9. D9sinc

    D9sinc Big Damn Hero

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  10. KingWestie

    KingWestie Void-Bound Voyager

    When I click the download link it takes me to dropbox and when I download it, it downloads as a .rar file instead of a .zip file. Is there anything I can do, because I really like the look of this mod.
  11. KingWestie

    KingWestie Void-Bound Voyager

    After clicking the link and going to dropbox I saved the file and changed it to a .zip file and it was empty, do you have any idea how to actually download the mod with things in it so it works?
  12. jimmyjack

    jimmyjack Phantasmal Quasar

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  13. D9sinc

    D9sinc Big Damn Hero

    just open the .rar file like you do the .zip file and you should be able to see the files inside.
  14. RaginCajun

    RaginCajun Phantasmal Quasar

    With how amazing this mod is and some of the other mods out there it's no real wonder that you could create such an artistically beautiful game. I'll definitely keep my eye on your game as I have always kept my eye on this mod to be able to one day say that it's compatible and plays nice with all the other mods.
  15. KingWestie

    KingWestie Void-Bound Voyager

    Wait, how do I do that? I tried that and all it did was ask what program I would like to use to try to open it with!
  16. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    winrar or 7zip will open those files.

    Not all computers are equiped to open those type of files by default...
  17. KingWestie

    KingWestie Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for that info![DOUBLEPOST=1422818620][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, is this mod compatible with upbeat giraffe, and if so, is it incompatible with any mods?
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2015
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  18. Cheezemaniac

    Cheezemaniac Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yes, I'm pretty curious to that as well. Would love to put this great mod in my Starbound again.
  19. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    RotH is almost done being updated.
  20. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    UPDATE: while the mod is mostly done being updated to Upbeat Giraffe, I have several things in mind, lots of changes as well before I release it. I have already planned missions and questlines for the mod. At the moment, RotH is a large mix of content that I wish to organize better with future updates. To keep everyone in the loop, here is a preview of the roadmap for this mod:

    1. Base( aka Missionary) Pack: includes most of what is already available. Some stuff will be taken out for future expansions, and a questline will added.

    2. Monastery Pack: includes the Monastery update and will feature its own questline.

    3. Colonial Pack: a future update surrounding the hylotls who were forced out of their homeworld.

    4. Dragon Pack: a future update surrounding an isolationist-apocalypse cult that branched away from the Missionary religion of the hylotl.

    5. Sun Pack: a future update that takes place on the hylotl homeworld.

    Obviously, this seems like a lot. And it's going to take a while. Especially since there is another mod underway :) You'll hopefully find out soon what it is. Either way, keep on the lookout, provide feedback, spread the word, get hyped!
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