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Outdated Rise of the Hylotl 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed

Hylotl-themed dungeons, lore-based armors, weapons, items, tiles, objects, etc.

  1. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    seancruz submitted a new mod:

    Rise of the Hylotl - Hylotl-themed and lore-based armors, weapons, items, tiles, objects, etc.

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  2. OobleckTheGreen

    OobleckTheGreen Space Kumquat

    This is a very nice looking mod. I don't have a Hylotl character, and now seems a good time to start one. Though I haven't tested your mod yet, I wanted to comment on the beauty of your final 3 screenshots. Using the background layer to build additional houses gives a lot of depth to your homes and was so tastefully done that you've given me inspiration for future designs of my own. Great job on the aesthetics :up:
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  3. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    Thanks, I hope to make the future dungeons/setpieces just like it.

    I think right now, the mod should mainly just be tested, since it's still missing lots of things like randomly generated setpieces. Hopefully those are not hard to do.
  4. Luke_Dragonblood

    Luke_Dragonblood Void-Bound Voyager

    how do I install this?
  5. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    You unzip the zip file, and place the folder in your mods folder.
  6. Luke_Dragonblood

    Luke_Dragonblood Void-Bound Voyager

  7. CalamityQuote

    CalamityQuote Phantasmal Quasar

    Those houses you made are amazing. People should use background blocks for houses more often.
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  8. Hydre

    Hydre Void-Bound Voyager

    This is over the top fucking awesome, though one of your recipes, the one for the healing pool, requires an oil lantern which is not in the game anymore
  9. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    shoot thanks for pointing that out. I'll be changing that up tonight.

    Thanks Calamity, I agree.
  10. Hydre

    Hydre Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for the fast reply! Really love this mod :D
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  11. xypher3ns

    xypher3ns Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Oh! Very nice mod, seancruz! I'm currently using it myself and I'm actually curious; Is it possible to obtain those building tiles you showed in the images, or are they yet to be implemented?
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  12. Emperor RyRy

    Emperor RyRy Space Hobo

    Wow, I love big mods. This is by far the most useful one I've seen. THANK YOU!
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  13. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    Thanks! Yes you'll be able to build the new tiles in the Coraltree.
  14. This looks dope. I recently got a little attached to the Hylotl. I'll give this a shot.
  15. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    don't start yet! I'm updating this in about 5 min
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  16. I just downloaded! =d. I'm curious about the new update!
  17. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    seancruz updated Rise of the Hylotl with a new update entry:

    Small Fix + New Armor/Weapon

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. holasenhor

    holasenhor Space Hobo

    nice work awesome mod keep updating it
  19. tiltos

    tiltos Void-Bound Voyager

    Very cool! I'll be making sure to start using a Hylotl after the wipe to take advantage of this.
  20. kitsunespirit

    kitsunespirit Cosmic Narwhal

    Holy coraltrees on a stick, this is freaking awesome! :D

    Would you perhaps be willing to do a collab? My kitsune race is from the same planet as the Hylotl (in my setup), maybe we could make some clothing or stuff that inspired by the two races? I'm playing more off the Japanese for somethings (like clothing and food).

    Also if you're planning on remaking their not-very Hylotl-ish ship, I can show you my idea for it. :)

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