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    ((The beacon or one of the other two?))
    Most of the terminals onboard seem to be completely fried, but you manage to find a few working, and after several detours due to collapsed rooms or various other blockages you manage to make your way to the drone bay.
    It would seem that the vast majority of the drones charging or active during the crash short circuited or out right exploded but a precious few managed to escape for the most part intact.

    As you near the scouting ship you begin to hear sounds of fighting. Roars, followed by screaming. You soon emerge from the bushes to see what can only be described as a large amphibious dog with dark black skin and several tentacles sprouting from its back. It is currently in the process of shredding the scouting party to pieces.

    The florian nods, "Floran wasss slave, but owner had metal heart", the floran puts its hands together before throwing them apart and making a zapping noise, "Floran is free now."

    After a moment of silence you hear someone respond, "Do you want to hurt me?"

    It would appear that any and all electronic weaponary previously plugged in has since exploded. All that remains in the room now are mechanical guns, melee weapons, and light armor.
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    "How much hunting do you think we need to do to feed everyone here?"
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    "Oh sh-"
    He cuts his sentence short as the creature tries to swipe at him, but misses as Kamii darts back.(Heightened Reflexes) He uses the trees as cover as he peppers the creature with knives, trying to find a weak spot.
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    (One of the other ships)
    Cobalt sees a C-series QU droid, and decides that would be the best option for right now. It currently had it's small arms attachment on, so he stayed clear as he booted it up. As soon as it stood up, he started looking for a more utility based modular piece.
    Power critical
    LOGIN: QU-1N-C
    Performing diagnostics
    ..........%% DONE
    External plating:75%
    Vocal emulators:2%
    Motor servos: 64%
    Power at 12%
    Small arms module instaled
    Module integrety: 98%
    Ammo count:12/12

    QU-1N-C boots up, and checks his boot-up diagnostics. he soon after looks around him. After seeing cobalt, he runs a crew log scan, and identifies cobalt. Upon cobalt hearing quince's servos moving, he does an external check of the robot. He says"you look pretty danged up, however, you will function. The big issue is your power supply. You only have a few hours of battery left and we don't have a way to charge you. It appears that you have a little bit of a large amount of another drone stuck inside your vocal emulators, so I don't expect a response from you. However, if I ask you a yes or no question, if you could shake your head or whatever, that would be nice. Upon quince nodding his head, he said"apright. Lets get some solar pannels, then get ya charged."
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    ((Sorry I haven't been on lately! I've missed a lot.))
    Lloyd calls for help and tosses a fireball at the creature, saying "I usually like dogs, but this is a bit... Really horrifying and dangerous."
    Taylor asks the docter what her injuries are, and if she can still help the others with them.
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    Marcus looks for some armor that would fit him and grabs a few mechanical guns and a knife. That would slow him down but increase the odds of anyone else surviving when he got out. IF he got out... Marcus gets moving once again.
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    ((Sorry for this seeming incomplete, twice. My phone is horrible about saving))
    Cobalt begins looking for any charged batteries, or portable solar panels, while quince, seemingly ignoring cobalt, looks for a more general purpose or utility based modular segment.
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    [QUOTE="themushroomlord, post: 3256188, member: 694530"\]
    You get a nervous chuckle from several of the scientists, most of whom it would seem only do so to try and alleviate their terror. Eventually you come across a intersection, one path is marked as maintenance & power, the other organic storage facility.[/QUOTE]

    "I'm heading into maintenance, give me a yell if ya find anything cool, and don't die while you're at it!" He yells back, cautiously moving through the corridor.
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    Rylou sat there for a moment, unable to respond. He then pulled a lolly out of his bag and tried to pass it around the metal.

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