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    Rift is a si-fi fantasy and survival themed RP. It is set in an alternate version of the starbound universe, where technology and magic have advanced side by side, creating a strange mix of advanced technology, magic and medieval weaponry.

    Very little is known about Taliar, not that many people other than scientists care about the anomaly planet. One day however when a unexplainable black sphere, seemingly impenetrable to any kind of signal or frequency, appears around the planet, that gets the attention of the Cintal Corporation.
    The Cintal Corporation is of coarse worried about the fact that Taliar is located in such close proximity to the third largest rift in existence and their most valued asset.

    Now under normal circumstances the Cintal Corporation wouldn't be allowed to send a people down to Taliar, but due to the sub-normal circumstances and just a few bribes, they get permission to send down an entire fleet.

    It is the fleets flagship, the Beacon, that for whatever reason you find yourself among many waiting at exit point number 9, for entry into the sphere.
    As you pass through the sphere you notice all the lights flicker for a moment, then everything goes black. All of a sudden you get a feeling like being in an elevator falling from the top of a thousand story building...

    Information & Lore:
    This section is filled with information and lore to provide context for the story, though it is not necessary it is recommended to at least read some of the info provided.

    Theory of Creation:
    The theory of creation is the current predominant theory to how the universe came into existence, it states that outside of the bounds of our universe there is a void and in that void there is nothing but completely neutral energy. This energy is constantly moving, condensing and decomposing.
    Sometimes on very rare occasions the energy in one particular place gets to dense and is forced to split into positive and negative energies, because neither one of these can possibly exist in the void a bubble is formed within the void. That bubble grows until it eventually becomes a universe, with its own laws and reactions, zipping around the void.

    Rifts and Magic:
    Rifts are anomalies that by any known law of the universe shouldn't exist, and yet they are a reoccurring anomaly. The theory of creation tries to explain it by saying that they are holes or tares into another universe that our own crashed into within the void and is now permanently tangled with, though that theory still leaves a lot to be explained.
    What we do know is that rifts let of a lot of energy, so much so that it is yet to be measured quite how much they release. The energy they let off include massive amounts of heat and light, but more notably a form of energy known as, 'Arcane Energy' or 'AE', this energy violates almost all of our universes laws and makes even less sense than the rifts themselves. So far it seems that AE is only produced by rifts and that the rifts seem to have no limit to the amount they put out, as we are yet to see a rift stop or wane.
    AE can siphoned from rifts and converted into power, although the process is inefficient and almost all the energy is leaked during the siphoning process, it is still used to produce almost 95% of the energy used throughout the universe.
    Another effect of AE, arguably more interesting than the first, is that because of its reality breaking properties, it can be manipulated to create effects akin to magic, furthermore some people are able to manipulate the effects of AE using a type of spiritual energy known as mana.

    The Cintal Corporation:
    The Cintal Corporation, are the largest power providers out there. They alone produce over half of the universes power, all of it siphoned off of rifts.
    They're the ones who hired you to go down on this potentially life threatening mission, and make sure that there's nothing that could potentially threaten their third largest rift.

    Taliar, the Anomaly Planet:
    Because of laws that prohibit the exploration and research of planets with sentient life, in the region of space that Taliar is located, not much is known about the planet. What is known is that it is a tropical world, covered just over 50% in shallow oceans and that its inhabitants are four armed, shelled, humanoids, known as Chitithds.

    The Fleet:
    The fleet is mostly made up of small to medium sized ships, and the majority of its numbers are ships made for scouting, interceptors and cargo ships.
    There are a couple notable vessels among the fleet, the primary being the Beacon, a state of the art vessel purchased as a flagship by the Cintal Corporation a while back, the other being ZC-071, a giant cargo ship designed to transport soldiers and equipment, what's more notable about the presence of the ZC-071 is that it's owned by the Nuretic Empire.

    In terms of people in the fleet, the majority is made up of freelancers and mercenaries looking to make a profit, as well as a fair few scientists and researchers seeing this as a opportunity to study the strange planet. There are also a number of explorers and even a few criminals among the crew.
    The Beacon:
    The Beacon is a colossal, state of the art star ship, it is filled to the brim with advanced technologies sourced from all over the universe.
    When it was originally built the Beacon was designed to transport an the entire population off of a planet that was about to be driven to extinction by a war with another race, instead the Beacon almost single handily won the entire war.
    Some hundred and twenty years later the ship was purchased by the Cintal Corporation and outfitted with the best technology money could buy, as a display of power.
    One notable and highly controversial feature of the ship is the experimental engine, which has the potential to provide massive amounts of power to the ship for a almost indefinite amount of time, by slowly using up a massive amount of red matter as a fuel source.

    The Neuretic Empire:
    Neuroliths are the people of the Nuretic empire, genetically they are identical to humans, what sets them apiary is that they each have a computer implanted into their brains at birth.
    Neuroliths have no free will of their own as it is the computer that controls them, in fact most of the functionality of the brain which controlled free thought, emotion and creativity ceases to function properly after a couple of years with the computers in their heads.
    It is important to note that Neuroliths are a logical race that will do anything for the betterment of their own kind.
    They are also barely accepted among other races.

    Character Creation:
    The character creation uses a class based system designed for flexibility and customization but also to keep all of your characters some what equal in power and ability. Anyone is allowed to have up to three characters in the RP at any given time.
    It is also important to note that for story purposes any characters with cybernetics, electronics or that happen to be robots will not be able to be used.
    Below are the descriptions for each part of the character sheet.

    The character sheet looks something like this:​
    Magic trees:
    Magic aspects:
    Weapon Proficiencies:
    Supernatural Features:
    Other equipment:

    Name, race, age:
    These three categories are exactly what they say, they will have little to no effect on your characters abilities and are mostly here for immersion reasons.​

    Modifications and Mutations:
    Genetic modification is an optional addition to your character, it allows you to add special buffs from a list of gene edits at the cost of gaining a mutation value, to lower the mutation value you need to add mutations to your character, when your done the value must be at 0 or less. An example of this is a character who invests in vocal manipulation gains a mutation value of 2, so they also apply painful spasms, reducing their mutation value to 0.​
    Enhanced Strength (max 3) - increases strength of user.
    Enhanced Speed (max 3) - increases speed of user.
    Enhanced Endurance (max 3) - increases users ability to withstand physical damage.
    Unnatural contortion +3 (max 1) - allows user to temporarily turn their bones into a cartage like material to fit into places otherwise impossible.
    Vocal manipulation +2 (max 1) - gives the user the ability to control the sounds they make to a degree that they can mimic almost any voice, accent or sound.
    Heightened perception +2 (max 1) - makes the users eyesight more sensitive.
    Enhanced reflexes +2 (max 1) - increased the users reaction time significantly.
    Infrared sight +3 (max 1) - allows the user to see heat.
    Recovery +3 (max 1) - causes the users body to recover from injury at a dramatically faster rate.
    Strong immune system +2 (max 3) - makes the user more resistant to illness.
    Improved metabolism +1 (max 2) - allows the user to go longer without food.

    Weak -1 (max 3) - causes the users muscle strength to be reduced.
    Frail -1 (max 3) - cases the user to be able to withstand less punishment.
    Slow -1 (max 3) - causes the user to move more slowly.
    Bloody purge -3 (max 3) - causes the user to vomit blood, resulting in some temporary loss of health.
    Painful spasms -2 (max 2) - causes the victim to have spasms of pain.
    Epilepsy -3 (max 1) - victim can have epileptic fits.
    Insomnia -1 (max 1) - victim has difficulty sleeping.
    Blindness -4 (max 1) - victim can't see.
    Deaf -4 (max 1) - victim can't hear.
    Mute -3 (max 1) - victim has no voice.
    Perspiration -1 (max 2) - people with perspiration release a foul odor which deters other people and is easy to track.

    Magic in this Rp is split into eight trees, each of those trees is split into ten aspects. Depending on your class you will gain access to a certain number of trees, which you will be free to choose. You will also be given a number of aspects, which can be split however you want among the trees you chose to have access to, it is also possible to take out the same aspect multiple times to gain a better control over it and reduce the mana cost.
    An example of this system is, bob the battle Mage has access to 1-2 trees and 2 aspects, he chooses to invest in the inferno and terra trees, and takes the Flame Slinger(inferno) and Master of Formations(terra) aspects.
    Infernal - Encompasses everything to do with fire or heat.
    Aquatic - Encompasses everything to do with water or moisture.
    Terra - Encompasses everything to do with rocks and the land.
    Zephyr - Encompasses everything to do with wind and air.
    Frost - Encompasses everything to do with ice and the cold
    Mental - Encompasses everything to do with mentality and illusions
    Botanical - Encompasses everything to do with plants and greenery.
    Shadow - Encompasses everything to do with shadows and darkness.

    Creator of Flame(Infernal) - allows the user to create fire from nothing but mana.
    Tamer of Fire(Infernal) - allows the user to both increase A fires side and decrease it at the cost of mana.
    Flame Sculptor(Infernal) - allows the user to create shapes and forms out of fire.
    Master of Heat(Infernal) - allows the user to heat objects up from a distance using mana.
    Flame Slinger(Infernal) - allows the user to grab and throw flames.
    Smoldering Arsenal(Infernal) - Allows the user to temporarily imbue fire and heat into weapons and objects.
    Fire Spreader(Infernal) - Allows the user to control the spread of fire.
    Hellish Jets(Infernal) - Allows the user to manipulate flames in their hands and shoot out continuous jets of flame from them.
    Master of the Burning Walls(Infernal) - allows the user to shape fires into walls of flame.
    Feeder of the Flame(Infernal) - Allows the user to use mana to provide fires with fuel for extensive periods of time.

    Water Shaper(Aquatic) - Allows the user to create shapes and structures out of water.
    Wave Maker(Aquatic) - Allows the user to create directed waves on large enough bodies of water.
    Master of Mist(Aquatic) - Allows the user to turn a small amount of water into a thick mist, which they control in movement and can navigate clearly.
    Volume Manipulator(Aquatic) - Allows the user to expend mana to increase or decrease any volume of water.
    Water Lasher(Aquatic) - Allows the user to form large amounts of water into whip like extensions of their arms.
    Controller of Currents(Aquatic) - Allows the user to control the currents within bodies of water.
    Master of Moisture(Aquatic) - Allows the user to increase or reduce the amount of moisture in the air as well as condense it into tiny droplets.
    Spray Slinger(Aquatic) - Allows the user to propel hundreds of projectiles of water.
    Creator of Tidal Walls(Aquatic) - Allows the user to make bodies of water shoot up into giant walls.
    Watery Director(Aquatic) - Allows the user to redirect water moving in small bodies and to a degree suspend water midair.

    Quake Master(Terra) - Allows the user to create tremors from within the earth.
    Ground Splitter(Terra) - Allows the user to make great cracks and fissures within the earth.
    Wall Builder(Terra) - Allows the user to rapidly erect walls of earth.
    Terrain Smasher(Terra) - Allows the user to shatter the terrain in front and around them with mana.
    Stone Changer(Terra) - Allows the user to temporarily change the properties of geological materials.
    Master of Formations(Terra) - Allows the user to slowly create complex structures out of the terrain.
    Worldly Smith(Terra) - Allows the user to turn the earth into tools, weapons and other small and simple objects.
    Earthly Warrior(Terra) - Allows the user to temporarily absorb and take on features of the earth.
    Deep Tracker(Terra) - Allows the user to connect to the earth and extend their senses through it.
    Tunneler(Terra) - Allows the user to create tunnels within the earth.

    Master of the Winds(Zephyr) - Allows the user to exert their will over natural weather patterns.
    Air Maker(Zephyr) - Allows the user to create oxygen and other common gasses from mana.
    Rain Bringer(Zephyr) - Allows the user control over whether events.
    Windy Acrobat(Zephyr) - Allows the user to use the wind to aid them in their movement.
    Kinetic Fighter(Zephyr) - Allows the user to create a incredibly powerful gust of wind that pushes away anything they touch.
    Creator of Gusts(Zephyr) - Allows the user to create unnaturally powerful but short lived winds, at their command.
    Updraft Master(Zephyr) - Allows the user to create walls of wind.
    Atmosphere Changer(Zephyr) - Allows the user to change the properties of the air around them.
    Air Mover(Zephyr) - Allows the user to move or remove the very air around them.
    Air Thickener(Zephyr) - Allows the user to thicken the air around them and slow movement down.

    Water Freezer(Frost) - Allows the user to freeze bodies of water by touching them.
    Environment Cooler(Frost) - Allows the user to lower the temperature around them.
    Explosive Shatterer(Frost) - Allows the user to make ice violently explode into shrapnel.
    Icicle Grower(Frost) - Allows the user to make icicles grow at dangerous fast speeds from frozen objects.
    Freezing Cone(Frost) - Allows the user to create a cone of freezing energy propelled from their hands.
    Ice Hardener(Frost) - Allows the user to change the properties of ice by temporarily making it harder and more durable.
    Icy Hurler(Frost) - Allows the user to throw chunks of ice with supernatural force.
    Frozen Landscaper(Frost) - Allows the user to slowly form structures and protrusions from frozen objects.
    Blizzard Summoner(Frost) - Allows the user to call forth and dismiss a powerful snowstorm.
    Frosty Detective(Frost) - Allows the user to detect lacks of heat, providing a similar effect to heat vision.

    Mind Reader(Mental) - Allows the user, to a limited extent, read the minds of others.
    Illusionist(Mental) - Allows the user to make others see, feel, taste, touch and smell things that aren't real.
    Psionic Attacker(Mental) - Allows the user to mentally blast their foes.
    Puppeteer(Mental) - Allows the user to hijack and control the bodies of others.
    Mind Destroyer(Mental) - Allows the user to target and liquidate the brains of others.
    Memory Implanter(Mental) - Allows the user to implant false memories.
    Master of Pain(Mental) - Allows the user to make others feel pain.
    Hypnotist(Mental) - Allows the user to slowly rewrite others minds.
    Confusionist(Mental) - Allows the user to confuse others.
    Dream Master(Mental) - Allows the user to enter and control the dreams of others.

    Supernatural Grower(Botanical) - Allows the user to make plants grow at unnatural rates using mana, unfortunately this doesn't make fruit ripen.
    Vine Animator(Botanical) - Allows the user to breath life into vines and control them.
    Mana Fertilizer(Botanical) - Allows the user to provide mana as food for plants.
    Sower(Botanical) - Allows the user to magically make plants and seeds take root.
    Plant Former(Botanical) - Allows the used to control how plants form as they grow.
    Altering Botanist(Botanical) - Allows the user to alter some of the basic properties of plants, alterations are not passed down.
    Reaper(Botanical) - Allows the user to harvest any part of a plant.
    Poisoner(Botanical) - Allows the user to synthesize plant matter into basic poisons.
    Rejuvenater(Botanical) - Allows the user to return life into once dead plants.
    Harvester(Botanical) - Allows the user to mass kill and destroy plant life.

    Shadow Walker(Shadow) - Allows the user to instantly step between shadows over short distances.
    Master of Shade(Shadow) - Allows the user to darken kid surroundings.
    Shade Blender(Shadow) - Allows the user to blend in with darkness.
    Blinder(Shadow) - Allows the user to temporarily blind their victims.
    Shadow Shaper(Shadow) - Allows the user to make insubstantial shapes out of shadow.
    Fog of Darkness(Shadow) - Allows the used to create a supernatural fog made of shadow.
    Dark Navigator(Shadow) - Allows the user to see through darkness as well as light.
    Sinister Being(Shadow) - Allows the user to make their victims feel a sense of unease when in darkness.
    Fear Bringer(Shadow) - Allows the user to frighten their victims when in the dark.
    Stealth Master(Shadow) - Allows the user to remove their scent as well as reduce the sound.

    Weapons & Weapon Proficiencies: Each class has a certain number of weapons they are proficient with, a player can choose any weapons to use as long as it fits the criteria written on their class sheet, for the sake of convenience shields count as weapons.

    Supernatural Features:
    Supernatural features are a optional addition to your character.
    Each supernatural feature provides a special buff or ability while also giving a equivalent flaw or weakness.
    Sanguine Caster - Sanguine Caster's have the ability to convert their life force into mana, though it harms them they are able to generate massive amounts of mana from relatively little health. The downside to this is that they naturally regain mana at a incredibly slow rate.
    Madaiar - the first Madaiar's where the result of a failed magical enhancement experiment, that left its patients able to cast insanely powerful magic and have massive stores of mana at the cost of not being able to control the torrent of power behind their own spells. Nowadays some people choose to become madaiars on their own free will.
    Berserker - When a berserker exerts themselves in battle, they involuntary use their mana to increase their strength and vitality tremendously, unfortunately the process is incredibly bad for ones body and leaves them sick and weak after a fight.

    Traits are the same in this RP as most other RP's with traits, you can have as many as you like so long as they're balanced.

    Other equipment:
    Anything your character has on them other than their weapons.

    Appearance and Backstory:
    Not going to bother explaining this​

    Below are the sheets for the various class archetypes you don't need to have your character fit the expected role of that class, these are more like guidelines for character creation.
    Magic Trees: None
    Magic Aspects: None
    Weapon Proficiencies: [Pick 2, only melee weapons and shields]
    Supernatural Features:
    Other Equipment:

    Magic Trees: [None]
    Magic Aspects: [None]
    Weapon Proficiencies: [Pick 2, only ranged]
    Supernatural Features:
    Other Equipment:

    Magic Trees: [1-5]
    Magic Aspects: [5]
    Weapon Proficiencies: [None]
    Supernatural Features:
    Other Equipment:

    Magic Trees: [1]
    Magic Aspects: [7]
    Weapon Proficiencies: [None]
    Supernatural Features:
    Other Equipment:

    Magic Trees: [1-2]
    Magic Aspects: [2]
    Weapon Proficiencies: [One, any weapon or shield]
    Supernatural Features:
    Other Equipment:

    Magic Trees: [None]
    Magic Aspects: [None]
    Weapon Proficiencies: [None]
    Supernatural Features:
    Copy - mimics are able to focus on a single person at any given time, any action a mimic sees that person make, they are able to supernaturally commit to memory and copy at the cost of mana for a short period of time.
    [Any other supernatural feature]
    Other Equipment:

    I've put an example character below for reference.
    Name: Bob
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Modifications/Mutations: strength x2, unnatural contortion, Bloody purge, insomnia and perspiration x1.
    Magic Trees: Inferno, Terra
    Magic Aspects: Flame Slinger, Master of Formations.
    Weapon Proficiencies: Hammer
    Weapon: A typical builders hammer.
    Supernatural features: Berserker.
    +builder - good at building things
    -clumsy - not very coordinated
    Other equipment: a tool box filled with his tools.
    Appearance: bob is a short rather fat human male, he wares blue denim overalls and a orange shirt.
    Bob generally has a rather jolly appearance.
    Backstory: Bob has always been a builder, recently he learned magic to help him build, now he's gone to space to build stuff there.

    If you would like add something special to your character that you don't think is listed here (e.g. a unique genetic modification) or would like me to add/change something in the story just pm me to discuss it, I don't bite.
    (The not biting part may not be entirely true.)
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    This is interesting, but I already have enough on my plate with both Dragonclaw's and Jareix's RP's. I'll keep this on my radar, though.
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    ... oh wait that was me.

    And your question, maybe, maybe not, probably not, but maybe.... or is it?
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    Magic trees:Shadow
    Magic aspects:Shadow Walk
    Weapon Proficiencies: Daggers
    Weapons:Throwable Daggers
    Supernatural Features:
    Traits:Silent, lever, Fast.
    Other equipment:Short Katana, Night-Vision Goggles.
    Appearance:Tall, Slim.
    Backstory:His parents died when he was young. After that he lived with his dad's parents.
    Then at the age of 7 he trained in martial arts
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    Imma make a character.

    Age:middle age-ish? Like 2000-3000 years old
    Heightened perception +2 (max 1) - makes the users eyesight more sensitive.
    Enhanced reflexes +2 (max 1) - increased the users reaction time significantly.
    Weak -1 (max 3) - causes the users muscle strength to be reduced.(x2)
    Frail -1 (max 3) - cases the user to be able to withstand less punishment.(x2)
    Magic Trees: [None]
    Magic Aspects: [None]
    Weapon Proficiencies: rifles, and (dual)pistols
    Weapons:1x durasteel rifle, 2x durasteel revolvers.
    Supernatural Features:[none]
    Experienced: Cobalt, being alive for a couple thousand years, knows a thing or two.
    Crack shot: he can shoot a can from approximately 50 yards with his pistol.
    Slur: he can be hard to understand sometimes, especially when he gets mad
    Starfolk: as a novakid, he can't consume anything with a higher atomic mass then cobalt, or he could get poisoned/solidified. Occasionally, after eating, stuff builds up on his hands, that he has to break off, or they may lock up.
    Other Equipment:durasteel laced cowboy vest(with dented Sherrif star), cowboy hat, bandanna, cowboy jeans.
    Appearance:approximately 6', blue(almost cobalt), cowboy getup, a brand of the square at a diagonal to the other square, occasionally found standing around, burning small, scraps of definitely not people's numbers with his fingers.
    Backstory:being dropped in the MU Muster system, he got found, and adopted. Since his human adoptive parents died, he's been wandering the stars, taking odd mercenary jobs just to get by.

    How did it look? I think I have everything. Anybody willing to proofread?
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    @Jake9039 that looks good, you're accepted.

    @Kristof_Playz Are you done with yours?
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