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Discussion in 'Mods' started by NordKitten, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. NordKitten

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    so i want to make a mod to allow a rice crop to the game, i have seen WIP mods for this but i have not seen any finished product, meaning it cant be easy. i am extremely new to modding Stardew (I have experience in other games) and truthfully have very little idea of how this would work in reality.

    here is how I would want the mod to work i would want to be able to plant a rice crop, it would take 6 days to produce and would be planted in summer. i know rice needs special patty's to produce, however i think this may be a bit to complex, my idea would simply add a semi transparent water texture to the plant itself (if that is a plausible idea, depending on how crop textures behave.) you would harvest the grown rice with a scythe, and with the finished raw rice crop you would then put it into the mill to get finished rice that is in the vanilla game (as you do need to mill rice, i thought it would be better than the game just giving finished bags of rice once you harvest.)

    i can create the textures for the rice crop, however i have no experience with modding xnb, i dont know how i could add a new crop, i assume i can edit the mill xnb file to allow rice as a millable plant and what it gives you, as well as whatever the sale files for Perries and joja mart to add the seeds, however im not sure of the process and wanted to know if anyone could help, ether with directions, actual aid with making the mod, or just to tell me the WIP projects arent dead and are coming out soon, or are already out and i missed it.
    • rowanalpha

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      Instead of a water texture, you could plant them on the edge of water areas the same way crab pots are placed.
      • NordKitten

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        True but then you would need to go to your lake to farm them or go outside your farm to. this would
        1, mean you couldn't plant large amounts of it,
        2, you would need to travel an extra distance even as far as not on your farm to plant enough,
        3, you would need to somehow limit the planting to river and lake areas and not allow planting in the ocean,
        4, it would lead to having just a line of plants in the river, which goes back to limited space and would make it to hard to harvest,
        5, it means you could not grow it in winter with the greenhouse,
        6, and besides you would need to figure out how to make a crab pot typed item which gives you a random thing once a day to act like a plant, with a growing period and seasons where you aren't allowed to plant.

        Believe me, the one thing i know how to do is make the textures for it, and from the looks of it its as simple as having the plant come out of a blue textured hole to simulate the effect of a rice patty but on a single seedling level, rather than a whole farm plot level.

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