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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seminus, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Seminus

    Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

    Hey everyone,
    We are currently rebalancing the melee as you already saw in the patch 1.1. additionally we are implementing a switch to make melee a choice and not a must do if you stand besides a enemy. (Dummy UI)


    Here is how it works:
    If you stand besides an emeny you can now right klick him too like for a more accurate shot. So you cycle through this 3 options: Strike -> 1AP Shot -> 2AP Shot.

    This will help to improve the usability of short range weapons I think and give you, the player, more options.

    I hope you like this change.

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    • Nepomuk

      Nepomuk Space Hobo

      Nice! That's exactly the option I was missing from the game.

      Thanks for continuously updating this game, adding features and balancing it and during all this, keeping the community in the loop. This goes out especially to CoDi. It's really appreciated!
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      • Gilou

        Gilou Seal Broken

        2AP shot? I thought physical strike on an enemy standing next to us was a 100% success
        • OobleckTheGreen

          OobleckTheGreen Space Kumquat

          I think it means you can cycle between 1AP melee, 1AP gun, and 2AP gun. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm guessing you still wouldn't have a 100% chance to hit with a gun, hence the 2AP option.
          • Seminus

            Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

            Yes Strike is always 100%, the 2AP option is only if you want to shoot and be 100% sure you hit. (normally a 1AP shot is enough if you are standing directly beside the enemy ;))

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