Revieuw/Redo Relationship Cutscenes option

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by xSheDevilx, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Well im going to say this up straight.
    Me and Some friends made a Secondary Save, just to Redo the Relationship Cutscenes of Sertain people.
    OFcourse we Didnt do this legit, we used some sertain Cheatengines, to haste up, because or primary goals was just to Re-vieuw/Re-Do the Relationship Cutscenes because we liked them so mutch
    Is there like Any option, u might insert this into the game, Cause because people were complaing its (even when cheating) still is alot of work before u can revieuw or redo a Relationship cutscene

    If u read this ConcernedApe or Any other Moderator Please Reply

    (Ps. if the english grammar is bad, please don't judge im not originaly from usa or uk)

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