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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by KaleShibata12, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. KaleShibata12

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    Perhaps I'm not aware of why and I'm not...but why exactly did you spend the majority of Beta then suddenly at release date remove all of the racial weapons and procedural generated weapons and micro dungeons from the game in the first place Chucklefish?I sorely miss these, and far as I've browsed you don't seem to be giving an answer to it anywhere. the most recent posts regarding it are before the original implementation and after the removal when I query a search by it.

    That aside, I miss the aesthetic, I miss how part of the race those weapons felt. Without them it pretty much feels like even the racial armor is just there to give you the illusion you're different. In fact if it wasn't for mods adding content to distract myself from this sudden void of content I actually enjoyed scouring planets for, I'd have just set the game down and waited another year. literally modded in races feel like a necessity just to add color to the game...and while I love mods, they shouldn't be filling all these spaces you're leaving. Sure its great the game is in full release, coding's settled for the time being all the things you need now are the polish and additions...but when can we expect all that content to make a return if at all?
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  2. oinkgamer

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    Sure, some procgen weapons are cool and all, but having that in lieu of unique design feels... i dunno, soulless. I've only recently started playing starbound so i was never around for the beta, but from what ive seen a lot of racial-based things have been removed to (im assuming) make no race any better or worse than others. I get that, but whats the point of designing all these cool races when they all play more or less the same?
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  3. KaleShibata12

    KaleShibata12 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    All the weapons were statistically equal. its not balance its developer laziness in not wanting to keep the things that made gathering them worth anything. their high teir swords in every race did the same damage, and the only difference was (surprise surprise) the specials. you could discover blueprints to all of these for the most part I'm told so parity has nothing to do with it.

    Literally it just encourages modding, where as with the weapons before you didn't have to mod to get about 25% of the content or so back. Its not just racial weapons they dropped that were great it was micro dungeons and more importantly subterranean dungeon spawns. There's no reason to explore the base game. its empty now and the major thing I missed was especially the racial weapons. The game is nice and all, but without that chunk of content and especially the nifty epics you could get it just feels...flat. a canvas for modding it to what you want not for enjoying what tiny base game there is. There isn't even stuff for the main resource types of everything starting out either nor end game guns anymore. and 2/3rds of the craftable staffs were removed. why?
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  4. Fineloki11

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    I used the racial weapons for roleplay, it was just reskins of the same weapons but it was still nice to have those weapons.
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  5. KaleShibata12

    KaleShibata12 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    True, but they had their own separate practical uses even if you didn't roleplay with them.

    Its honestly the main reason I miss them now, but I still want them to make a return eventually.
  6. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    What practical uses did they have? The hylotl shortsword was exactly the same as the glitch shortsword, except for the visuals.
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  7. KaleShibata12

    KaleShibata12 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thank you for reminding me to clarify to exempt one handed weapons which by the way for some reason never did and still don't have special despite that being a promised feature to some degree, but all the two hands and ranged weapons did.
    Which by the way only the nova kid if I remember correctly got any difference in design choice for some reason as they had no melee weapons whatsoever.

    However visuals when it came to those is still far more content than they have now as they insisted on racial parity. which was then discarded for a smaller crafting list of stuff that sees no use whatsoever if you find anything marginally better. I also should have pointed out the novakid when I mentioned practicality as far as ranged weapons go (as they got more options in that) and as far as melee weapons go in two handed, the Hylotl was practical due to the ability to parry which let you retain the ability to damage with a precision timing guard as your special.
  8. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    As far as I can tell from the outdated wiki, racial weapons never had special abilities. Shortswords and other 1-handed weapons never had special abilities, and most likely never will have special abilities, both for balance purposes and because it would defeat the whole point of having a 1-handed weapon (the ability to use the other mouse button on something else, such as another weapon, a flashlight, a shield, etc)
  9. KaleShibata12

    KaleShibata12 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    the wiki was outdated before the update that added the specials on the two handed weapons. so no the wiki was incorrect...the majority of people working on that wiki quit if I remember correctly so it stopped being updated. not sure if that ever changed too much.

    On balancing though:
    also as far as balancing goes, sure short swords do not have specials, but there's no reason for them not to actually have specials. as shields have been majorly removed/made worthless. (unless you have one of the legacy mods on this forum in the mod section all uncommon shields and such no longer exist as they were part of the removed generated content. I'm talking shields that can actually eat 1 hit and not break instantly on higher tier planets. plus why WOULD you use the low tier shields? they have barely any function before the first dungeon, and no function whatsoever afterward. another complaint of mine as I like sword and board combat.)
    Also flashlights are made useless by: the EPP which can be swapped out for a light pack or light modification to it (Xenopack I believe its called or similar.) So only another weapon...and most one handed weapons are outclassed tremendously by two hand type weapons. Also practicality wise and yes this bothers me: Two handed weapons are probably the most outright useful weapons in type throughout the entire base game...however this is not the case depending on your mod setup. We're not talking mods right now though. basically one handed weapons are completely made ineffective by having two handed weapons with special abilities that give them far bigger benefit despite losing the slight DPS boost or the function including staffs with the abilities they have to screw with your enemies. Balance also means 'make the content have a point' as far as the idea goes...but they seemed to have ruined both aesthetic AND balance in that regard. One handed weapons kinda defeat their own concept if they don't have their own gimmick to keep up with a superior gimmick approach which mind you make the game incredibly easy when abused proper.

    Just my two cents on that though. Now base game honestly they really do need to give one handed weapons that needed edge, as the essence upgrade system FURTHER made one handed weapons useless. They're nice as a gimmick, and I can accomplish the whole game using one hands...but I miss part of the fun and inevitably battles are made 90% longer when you're chipping away at an enemy with a gun that barely does any damage like a machine pistol when you could just for example use a rifle with a special of Explosive Shot.
  10. Blevruz

    Blevruz Subatomic Cosmonaut

    In my opinion, race-themed procedurals would work well enough
    Perhaps have race-specific secondaty abilities too ?
    That'd be neat anyway
  11. KaleShibata12

    KaleShibata12 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    That's one option and it would definitely encourage exploration to each village type of a race to discover all of their specifics for yourself. As for race specific secondaries technically if you look at Hylotl's old 2 hands from beta they were the only race crafted sword getting parry consistently.

    Also they could make it so that some races like Avian, Glitch, Floran, and humans have upgradable shields to be found this way in their race's aesthetic. it would be a wonderful way to mix aesthetic with practical balancing for them.

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