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    WARNING: This post contains adult themes, adult language, and lots and lots of words. Thanks for reading!


    The Volans

    EDIT 26/12/2013: Updated from the "Jax." Mostly just appearance changed and the biology associated with it.
    (Thanks to everyone who kicked me in the keister to start thinking a little more creatively about this race! :) )

    The Somewhat Long but Mostly Short of the Volans

    A very brief summary of the Volans designed for people who don't want to wade through the Volan POV pamphlets or flyers, Volan Q&A, or FAQ section. A lot of the details/structure/peculiarities of race is left out here, though, so if it strikes your interest, please read on to the other sections.

    • The Volans are technologically advanced - ahead of the humans but lagging somewhat behind the Apex. They have remained at their current technological (electronics/engineering) state for almost a century now. This is the result of a stagnant society as a whole.
    • Their basic look and environment, since they have stagnated this past century, is modernistic, with a slight space-age influence. For instance, their armor resembles that of U.S. astronauts and soviet cosmonauts during the space race - true space explorers - only 60s-fied, baby, for extra flare:


    • They were created on a dare by two intergalactic space-faring frat boys. The Volans weren't happy about this. They destroyed their makers and were left with the question: "Well, what now?"
    • The "what now" and lack of any suitable answer basically amounted to severe situational depression that led to mass suicides and drops in the population. Further aggravating population dives, the Volans at large had little motivation to keep producing children.
    • The MRS (Management for Race Security) was enacted and elected into total power over the Volans and their planet Monemai (pronounced moe-nuh-my). They, in their noble goal, were determined to halt their civilization's rapid decline and to help repair it onto a path of regrowth.
    • They succeeded, for the most part. Suicide success rates fell drastically, primarily due to a focus on more technologically advanced surgical and medical techniques. They were better able to bring Volans back from the brink of death.
    • With the population leveled off and under strict control to keep from losing any more numbers, the MRS hopes to colonize other planets in the universe in an attempt to break free of the Volans' "what now" philosophy.

    (I like the design, but I'm still debating the color)

    (Better detail of just how much light it incorporates)​

    • Further, the MRS is beginning to install and operate underground N.E.S.T.s - laboratory units that breed, raise, and educate the Volans in a way that will help shield them against the elder Volans' post-nihlistic philosophies. These new Volans are the last hope in continuing the race.
    • The MRS recognizes one other option: finding something out there in the galaxy to give the Volans a reason to live again.
    • The Volan environment (towns and such) are dictated by the MRS. Homes and office buildings should be done in cheerful, calming pastels, have lots and lots of natural light, and should be accented with warm red wood (common to Monemai).
    This represents the MRS's struggle to keep the Volans strong and placid enough to keep going about their day to day lives.​
    • The Dens (pubs/bars/social hubs) are separate from MRS' direction. They are often dark and dirty; their walls are composed of tangled masses of metal wire; and neon lights paint geometric shapes throughout the large, secluded spaces.
    (A night in at the Den)​

    This represents the Volans' old ways - comforts. Revelry in the face of all else, and enjoying each other's company with the knowledge that connected, we matter. It's also a means of freedom from their existential prisons, with a night or two of good drinks, good Den mates, and good music.

    It also represents the Everyday Volans' (faux) rebellion against MRS and its attempts to help.​
    • The Volans are highly technically proficient in almost all fields of medicine, though drugs, mental health, and surgery are foremost.
    • Before Giftgiver and their crew returned to Monemai on their initial journey into space (see POV pamphlet: origin), they touched down on a planet previously colonized by humans. When they reached the surface, they observed that the towns and installations were barren except for one thing: cats.
    Delighted by these creatures that were at once thoroughly loveable and thoroughly bitter, they captured as many as they could find and took them back home to Monemai.
    The rest of the population was just as infatuated, and the cats have quickly become an integral, and fiercely protected, way of Volan life.
    • What are the Volans running from? Themselves, though they may not know it. If they're perfectly content with death, why bother trying to create life? That's the problem they face, and the problem they don't really know how to handle.
    Will they find their answer through colonization and N.E.S.T.s, or through galactic exploration, seeing if there's something to life they've just missed all of these years?

    Should they even bother trying to prevent the extinction of their race? Or should they just succumb to the inevitable?



    • The Volans' true faces are hidden underneath extendable flaps.
    They typically only open these flaps in social situations when they need to see and speak to someone. These eyes are capable of discerning the visible light spectrum.​
    • A similar sort of sticky flap system composes the Volans' hands and feet. It's possibly the merits of this system that has aided in their quick technological evolution.
    • The ancillary eyes on top of their heads (eye stalks) can only distinguish the heat spectrum. They use these to easily pick out aggressors in the cold, snowy landscape of Monemai.
    • All Volans have decorative stripe marks on their fleshy skin.
    • From the anterior of their head stalks, tubular growths typically sprout.
    These growths serve no real function to the Volans anymore (they might have possibly been additional sensory growths in their beginning stages), so they treat them in a decorative manner.

    The growths have no nerve sensors, so can be molded in any manner desired. Commonly, they are cut (horizontally or vertically), curled, or ironed into fin-like folds.​
    • Females have three eye stalks, while males only have two. This is possibly because the females had to have extra heat perception abilities to better protect their eggs in the beginning stages of Volan evolution.
    • The egg sacs of the Volans - with the Volans having grown now to a moderate humanoid size - typically produce from one to three children per sac.
    • The egg sacs, in the beginning, were highly susceptible to predators on Monemai, primarily because of their delectable appearance. This threat reduced as the Volans evolved, first utilizing tools, and then utilizing automated rapid-fire turrets that shot flame-based projectiles.
    • It does take two to tango in the Volan reproduction game, but I'll spare posting the details here.


    Prone and silent.


    Talking to one another.


    What Can You Do for Your People?

    An educational leaflet paid for and produced in association with the Unified Office of the Management for Race Security. With a foreword by the acting Director of the MRS, Dr. Targus Softfoot.

    "Go forth, and multiply!"
    --- Some book or something. We think.

    The Volan race has been worn down over the years. Decades of prosperity and knowledge on Monemai have taken their toll, and our numbers now dwindle. It is the hope of the Management for Race Security that this, our grandest undertaking yet, will counter this trend once and for all.

    Only with the help of individuals like yourself can any of us hope for a continued future for the Volans. For our proud race, our final future is now - in the present. If we, with the help of our citizens, do not act now, this final future will surely become our final past.

    Thank you, adventurer, for expressing interest in this project. The leaflet that you now hold in your hands was carefully designed to give you everything you need to carry the Volans forward. Contained in its pages are a history, an agenda, and a helpful guide to make your travels in the universe painless and prosperous.

    Thank you, future hero, for risking your life so that ours may continue. From the entire Unified Office of the Management for Race Security, we wish you success in your endeavors.

    Dr. Targus Softfoot, H.D., L.D., B.D.​


    "Because, seriously. F*** those guys."
    --- Starshine Giftgiver,
    Worldwide telecast following the starship Destiny's return

    Hello and welcome to this, the Management of Race Security's official Priority Starbound information leaflet. We hope that the information you find within its pages will be of great use to you in your extra stellar travels.

    As you know, the planet Monemai has been the only home to the Volans for some time. It is where we were born, where we were Constructed, and where we have prospered. That is all changing, adventurer, as you go forth into tomorrow.

    But, to set foot into tomorrow, we must first travel through the past.

    In the beginning, there was void. Blackness. Emptiness. There was no place in the vast universe for the Volans; no serendipitous construct in wait. We were nothing. We were without existence.

    And then, the Makers came to Monemai. The day of Construction was at hand.

    We were given form. We were given sentience. We were given knowledge.

    We stretched our legs out into the unknown, planting unsteady feet upon the brand new ground. We rose and we took our place among the stars. Our Construction had come, ushered in by an alien presence. A presence that left us just as quickly as it had arrived.

    The Volans did not let this gift go to waste. We prospered and multiplied. We expanded our minds and harnessed our world. We felt, and we thought, and we experienced. And, after countless generations, our knowledge and our technical capabilities had returned us to the origins of our Maker's: the stars above.

    So, it was with great triumph that the valiant hero Starshine Giftgiver and his able crew first traveled out into the universe on the starship Emergence. So many things they saw, and so many experiences they encountered, until finally, they made their first contact with alien life.

    It was on a dry, desert planet that we met the bird people. We're not really sure what their names were or what they were doing there, because we left soon after, but they seemed amiable enough. It was a really hot planet, you guys. I mean, sweating buckets hot. So hot it makes your clothes stick to your skin and then you start to chafe when you walk. And no one likes to chafe. ...Except for bird people, apparently.

    Anyway, the Emergence and its crew returned home and reported on their findings. And, it was by this point in its history, our great Volan society had finally seen and done it all.

    And frankly, we weren't impressed.

    Thus, the Great Malaise began to spread through our planet like a plague. Left with no hope, no future to turn to, no reason to live, our people crumbled under the weight of their knowledge.

    Our great hero, Starshine Giftgiver, saw the suffering of his people and wept. He declared, with the aid of his crew, that he would find the reason we needed to keep going. Starshine Giftgiver set out once more into the expanses of the cosmos, this time on the starship Destiny. Starshine Giftgiver set out to find our Makers.

    And, after many long and arduous years, he did just that. An excerpt of his experience has been taken from his homecoming telecast and reprinted below.

    "There were only the two of them, compared to our six, but they were large. Much larger than we. Truly, as we approached their position in the great hall of residence, we felt as the babes that we were in their ancient, humbling presence.

    It was difficult to look upon them, at first. Though their bulbous, convulsing bodies appeared to us horrific, we knew that there was beauty in these shimmering, viscous-covered creatures. These two that had created our place in the universe, their beauty was beyond words.

    I stepped forward, parting from my comrades, and knelt before the two. Though, it was not out of respect. I knelt because I could do naught else. I fell before my Makers in trembling awe - overcome by the ferocity of love that poured through my every vein. I was a beaten man before them, but still I found my voice to speak.

    The words were soft, but harsh to my ears as they echoed throughout the hollow space surrounding our two small parties. Even harsher, was the momentary silence that met my greeting and introduction. The two beings looked to one another, full of unspoken wisdom accrued through the ages, and turned back to me.

    And then it happened. Like a great thunderclap in the Monemai summer, their laughter rang out around my eager form. It did not subside as they spoke. They were surprised by our presence. They had not expected it. But, worst of all, they hadn't once considered us in all the span of the Volan civilization. My ear pods could not believe it.

    [Giftgiver takes out a piece of paper and reads its contents solemnly.]

    'Aw, man, bro, I remember that!'

    'Aw yeah, the third day of my 3,242nd birthday bender! Woo!'


    'Yeah! Hey, little fish, man, we were just joking around, bro. We were just cruisin' around space in my new saucer. You remember that saucer, man?'

    'Aw yeah, man. Cherry!'

    'Hell, yeah! 'Till I wrapped it around that comm satellite in Delta.'

    'Dude. Total bring down, bro. Not cool.'

    'Anyway, this wild man here---'

    'Yeah! Yeah!'

    'Ha ha, yeah! This crazy bastard dared me to put some wings on these spiders that were just chillin’ on the ground, right?'

    'Yeah! Ha ha! Woooo!'

    'And I was all like, aw man! Aw man, no problem, bro! But then I hefted up that rank seafood you dared me to down, 'member, bro?'

    'Ha! YEAH!'

    'I don't think it was seafood, though.'

    'Naw, man, I don't think so. Ha ha!'

    'Anyway, I was all, like, "Well, bet's off, man." And this guy was like---'

    'Naw, man! Naw, man, no way!'

    'No way! He's like, "Make somethin' out of it, dude!"

    'AND HE DID!'

    'Ha ha, I TOTALLY DID! And then he was like, okay, okay, now make 'em self-aware! Give 'em consciousness an' stuff!'

    'Ha ha, yeah! I bet him a full case he couldn't do it---!'

    'He didn't think I could do it!'

    'I didn't think he could do it!'

    'But I totally did!'

    'HE TOTALLY DID IT! Ha ha! We've got a wild man, here!'


    [Giftgiver now folds the paper closed.]

    So, their jubilance rang through the hall to meet our stoic silence. And I felt a great chasm split through me, down into my very soul; spreading widely as though to engulf my very being. And as I knelt there, watching their empty revelry, I felt a great stirring within that chasm. I felt a bitter, angry, hatred rising up to fill the empty space that had been created.

    Their joy continued as I rose to my feet. As I drew my weapon.

    And I sprang forward onto our Makers, slicing into them as their laughter still rang, ultimately living out longer than they two. Because, seriously, f*** those guys.

    [Giftgiver motions behind him.]

    I have it on tape if you want to see it."

    Our people were lost. Our beacon through the storm had been extinguished and the Volans now wandered the unforgiving wasteland alone.

    As the suicide waves crashed against Monemai's shore and society crumbled, the Management for Race Security was formed and given carte blanche to save the Volans. And save the Volans we did.

    The MRS, in its eternal ingenuity and panache, has solved so many problems that the Volans have faced:

    1. We made dying harder. Sure, you can kill yourself now, but chances are, through the tech and knowledge created from MRS funding, we'll still find a way to bring you back - better than ever! And, with the recently enacted Rehabilitation Bill, once you try it, you'll never try it twice! Our patented ReLife centers and therapy schedules (mandatory for any Tried To Die [TTD] Volan), have been proven to deter further suicide attempts.

    2. We made breeding easier. You don't have to do a thing! Simply indicate to your General Practitioner that you'd like to take part in the Generation Bank Program, and help contribute to the longevity of your species! The one time procedure will take less than five minutes of your time and help to populate our Generation Bank.

    3. We make raising children easier. In that you don't even have to do it! The MRS will take care of child rearing in our state-of-the-art N.E.S.T. (Natal Establishment and Systematic Training) facilities. You'll never have to meet them, and you'll never know which one's yours!

    4. We make living less painful. With the comparatively recent breakthrough in the field of inhibitive medication, MRS historically released and mandated use of Stymex. It's the only medication that will enable you to pierce through your suffocating existential pain and function (well-enough) from day to day.

    Thank you, MRS!

    So many great programs and solutions have already been enacted, but too late, it seems. Our population continues to decline, mostly from a lack of caring… about anything. Thus, MRS has been pressed to devise and implement its grandest security initiative yet: the Priority Starbound.


    "You've got pixels, I've got stuff. Let's do this."
    --- Comment overheard from a Volan merchant
    in Grand Kale Market Square

    First of all, congratulations on reading this far! This indicates to the MRS that you are a prime candidate for the Priority Starbound initiative! My fellow Volan, you might just care enough to save our race.

    Historically the Volan race has kept to itself on Monemai, despite possessing fantastical technology. Technology that we achieved and perfected way before those stupid, smelly monkeys. We just didn't have any reason to go bounding through space flinging poo at one another, is all. But in recent years, that's all changed. ...Not the poo part, though. We still don't have any reason to do that. Stupid monkeys.

    The Priority Starbound Initiative introduces three schemes for eligible Volans to undertake in our vast, but ultimately pointless universe:

    Scheme 1: Planetoid Suitability/Joint MRS Colonization
    With our most recent advances in the field of baby medicine, the MRS is ready to begin expansion of the Volan race. But with this aim of expansion comes a need for suitable environments. You, Volan, will go forth and find such planets or moons. They will be deemed suitable either from the start or from terraforming. After alerting the MRS, you will begin the colonization process: build towns, sow fields, and localize any Volans assigned to your planet. The MRS, meanwhile will be installing a N.E.S.T. from which to begin populating the planet's surface.

    Bonus! You get to name any suitable planet that you find and colonize! Wow!

    Scheme 2: Planetoid Suitability/Solo Colonization
    After finding a suitable planet or moon, you will begin colonization of your own accord. You will attract Volans to your planet of your own effort. MRS will not install N.E.S.T.'s on these planets due to the potentially high costs.

    Requirements for colonization accreditation: 20 or more Volans living in your colony.

    Scheme 3: The Reason
    Possibly the most important scheme of all, this demanding venture as suggested by the MRS will see you traveling the galaxy without bound. Your mission: give the Volans a reason to live. Find the remedy to our despair, in whatever form, and give us something to live for. And you better make it good.

    As thanks for volunteering for the MRS and for your people, you will be provided, free of charge:

    (1) Fully functioning (mostly fueled) starship

    (1) Basic Priority Starbound starter kit (includes a BRAND NEW matter manipulator; enough food for... a while, at least... maybe; a slightly used weapon of some sort; and, uh... here - you can have this torchlight I found under my desk - I'm pretty sure the batteries are still good...)

    MRS funding for (1) colony per planetoid

    The thanks of at least (1) (probably) of your people​

    So, go forth, adventurer. Bring pride back to your race, and safety back to Monemai. From everyone here at the MRS, we wish you luck.


    "What's that? You have a question? Well it's a good thing I don't care, then."
    --- My boss (Dr. F. C. Cockgobblasaurus)
    It's a large universe out there, Volan, and you are but one tiny, insignificant portion of it. With that in mind, the MRS has compiled this helpful guide so that you make your way Throughout the universe without worry or (too much) death. Let's get started!


    "Why get out of bed if it's raining? No, really.
    Get out of here. I'm going back to sleep."
    --- an ancient Volan proverb

    98% of the known universe spends it every waking second thinking about how it can kill you in the most painful way possible. This is proven fact by leading MRS researchers. What isn't proven is that it's possible to not be killed. That's up to you to prove.

    Good luck.


    "Crawl back into your momma's egg sac, son - you're not ready for this!"
    --- victory cry heard from a Volan after stomping
    another Volan in Mossfield Den last Thursday

    0.06% of that 98% spends its every waking second thinking about how it can kill you as efficiently as possible. That 0.06% is represented below. Be wary on your travels, adventurer, that you avoid the following races at all cost:

    Humans - They don't have fur. That's pretty weird. They do have pie, though (both of the fruit and pizza variety), so we can't really fault them.

    Apex - A bunch of dumb monkeys. They think they're soooo smart. Well if they're so smart, how come they're under brutal authoritarian rule? Huh? HA! Advantage - Volans, suckers.

    Avians - Those bird people we met that one time, maybe. They wear less clothes than we do. That... takes some effort.

    Floran - Food and fuel. Very noisy for raw materials.

    Hylotyl - Holier-than-thou newts. Smell bad. When you punch them in the face, they don't get angry. That's pretty irritating.

    Glitch(es?) - Our... brethren? I wonder if those two alien douchebags are responsible for them, too... These robots have some really sweet digs, but some really lousy food.

    Novakids - Yee-haw! YEEEEE-HAAAW! *BANG BANG* *BANG* *BA-BANG BANG* They've got some of the best saloons in the universe, pardner! YEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAW!​


    "No. Just No."
    --- any Volan that you ever try to talk to
    Undoubtedly, you will eventually come across some of the races previously mentioned throughout your travels. And unfortunately, you may not be able to either avoid them or kill them without reprimand. Realizing this, the MRS has graciously compiled a short list of questions that these races might ask you, Volan. Remember, you are our ambassador! Represent us well. ...Please?

    1. Who are you?

    Nobody. Just like you.

    2. What are you doing here?

    What are any of us doing here? Wasting time and waiting for death.

    3. Hm. Your knowledge of life and its intricacies is astounding. May I, an individual of an inferior race, please be taught how not to be a God damn moron by you?

    No. But you can have this flyer*. Thanks for wasting my time, jackass.
    *Please see the attached flyer that you are required to copy via your in-ship 3D printer and keep on your persons at all time (minimum 30 copies) in case stupid people try to waste your time like this.

    4. Why are you so grumpy?

    Why are you so eager to get your ass kicked?

    5. Why are you dressed like that?

    *We at the MRS have determined in this case, it's morally acceptable to start murdering.

    DID YOU KNOW...?

    (Significant changes in this color)​

    Did You Know...?

    An informational flyer produced and distributed by the Unified Office of the Management for Race Security.


    • The Volans have transcended nihilism. While most casual observers will classify us as nihilists, we outgrew that child's play ages ago. Seriously. Nihilism is so last millennium.
    • The Volans have a very strict moral compass that guides (what's left of) our lives. However, it can seem fairly random and unpredictable to outsiders. Actually, it's fairly straightforward.
      • We stand for justice, fairness, and equality in the universe - even if it makes us unhappy. For instance: sure, we'll let dumb monkeys wander through our towns and buy our goods at Volan prices, but don't press your luck, simian.
      • We help those in need. Why do you think the MRS exists, after all? We're not like those useless orangutans, remember?
      • Please be polite and considerate of others. After all, we're all in the same boat here, reality-wise. Why makes things harder for one another? Are you a selfish, inconsiderate jackass? Well, a word of warning, then: don't come hanging around the Volans because...
      • Death is a part of life. Most cultures see death as a mournful and solemn event, but the Volans see death for what it really is: meh. Death is just another state of being. The Volans see the individual as a part of reality. Reality can't be removed, and neither can the individual; reality is simply changed. (This is also one of the reasons we're firmly against cloning our population back into a healthy size - reality shouldn't be added or subtracted.)
    • Because of their crippling depression, most Volans that you see will belong to two groups: quiet, beaten, and broken; or really f**king irritable. In fact, it's not uncommon for fights to break out among the Volans over the smallest of grievances. We've learned over the years that the best thing in such a situation is to just let the quarrel run its course. A few years ago, half of the Moremai city of Parsnip was burned down to the ground during a 3 day riot when Volans tried to intervene in an argument. What started the riot? A Volan child wouldn't relinquish his seat on the bus to a granny Volan on the way home from the store. Don't mess around with those granny Volans: they will mess you up.
    • Volans like to fight, but we can't stand the sight of blood. Maybe it's because we don't have any. The sight of the smallest drop sends our stomachs into flip flops.
    This particular fact makes "interacting" with other, bloody races a little difficult. In that as soon as the damage is done, we're high tailing it out of there. Ew. Icky.
    • Don't be fooled. Once you learn the ropes and get past our crusty exterior, you'll find that the Volans are one of the most amiable races around. And that might be because of...
    • Volan Dens (are awesome). If there's three things Volans love (or at least, really, really like) in this world, it's drinking, dancing, and digging into a tasty guitar lick. And that's it. Those are the three things. And these three things all come together in a traditional location: the Den. A Den is a sort of community meeting place for the Volans, similar to a Glitch tavern or a Novakid saloon. Only better, of course. If you want to get a taste of Volan life and don't mind the occasional Den floor brawl, seek one out and be prepared to belt out a round or two of raunchy Den songs (and buy a round or two of Kaleidoscope Kicks for your new friends).
    • Volans love music. It bears mentioning again: we love to sing and we love to play. In fact, we love it so much, it's almost to our detriment. There was one instance in a small Volan town, where one of the inhabitants began playing saxophone in the market square. The other citizens, being the good Volans that they were, immediately took up their instruments and followed along. All was well and normal until the saxophone musician got so wound up in the music, he began dancing through town, and then through the surrounding forest, and then straight off of a cliff. The rest of the town, being the good Volans that they were (remember?), followed suit - jamming right along until the very last one met his crunchy end.
    • Volans are strictly vegan. We don't like meat. Meat is bloody and fatty and, ugh, I made myself sick. Plus, eating embryos and other creatures' breast milk? Eeeeeeeeeew!
    We prefer juicy fruit and crunchy vegs instead. That’s probably why we get so tired. Which is probably also why…​
    • Volans love sleep. Do you like you to have a good time? Do you like to party and have fun into the wee hours of the morning? Do you like to play loud, blaring music, scream at the top of your lungs, and bang around for apparently no reason when in the proximity of sleeping Volan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please report to your nearest Volan representative and inform this of this at once. You’ll get, uh, candy, or uh, vuvuzelas or whatever the hell it is people like you enjoy. Thank you.
    • Monemai has short, temperate summers and long, bitterly cold winters. Because of this, Volans have excelled at heating technology. It's how we can stay so warm when we wear so few clothes. It's also why we're more comfortable in snowy environments than super hot bird-people environments.
    • Volans don't like to see other people happy. Hide your joy around us. If a Volan notices that you are content with life, his ire will rise and your spine will soon be waving hello to you from outside of your body.
    • Volans don't like to see other people in a romantic relationship. Oh, how we despise it. When a Volan sees two people cuddling up to one another, our inherent bitterness rises forth and we get super pissed off, you guys. In Monemai, should we be so astronomically lucky or unlucky (depending on your perspective) to find ourselves in a romantic relationship, we hide it away and share this romance only in the privacy of our homes. We do this because we know we should. Or else.
    • It’s very difficult to melt a Volan’s ice cold heart. In fact, we at the MRS aren’t really sure if such a thing exists. Sure, we like our Dens and our music, but we’re not---



    • The MRS have tried everything to get the Volans to start breeding again. Tax incentives, free monemaimelon campaigns, posters of puppies and kittens playing together, asking nicely, and even changing fashions in an attempt to hyper-sexualize the population. Nothing has worked so far.
    • The MRS work very hard to keep Volan morale up. This is seen most predominantly in the mandatory use of Stymex pills and Volan architecture. The architecture on Monemai is composed of clean lines, cheerful pastels, lots and lots of natural light, and warm, red wood.
    The only variation on these architectural themes lies in the traditional make-up of Dens. Historically, they are composed mainly of rich, warm red wood; but recently, the Volan population has been decorating their dens with dark masses of twisted and tangled metal wires and bright neon lights. Since it aids in their revelry, this alteration is permitted by the MRS.​
    • Stymex pills are referred to by the general populace as "Mrs. Pills." For obvious reasons.
    • Though the suicide waves have crippled our society, they have been a boon to our medical sector. There have been dramatic leaps in technology and implementation made in healing, TTD surgery, artificial insemination, and the mental health disciplines.
    Advancements have also been beneficial to non-suicide related deaths, such as liver failure. We have lots of liver failure (the Dens, you know). Or rather, we had lots of liver failure. YEAH!​
    • And because there's so much demand for skilled physicians and technicians in these areas, we've become a race of doctors! 48% of Volans have a medical certificate of some sort. This is by far the largest employed sector of the race, with Den employment coming in at 16%, and sitting around and trying not to kill yourself coming in at 30%.
    • Though they sound imposing, the MRS N.E.S.T. facilities are not malicious in nature. We practice the latest in baby rearing technologies, and our continuing research is improving upon them every day. N.E.S.T.'s are where Volan babies are bred from donor material and raised by a skilled team of technicians.
    This is also where Volan children receive their primary education and receive the skills and knowledge that will gird them against the harsh realities of life. The Volans born in the N.E.S.T. facilities are, at this moment, the last hope for the future of our population. Please leave them alone. Thank you.​
    • What does a ReLife center incorporate? Well, to understand that, you only need look at the numbers: 97% of TTD Volans don’t try to commit suicide a second time! Those are numbers we can all live with!
    But how do we reach those numbers? Well, sir or madam, you've obviously never visited a rehab center before in your entire life, have you?​

    This particular rehabilitation center makes use of trained mental health staff, armed guards, mandatory fluffy stuffed animals, story time, ring-around-the-rosey, and all manner of things that Volans simply cannot stand. Pancakes for breakfast with butter pap smiles, bright, sunshiney music played on loop for 18 hours of the day, and free pony rides are only a few of the amenities that every ReLife center provides.​

    Thank you, MRS! And remember those armed guards we mentioned earlier? Good. Don’t forget them. Our guests certainly don’t.

    Thank you for your interest in the Volan population. For further information, please see your local Volan colonization or representative.

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  2. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut


    Welcome to the
    This section is designed to clear up any misconceptions the Volan POV pamphlet and flyer might have given you. This is where you're going to get the whole story. Ready? Okay.

    Man, these Volan guys are a drag.

    Yes and no. They're actually split into three different social groups, with the last having its own subgroups.

    1. Medical staff - Pretty optimistic about the future.

    They're sure the combined use of Stymex and the N.E.S.T. centers will turn the tide of Volan population decline. These are the most cheerful of the Volan race, but they're usually free from attack. Why? Because every race in every galaxy knows that doctors are God damn intimidating. It must be that big white coat or stethoscope, or something.

    Pretty optimistic about the state of Volan society, too, but that might just be due to their unhindered access to free prescription drugs.

    Think about medicine and health a lot. This doesn't leave room to think about much else, so that might be why the Volans' philosophy hasn't affected them.

    2. MRS staff - Pretty worried about the future.

    They care about their race and are working hard to get the Volan back on their feet and running.

    Mid-line cheerfulness here. Base-line if out in public, however; this is out of safety - it seems that docile green vests and khakis aren't very intimidating at all.

    Much more comfortable around other MRS staff members, as their ideals and mood are usually more in sync. Typically, MRS staff don't need to use Stymex; they've come to grips with their life in the universe, but don't know how to get the rest of the population to do the same.

    Everyday Volans don't much care for MRS staff. They're seen as nannies or oppressive parents in the eyes of the civilian population.

    The population doesn't exactly hate the MRS, but it doesn't exactly cuddle up to it, either. The MRS is treated in sort of a smart-alecky way by the general populace, even though that populace still does as its told.

    3. Everyday Volans - Not concerned with the future.

    Don't care about much, but keep working as they need to because have you ever tried to wipe with leaves? It's unpleasant. Ever had to sleep out in the cold without lights or heat? Sucks. Ever been without at least one stick of shompole (a Volan recipe involving shrimp and chocolate) in the house? It's terrifying.

    1. Irritable - Won't attack until provoked. In Volan towns, this will result in a (relatively) "friendly" brawl. Elsewhere? Not so much.

    Very, very grumpy. Stay away from these guys if you can help it - they're definitely a fringe of the Volan population you don't want to experience.

    2. Morose - Pretty much everybody else. Won't attack until they want to and they have a really good reason. (Depression for these Volan also brings lethargy.)

    Typically on the grumpy to really, really sad side. Most Volan that you meet will fall into this subgroup. Don't worry, though, they won't start spilling their heart and soul unless you ask them to.

    Mostly, they'll just glare at you and think mean things in your direction. Or maybe they'll make a snide comment about your hairstyle. Or maybe they'll insult your space adventuring skills. Or, hell, maybe they'll just talk about the weather, I don't kow.

    Try not to take it personally, though, it's just a knee-jerk reaction for them at this point.

    Yeah, but, you said that they pounce on happy people and people in love. That doesn't seem very lethargic.

    Yes, they do. The degree to which they pounce depends on the (Everyday) group:

    Irritable: They will either give you a savage beating or take you out of this mortal coil.

    In random encounters, these are the type of Everyday Volans you'll encounter most.

    Morose: Depending on their level of unhappiness, they will snidely insult you, snub you, or engage in fisticuffs with you (for showing off).

    In random encounters, these Volan tend to gravitate more toward the bandit side of confrontations.

    You have to understand, the "Did You Know...?" flyer was intended as a warning to the other races that a Volan may meet. The Volans, because of their bummed out nature and ideas about life and death, aren't the best diplomats. The flyer was meant to do all that tedious diplomacy stuff for them.

    Ideas about life and death...?

    Specifically, that life is pointless and death isn't a big deal. It's a long-ingrained idea in the Volan psyche, so that's why most don't have a problem with what they see as Irritable Volan's "antics."

    Of course, knowing that such antics can't possibly be suffered amongst the other races without severe backlash, the MRS have begun taking steps to remove this idea: most notably in the N.E.S.T.s and new colonizations.

    So, most Volans won't mind if I stroll into town whistling Dixie?

    Eh... It's still best not to press your luck, even if you're not on Monemai. Try to be subdued around the Volans, and they'll happily give you their every hospitality. ...Well, not happily, but certainly they'll give it to you, anyway.

    What about Apex? Don't they hate Apex? And the Hylotl?

    Nope. Don't hate 'em. Jealous of 'em. Volans will let Apex into their towns (as long as they mind their manners), just like any other race. But if those "monkeys" start touting their technological superiority, watch out!

    And the Hylotl? The Hylotl by their very nature irritate the Volans (by their own very nature). If you see a Hylotl walk into a Volan town, expect a brawl. If you see a Volan walk into a Hylotl town, expect a brawl. Some things in life that we do are just led by primal urges, even if we don't know it.

    Well these Volan guys just sound like huge jerks and bullies!

    Ha, ha, they aren't really.

    It's not like any of them go looking for trouble - trouble just finds them (as they see it). Take the Hylotl: knowing what they know, both races keep a respective distance from one another. Neither is exactly hankering for pain or dismemberment (expect, maybe, for Irritable Volans - but remember, they're on the fringe of society).

    Honestly, if you get a Volan in the just the right mood, he'll give you the shirt off his back - even to a Hylotl.

    Usually, that right mood can be reached in Volan Dens or other drinking establishments. Social drinking is a huge part of their culture, but being a jackass during social drinking sure isn't.

    Also, if you can play a mean music instrument, you'll find the Volans will quickly warm up to you - Apex, Hylotl, Avian, what have you. If you have the gift of song in your heart, you'll be right at home in a Volan town. Just expect to be playing that musical instrument a lot. And I mean a lot! You'll be getting plenty of requests.

    Do you have cats? ARE YOU A CAT!? Head on over to any Volan town and prepare to be treated like a king or queen - provided you treat your cats in same.

    How about your manners? Are you polite? Do you say please and thank you? Do you help little old Volans across the street? You might get a more favorable response, then. Volans respect and admire the will power it takes to be a decent creature in the face of the (perceived) futility of life.

    Be nice, and they'll be nice to you.

    So, what, they're just a bunch of whiny crybabies 'cause some intergalactic frat-boys pulled a prank, or whatever?

    Everyone wants to feel like they have a purpose, or even a reason that they exist. It's necessary to survival in the basest instinct: reproduction. When you find out that "oops, no, sorry, you were just a goof," well, you lose a lot of will to live. And when your will to live is already circling the drain, well... how would you feel?

    Yeah, okay, I guess... But, what's the point of trying to make these guys keep breeding if they're just going to bum out all over again and not want to breed?

    Well, that's what the N.E.S.T.s are for. They exist to do three things:

    1. Breed "test-tube" Volans in the labs.

    2. Raise these Volans into young adulthood.

    3. Shield them against the harsh nature of the Volans' current collective psyche (i.e., What's the point?). They are given very strict mental training from a young age that will help them to avoid any philosophical pitfalls they may encounter later in life, out among their brethren.

    While this training (and MRS colonization) will certainly help in the short term, the MRS feel that giving the Volans back their reason to live will ensure the race's renaissance after such a long period of societal and population decline.

    What's with the cats?

    Copied from the summary section:

    Before Starshine Giftgiver and their crew returned to Monemai on their initial journey into space, they touched down on a planet previously colonized by humans. When they reached the surface, they observed that the towns and installations were barren except for one thing: cats.

    Delighted by these creatures that were at once thoroughly loveable and thoroughly bitter, they captured as many as they could find and took them back home to Monemai.

    The rest of the population was just as infatuated, and the cats have quickly become an integral, and fiercely protected, way of Volan life.

    How do the Volans breathe?

    Very well, thank you!

    I'll be sure to add more Q&A's as I think of them. Hope this has helped you get a better picture of the Volans! I know they're kind of complicated, so please bear with me.


    So, what's the theme?

    Eh, that's the tricky thing. They don't really have a specific theme.

    When I came up with the idea for the Volans, it revolved more around their philosophy and attitude, rather than their look. I wanted to make a race that people would enjoy playing because of emotional connectivity rather than aesthetic connectivity.

    To me, this is a fun, inoffensive little race that isn't trying too hard to make an impact - it's just going through the motions of day to day life.

    I'm relying more on the cultural interests to elicit a "feeling" about the race. The interests include the Den, MRS offices, ReLife rehabilitation centers, and N.E.S.T. facilities.

    So, I guess, the environment will resemble a clean vision of a futuristic psychiatric/medical society (think 2001 + Cuckoo's Nest) while the Volan appearance and Den will resemble a dirty vision of a futuristic society (think any dystopic sci-fi movie ever).

    So why this race?

    The Volans are the first in a four race theme I’m working on. If enough interest is shown in this race, I’ll start posting the others.

    The theme is “Real-Life Adult Themes.” For the Volans (the most complex race, and the most fun race in my opinion), their adult themes are introspection, philosophical uncertainty, and finding one’s place in life.

    The other themes include, religion/hope (counterpoint to atheism for those that want it) [The Blatus/tentacle people/serious], dealing with loss ["star children" – no, not like Novakids/serious], and balancing work life and fun life [dark matter robots/fun].

    Can you explain a bit more about their morality?

    No. But I can give you an example:

    A human is walking down the road. Suddenly, he's accosted by an Avian. A Volan sees this and comes to the rescue. The Volan kills the Avian and turns to the human. The human smiles, and continues down the road. The Volan kills the human.

    A human is walking down the road. Suddenly, he's accosted by an Avian. A Volan sees this and comes to the rescue. The Volan kills the Avian and turns to the human. The human smiles and thanks the Volan. The human continues down the road. The Volan goes about his business.

    A human is walking down the road. Suddenly, he's accosted by an Avian. A Volan sees this and comes to the rescue. The Volan kills the Avian and turns to the human. The human smiles and thanks the Volan. The human then comments that the Volan should have killed the Avian a different, better way - a way that would have resulted in much less intestinal tinsel. The Volan kills the human.

    Does this clear things up?

    What are race relations like?


    Because of the Volan Makers (remember them?), the Volans share a lot of characteristics with humans, just not philosophy.

    Volans don’t see Humans as a threat, but Humans regard the Volans with (reasonable) trepidation.

    Apex Hostile.

    Jealousy is an ugly thing. If either race sees one another, guns will be a blazin’.


    Volans don’t bother Avians, Avians don’t bother Volans. It’s almost as if they’re in a state of disbelief about one another – being so far apart culturally. The Volans are always surprised to see the “bird-people” and they’re quickly out of mind when out of sight.


    Here’s a peculiar alliance: where the Volans go, death goes, right? So, then, free food also goes for Floran.

    The Florans, in this way, act as the jackals to the Volans' lion. When this alliance first struck up, the Floran were overjoyed; as a result, they were quickly murdered by the Volans.

    The Floran learn quick, though, and they soon began to hide their joy around the Volans. The Volans now permit their presence (and also learned quickly – that Floran don’t taste too good, themselves).


    Those dumb newt people are so ding danged serene and at peace with life, so when Volans see Hylotyl they don’t even think – they just act on instinct.

    Hyloytl, of course, being Hylotyl, don’t attack the Volans unless provoked. They’re quite wary of any Volan that makes it into their town without starting a bloodbath.


    No, the Makers did not make Glitch, but the Volans see them as being in the same boat: slaves to reality. The Glitch just happen to be delusional about theirs. This irritates the Volans slightly, that the Glitch are so weak they have to “pretend” their happiness (that’s how the Volans see it), but the Volans allow it. The Glitches’ very good manners help matters.

    The Glitch are happy for their musical, peaceful, sometimes raucous friends that will often come to their aid unheeded.

    Novakids Friendly.


    98% of the universe wants to kill us. So, what's the remaining 2%?

    I'm not really sure. You see, when the researchers assigned to this task were puttering along with their duties, Barb from receivables killed herself. And she stayed killed. And, as is traditionally customary, whenever a Volan manages to off themselves - and through whatever magnificent ingenuity manages to not come back to life - everybody gets the day off to throw a super bitchin' awesome kegger to celebrate that Volan's kick ass abilities. Woooo! Go Barb! Yeah!

    Anyway, when the researchers finally made it back to the lab two days later, they decided to shift their focus from quantifying the contents of our universe to finding a cure for the common Monemaimelon Mash hangover.

    And they're still working on it to this very day...

    What will the race specific armor be like?

    I haven't thought much about it right now (or weapons), since I'm not too sure what criteria the default race armor will follow.

    Possible race specific abilities:

    I Like to Sit by the Fire
    "Warm and toasty."
    Boost to armor warmth stats.
    Heat Vision Eyeballs
    "Well, at least they're good for something."
    Locates and marks every enemy in the near radius on the player's map.​

    Better Healing
    "Dammit! I'm a doctor! Not a do--- Oh."
    More efficient use of med items.​

    What’s the main quest going to be like?

    Well, it’s going to be about finding a reason for the Volans to live. You’ll have several little quests (with disappointing results) that lead up to the big shabang. Along the way, you’ll meet a friendly Floran who, understanding that you seek knowledge, wants to go with you; this Floran seeks knowledge itself – it’s tired of not understanding things.

    And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    But when you succeed, you’ll get an army of little baby Volans armed to the tooth with laser cannons to follow you around blasting anything in sight. Chaos is fun.

    What about random encounters and things like that?

    I went about writing this Volan brief in the way that I did so it would lend itself to the imagination. There are quite a few glaring examples in the brief that could already be quickly developed. For instance:

    N.E.S.T. facility "dungeons."

    At night in a Volan town, go into a sleeping Volan's home and start playing music. Be ready to defend yourself.

    While strolling through a planet’s terrain, you come across two young lovers smooching on a bench. Suddenly, a herd of Volans appear to strike them down. Do you protect the couple or join in the fun?

    Go into a Den and start playing music. Watch as all of the Volans gathered join you. Lead them out of town and into the wilderness (perhaps toward a difficult enemy). Enjoy the show.

    Cats. Lots of cats. And kittens. They love their cats.

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  3. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    This was hilarious and a good read. You've got my support.
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  4. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thanks! I wanted to write it in an interesting way apart from just listing things (even though I still just listed things). :)
  5. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    Oh lord... where to begin expressing my thoughts of this race.

    I suppose firts and foremost is:
    The design choice. Modernist is cool and all, and given that the clothes sellers in-game sport mainly your average joe's wifebeaters, jeans, or a simple jacket or tee, it's not a bad start. I know you said you're no sprite artist, but you really might want to re-work the shading on the ears, its bordering on pillow shading and looks just.. yick. I also feel like feature options are very limited. At most so far I see variation in fur and hairstyle, that's it. If you want to make them more appealing, a wise choice would be to show more ear types or horn colors/lengths/shapes.

    Next, thier overall mindset as a race.

    ... ok, maybe its just me. Maybe your thoughts on thier behavior are unique and alien in concept to others.

    But I'm just not seeing it. The Jax population sound like a bunch of self-entitled assholes who are bitter at the fact that their race as a whole is just a freak result of two intergalactic frat-boys, and not the 'glorious and meaningful purpose' they had been searching for. The fact that they would rather just die than live a life without purpose being ingrained into thier being at birth is pathetic. And the idea that they hate seeing others being content with life or joyous, or love being exchanged between individuals is just a terrible and petty behavior to display. The labeling they use for others is godawful sterotyping, and though not surprising given that they themselves vastly behave with the same mindset, its no wonder they're so miserable if they use those lables to base thier interactions with them. The sample reactions listed in the topic of ambassador behavior all in all is enough for me to think they have the attitude of a bunch of apathetic and un-disciplined teenagers.

    So all in all, your writing is good, and your spriting efforts are commendable. But the horrible personalities portrayed in this suggestion is enough for me to feel justified in putting down every last Jax I'd come accross with a giant hammer to thier brainpans. It would be no small loss to the universe, and its not exactly genocide if they want to die anyway. :/
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  6. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I agree with pretty much everything.Also,don't expect adult themes getting into Starbound.
  7. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah, I wasn't sure about the shading because the Starbound spriting seems to follow a simplistic drawing and shading style. I'll work with the ears more to see what I can do. :p

    As far as features go, I wasn't really focusing on that, yet. I just wanted to get my race suggestion up. :/

    I'll think about the ear types and horn types, but, unless these guys have been genetically modified (they haven't), there's not going to be a whole lot of variation there, sadly. They're mammals and mammals typically don't have extreme variations in appendages (even horns). The horns are nubbly b/c they're symbolic with the decline of their civilization.

    But I will look into horn colorization options, absolutely (though I kind of liked that it tied them all together as a race). Perhaps also "fluff" options and maybe also body modification (ears) for the everyday Jax...

    Keep in mind, though, this isn't not my day job, so, time permitting... And after the holiday break's over, who knows?

    Now! Onto the good stuff!

    And how would you feel if humans turned out to be one big cosmic joke perpetrated by God or whomever? Oh, and also, you live and work and die and that's it. That's REALLY it.

    Erm, it's not ingrained in their being from birth. That's why there are medically trained Jax trying to stymie the depression and MRS Jax are trying to end it. They still care about life and their race. Their depression is usually gained from social interaction, introspection, and realization gained in their growth (as is most situational depression). That's why the N.E.S.T.s are being set up - to provide resistance from this from birth (seclusion/ very very pseudo-brain washing).

    Ha, that's okay. :) It's kind of darkly humorous, so if it's not your cup of tea, I understand. In my opinion, though, it gives them interest and sets them apart from being "bland and boring" rabbits. You know, the fact that Floran kill everything in sight is a pretty terrible behavior to display, too.

    Plus, you've never been depressed or severely blue before (required to understand this kind of thinking - taken to an extreme, of course, with the Jax). Never lost someone? Been dumped? Failed at something (very important) in life?

    Uh... welcome to a common strand of life, I guess? Stereotyping has evolved from tribal "safety," that is, protecting those who are like you - and their gene pool. Since the Jax are very VERY protective of their gene pool, they are going to be ultra "racist" and wary of other races.

    Yay! I'm glad you picked that up!

    Dramatic irony. The Jax know who their Deliverers were (rightly identified by you as frat boys) and they destroyed them for being so... frat boyish. But, the in this case, the creator made the Jax in his own image, so to speak.

    Yep. picked up another one. :)

    That would be the conflict/struggle.

    BTW, this all changes (to a degree) when the main quest is completed and the Jax have found their reason to live. They move on from the decline and stagnation and begin to understand the importance of others. ...They're still kind of have that frat boy mentality, though.

    I'll definitely take your pixel critiques into mind, though. Thanks for posting!


    “A lack of charm is one of the saddest things plaguing videogames,” he says. As a result, the team are focusing on making Starbound as charming as is humanly possible. “We’ve put a huge amount of effort into that. It tends to be the smallest things that create the most charm – smoke swirling off the top of teacups or leaves falling from trees.” So how does that marry up with the displaced people?

    “Tonally, there is actually quite a bit of contrast there. Obviously the art style is quite friendly to look at, and a lot of the time while you’re playing it’s pretty friendly – especially in the peaceful parts of the game – but the story is quite dark and quite adult as well,” he says. “We didn’t want it to be something Mario-style, where it’s great in its own way but there’s not much depth. We wanted something people could really sink their teeth into.”


    Plus, have you looked at the lore for the races? This race? This race is not dark. Not in the long run. You know what is dark? Autocracy. Brain-washing. Medical experiments on prisoners and captives. Ritual sacrifice. Cannibalism. GOD KILLING.
  8. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Well,it's still not suicide.And I never said that it was dark,or that the other races are not,but this one is a little bit more adult.
  9. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah, I know. I thought I softened that enough with the humor, colorful sprites/environments, and the ReLife centers. Plus, they're an alien race so they have a different perspective on suicide than ours (not a big deal outside of population numbers).

    In my opinion, when you look at the core races, they're nowhere near as depressing. These guys are actually working toward a productive, cohesive goal. They just don't take life too seriously, and I guess that's why I like them. That's also why Novakids will be my main when they come out!

    I'd like to get more feedback on the "darkness" before I change anything though. I've gotten "oh, it's a cute suggestion" to "oh, it's a disgusting suggestion" responses so far, so it kind of seems to be a love it or hate it race. I sort of expected that, though. It was the most controversial of the few races I've thought up.

    But really, plagues and wars and such are so boring at this point to me. I wanted to do something different to whittle down population numbers. This is different, all right!
  10. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    What I had written above, for future record, are all personal observations. And yes, you support your arguements very well with real life behavior. (And I have had my moments of uncertainty and depression at times and fully understand how the Jax can come to such conclusions about the world around them.)

    I suppose what I'm really getting at is there are a lot of negative concepts that offset the potives to the point that people might find them to be distasteful to play as by association of behavior. If you worked in some humorous pros to their lore, they'd be a bit more likeable. (And thusly I'd feel more compelled to want to try being one in game.)

    Perhaps make a clearer distinction between the Jax who are sheltered from their racial/social depression through the MRS and N.E.S.T, and therefore are more capable of potential contentment with thier role. Make them social pariahs because they can feel much more than just hate or dispair on a near regular basis, and feel the need to share their own views of purpose with others. (Without getting killed by their own kin out of outrage and envy.)

    I'd be happy to sit and throw around more ideas of what could be put in addition to the info they have.
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  11. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes, I know they were observations and I was grateful for them. Please don't think because I commented on them I was dismissing them. Quite a few of your observations really did make me happy, as they were observations I was hoping people would make.

    And of course I appreciate your suggestions now. I do want to make this race as accessible as possible without sacrificing its core flavor and uniqueness. To me, it's a fun, offbeat sort of race - I want it to be that way for everyone, too!

    I had intended quite a lot of their societal structure to be pros:
    • The MRS working to help both their race exist and find a reason to live despite their philosophy being as it is.
    • Any of the N.E.S.T./ReLife stuff really is intended to help the Jax.
    • The Dens are where the Jax will be the warmest and welcoming to other races - I thought I made that clear enough. :/ They'll even buy a few rounds for any Apex that happen to be nearby!
    • They love playing music and they love listening to music, even with other races.
    • They really, really love their pets. A little hint of the warmth they possess.
    • They protect or defend anyone who need protecting or defending. Just remember to say thank you!
    • Manners, manners, manners. They're very respective of others - including other races (that don't infuriate them).

    And they aren't exactly drooling at the mouth to go around butchering other races - they just have a strange sense of morality. This is made all the more potent by the fact that they value life and death differently than we do. I'm sorry, but would you mind telling me if this what's bothering you in particular about their nature?

    I can take out the Q&A section entirely if that's really turning you off - I just meant it as a fun little goof and knock at some of the other outfits the core races wear. Who are they to say anything? (Plus manners, please.) It was also to demonstrate just how astronomically bad they would be at diplomacy. Any alliances these guys make are purely accidental (as in the case of the Florans). So, yeah, the other races wouldn't be jazzed about seeing these guys turn up (except for the ones the Jax are already civil to) - like you pointed out.

    The fights that they get into amongst themselves are just harmless brawls, really - and that's how they see them. That's really the only way their depression would represent itself in their day to day life, except of course for their grumpy nature and the odd gloomy Gus (think Eeyore). Obviously I didn't make this clear enough.

    Can you maybe point out a few of the negatives so I can soften them a bit more?

    Yeah, the social pariah stuff with the MRS workers was planned! I'm delighted that it automatically evolved like that in your mind. :)

    I kind of cobbled this together as is just to see if people would be receptive to it (suicides aplenty) and didn't go much farther than the Jax perspective. I'll start working on a look at the Jax from a player's perspective. Thanks! After I add that, I'd be very happy if you came back and gave me more critique!

    Before I start mocking it up, though, is there anything you'd like to see in it? Anything you'd like to see changed or rearranged or just plain taken out?
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  12. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    I really can't be bothered to read whole books anymore so I'm just gonna leave a small statement:

    Dark,mature =/= I WANT TO KILL MYSELF

    If you want an example of what is mature and dark,play "The Wolf Among Us".Otherwise it's just "Crrraaaawliiing in my skiiiiin".

    If you get what I mean.
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  13. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    I know you weren't being agressive. I meerly said that so you could be 100% sure I wasn't being a hostile prick. I've seen many a race thread become a ragefest from mutual misunderstanding, I just wanted to clear the air in case.

    I think the faq is fine in concept, it actually elaborates a bit more in depth than your initial entries did. Keep it. It is a helpful, and more clarified explanation of why the Jax do what they do. (I honestly hadn't noticed you added it in until you mentioned it.)

    From that, I can now better surmise that:

    Jax are a jealous race by circumstance, and this is primarily the core culture, and is less likely to apply to the Jax player. The Jax behavior stems from thier evolutionary position as prey, and their near-immedieate 'hostile' behavior is an instinctive mechanism as well as the product of their view on life and death. The Jax view the other races in a sterotype mode as a whole, but are fully capable of accepting individuals or subcultures of said races as exceptions to said stereotyping. Despite having a crisis of what to believe in or how they should find reason to be more careful with their natural-given lives, they are still fully able of finding a hobby or carer to pursue, it's just not quite dawned on them yet that life is what they make of it, whether of one's own personal choice or via circumstance. Jax do not like their deeds going unnaprecieaded, or criticized in how they could've done better.

    Is this close to what you are getting at?

    Being able to come out of "Jax narration/mindset" mode and see the faq makes it easier to empathise with them. I'm sure there is more I could elaborate on and mention, but this post is getting long and my thumbs are hurting. (Currently away from a computer and using my phone to write.)
  14. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ha, ha, thanks. I appreciate this. I just wanted to make it clear I wasn't trying to be one, either.

    Yes, that's more like what I intended for the race.

    I still went and wrote up another Q&A (you inspired me!), just because I think it will be helpful. I know I write a lot, but that's how I get to the meat of stuff like this. It's hidden in the details. I don't want those details to be hidden to everyone who reads these, so I appreciate your feedback and will post my Q&A ASAP. Might add a summary, too, for those people that don't like looking for the details like I do.

    Thanks so much for your help and I'm sorry I (was probably the main cause) for your thumbs!

    (P.S. Holy crap, you write well on your phone. Never would have known.)
  15. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh my God, something we finally agree on! It's a Christmas Miracle! D:

    Too bad you didn't read all those books, though, or else you'd realize your post has very little relevance to this thread.

    This race is not intended to be dark. Dark + Mature = holy shit drawn out grad school philosophical bullshit that's a waste of everybody's time (who doesn't pretend that they're wise or intellectual or adult).

    It is intended to be mature. To give mature people something to think about and relate to their own lives. Because life is life through and through, no matter how many bells and whistles you attach to it.


    You're fun. :)
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  16. Anerin

    Anerin Poptop Tamer

    And you're rude and delusional. I don't want to be harsh but I'm having trouble thinking of a better way to say this so I hope you take my bluntness as efficient rather than just hostile, but why should we entertain your teen angst furry race? It doesn't seem to provide anything different from the Apex when you get right down to it.
  17. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    Oh,let's be honest.How old are you?16?17 even maybe?

    At this age,you only even have scratched the problem of life.Most people get mature in the common sense of the term at something about 22-24 years old.And even then,they're not "mature".The more they see,and the more they actually think about it in way that they will gonna use the product of their reflexions for their own betterment,the more they're gonna get mature.You can't rush that.This is not a "grad-school bs";this is what you're supposed to do as a creator if you're doing a race on "dark and mature themes".You have to understand the very essence of the trouble that one beeing may face in a situation.

    Simply going and say "hey look they're suffering in their head just like you,so that's mature because that's what mature people do no?" isn't going to make it more mature.Each one his own story.Before you ask,yes I'm twenty years old and I've seen too much bullshit in my life already.I've had my own issues,but I know that others have different ones;and having different life problems gives you different insight,objectives,ambitions.It's not a matter of who suffered the most;it's just experience,and questions invariably come from these experiences.The way people reply to these questions makes them what they are today.Was it my fault?Am I lesser than other people?Why is everyone not like me?Am I right?

    And you can't just come and say "I wanted a race that I can emotionally connect to".Imagine a whole race of people that think just the same.The VERY same than you;that's how they could only "fit you" emotionally.And this means,that to do that the player character must think this way as well and that means every single player that uses this race will have a character that thinks like you,instead of having a character that thinks like them.

    As I said before,this should be proposed as a race.You seem to have time to write a lot.Make whatever mod you want then;find yourself to make you sprites and coding.Then it'll be only yours;but even if you'd plan for this mod to be public you'd need to rework your race a lot.

    Now,there is no use taunting the people that come talk to you.This isn't making the conversation progress,and it won't really get you people's sympathy.Even if you do bad work,if you show you did it with a good will people won't agress you;but if you act all uppity they'll be quick to nail it.
  18. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Look, you guys, I'm through entertaining you, and I'm through trying to take the high road, since that just doesn't work.

    If you can't be bothered to actually read about this race, why should I be bothered to respond to you? This is the absolute last time.

    I would appreciate it if you could stop clogging up this thread with your hate and vitriol, but since you're under the (delusional) idea that I'm being the rude one in all of this, I don't think that's going to happen.

    Shall we get this over with?

    1. You're a very unpleasant person. I can see that right away. Would you like to know how?

    "Teen angst furry race." Are you in your teens? Are you a young man? I sure hope so, because that's the sort of small-mindedness and fear-driven reactionary anger that should never ever be seen in mature adults.

    2. "Teen angst" + "It doesn't seem to provide anything different from the Apex when you get right down to it." = You haven't read my brief. At all. Almost laughably so.

    Last night I added a summary and a new Q&A section if you're too lazy to trawl through my lots and lots of words.


    Well. Who's writing novels now? Perhaps if you had actually read the one I Pm'd you (very graciously and very kindly) instead of instantly ignoring it and reverting back to your preconceived notions (rather rudely) again, your post wouldn't be completely useless and direly misinformed in this thread.


    I'm old. Maybe older than you, maybe not. I've experienced a hard life. You know what else I've experienced? "Dark and Mature themes" in video games written by charmed 20-something grads or immature 30+-somethings with grand visions of mediocrity.

    Their dark and mature themes aren't that at all. They're melodrama. Because they have to be for a good story. So I can't fault them for that. I just don't play their games. Thank goodness, thus far Starbound doesn't seem to be TOO much on that bandwagon.

    I'm not trying to write a good story. I'm trying to write a good race. So, I chose to write about adult themes that actual real-life (not imaginary video game or comic book people) face.

    Guess what? Depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts/tendencies, philosophical uncertainty, and not knowing what to do in your life are all mature themes. Are they dark? I don't think so. I never said they were. Someone else posted that they were dark and you glomped onto that and twisted it into your wobbly argument.

    If you've never "suffered in your head" as you so callously disregard mental illness as a whole, I commend you sir. You're quite lucky. Most of modern America+Canada+Europe isn't quite that lucky, however.

    This is such an obnoxiously ignorant statement, I am honestly without words. Hey! Mission succeeded, Aldo!

    Here's the thing: this is a sandbox game with 7 races that have main quests and cultural typicality, but that you can completely ignore. I'm not writing a ground-breaking sci-fi novel here, I'm writing a fun little race that will fit into this fun game. You are waaaaay over thinking this.

    Plus, yes, it appears that I am older than you as suspected. What does this mean? To you, I couldn't possibly imagine. To me, it doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot.

    This AGAIN? Dude, I explained this to you in the PM! Why didn't you bother to read it and save us both another headache! >_<

    HERE. I'll just copy and paste:

    I said: "But really, I wanted to make a race that I would enjoy playing because of emotional connectivity rather than aesthetic connectivity." I meant it. I shouldn't have used "I," obviously. Because I want to create a race not just for me, but for every player that's dissatisfied with the mostly aesthetic differences in the core races. There are more out there that are unhappy with them, you know. More than me.

    They don't all think the same! Good Lord! Would you read the damn brief!? I even added in a summary JUST FOR YOU. YOU SPECIFICALLY. SO YOU WOULD GET OFF MY BACK.

    And after you read that summary, you go ahead and read the HOLY GOD THIS RACE IS SO DEPRESSING IT MAKES ME WANT TO SLIT MY WRIS--- wait section. I named it with you in mind. :love:

    Plus GOOD LORD --- "And this means,that to do that the player character must think this way as well and that means every single player that uses this race will have a character that thinks like you,instead of having a character that thinks like them." What do you think the game is doing? Why do you think I created this race in the first place!? :lod:

    It's like arguing with a wall! A wall that won't read my "novel length posts" and just keeps spewing out the same thing over and over!

    Is this rude? Is this the rude part where I'm being rude? I think some people on this forum are confusing manners with frustration.

    Uppity? Are you referring to the thread where I proclaimed my distaste for people not being level-headed and accepting of others' creations, even if they weren't their cup of tea, while providing no real, practical solution to the problem they saw with those creations? You're right. I'm such an entitled bitch. God, how do I even live with myself?

    I was not "taunting" you. I was teasing you after you taunted me (and continue to be a rude jackass toward me) and gave me zero constructive criticism + plus furthered your own hate-filled agenda against either myself or this race SINCE YOU WILL NOT READ ABOUT IT before you start attacking it. And it can only be described as an attack if you have no idea about what you're protesting against.

    Here's a hint: Suicide factors into about 3% of the damn race's culture. It's a catalyst.

    I'm sorry if you can't take gentle needling. That's who I am. That's my kind of humor and I'm usually on forums that practice that kind of humor. I'm really a very nice person as long as people meet me halfway. Monochromegoggles met me more than halfway (thank you so much). Did I "taunt" him?

    Let people think what they want. I'm obviously not going to change their minds by being reasonable and kind (REMEMBER THAT PM I SENT YOU).

    Please stop posting here without reading about the race first. Thank you.
  19. BionicKraken

    BionicKraken Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Added a summary section "The Somewhat Long but Mostly Short of the Jax"

    and a more embellished race specific Q&A section "HOLY GOD THIS RACE IS SO DEPRESSING IT MAKES ME WANT TO SLIT MY WRIS--- wait" ;)

  20. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Just a suggestion
    You would get better chances if you change their look.
    Another animal race would be quite boring...
    At least they're not cats...
    Also add more armor/weapon/ship etc.

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