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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Cup o' Tea, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Cup o' Tea

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    (somewhat cool title)
    RP Thread

    Hiya! If you haven't met me yet, I'm Cup. I like roleplaying and avalis. But mostly avalis. If you do know me, you'd know that I've made a lot of roleplays in the past, most of them being thrown together messes that only lasted a couple dozen pages before fading into oblivion. After stalking some of the many roleplays that have been popping up recently, I've decided to make this.

    A lot of my roleplays relied on players making their own story and finding creative solutions to a problem, which I've had a lot of trouble getting people to do. Despite those failures, I've decided that this roleplay will also rely on player participation. This is kind of an experiment, and I'm curious to see how people can solve their objective.


    A powerful group of mercenaries that call themselves the Guardians have been terrorizing the surrounding solar systems for years now. Their sadistic actions have affected you (in some way), and they need to be stopped before any more harm is done to the innocent inhabitants of these worlds. You've met a group of strangers who are ready to fight against them.

    Character Sheets

    This helps other players get to know your character. Adjectives are key here. Post this when you are done filling it out.

    Things to keep in mind-
    • This is the future of the future. You can have some cool gadgets or guns, but don't make them overpowered.
    • Races must be related to the SB universe in some way. PM me about custom modded races not listed before posting.
    • Your backstory must involve the Guardians in some way. Maybe they killed someone close to you.
    • The picture of your character is not required, but can include art or a character sprite from in-game.
    • Starter items are items your character will have at the beginning of the RP. These can be lost throughout the roleplay.
    • Don't join if you have a busy schedule and cannot post at a normal rate.
    • This takes place a fairly long time after the fall of Earth. Try not to make a character directly related to said event.
    • Your character MUST have some sort of combat experience. You're a fighter, not a kindergarten teacher.
    • If you plan on joining late, know that it may take awhile before your character can be included.
    • Physical description includes things like height, feather color, hair color, clothing, etc.
    (items marked with a ^ are optional)

    Character name:
    ^ Picture:
    Physical Description:

    ^ Starter items:

    Currently allowed races:

    • Drozolians
    • Avali (of couse)

    More on Guardians (for backstories)
    Soldier's armor/clothing is often black and red and can vary. Some may wear masks. Some may wear hoods and assassin like clothing. Some might just wear full-body armor. Settlements are often attacked at night, soldiers carry the same standard issue assault rifle that resembles an HK416. Many civilians are shot on sight, with a select few to be executed in the center of the settlement before the whole thing is burned to the ground.

    Da Rules

    Yeah yeah, we all hate them. But you gotta have something to keep people in line,
    • Don't go OOC in the RP thread.
    • Try not to go too off-topic in OOC. We don't want mods invading the thread.
    • Your character is not god. Don't be god. That's not nice.
    • Try not to kill more than one person in a single post.
    • Get permission from someone before killing their character, if you really have to.
    • A GM may do something to push the RP forward. Feel free to dispute anything that happens, but do it in a PM.
    • Keep it PG-13.
    • Normal forum rules still apply.
    • No more than two characters at a time.
    • Don't let anything in OOC influence your character's thoughts or actions.
    • Remember your main objective.
    • Put some detail into your posts. Aim to make each of your posts a full paragraph long.


    Some things to keep in mind-
    • Some NPCs may know something you don't. Ask around!
    • You should get to know other characters.
    • Make your own story. I'm not always going to show you what to do next.

    At the start of the RP, you will be placed on a ship with the others. You decide what you do next. If you just want to sit on the ship and talk/mess around for the sake of character development for 15 pages, then do it. If you want to go explore a nearby planet, then do it.

    (character / owner)

    Nomad ko / zeskorion
    Surge / Roland Weiss
    Hawk Novablast / Hawk Novablast

    Kasuli - MIA
    Kane Abellion - MIA
    Lilah Korbinian - MIA

    Hopefully this works out. If I made any mistakes, please point them out. Took me an entire day to come up with a name, and I'm still not happy that the best I could come up with was the "Guardians".
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  2. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Character name: Nomad ko
    Race: novakid
    Physical description: orange, with a brand that looks like three circles connected by a hexagon
    He wears a distinct cowboy hat with a gold chain around it. He has a long coat full of pockets and his booze stash, with heavy steel toed boots.
    Backstory: a survivor of a mass killing, he has wandered the universe, a lone vigilante looking for justice. He has come upon this solar system in need, and is ready to work
    Personality: carefree, doesnt act like his background would entail. He is very self riteous, and looks for any "justice" (by his definition) to deal. He also is a drunkard and loves booze, and is almost always drunk
    Traits: marksman-good shot
    Experienced- been through this before
    Portable- nomadic, always ready to leave
    Reckless- takes risks without thinking
    Runner- tries to save himself if it gets rough
    Drifter- makes temporary friends, but is always alone
    ^ Starter items:
    Flask of booze
    Bottle of booze
    Energy magnum, a powerful handgun with a low fire rate. It has a small close range flamethrower mode, an energy lance, and the normal gun pew-pew
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  3. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    Modify that magnum a bit. Seems a tad bit OP.
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  4. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Most of the attacks are close range, and it has a slow fire rate, with high energy consumption. Plus, the marksman trait only works when sober
  5. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    Guess that balances everything out. Added to the thread.
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  6. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Character name: “Surge”
    Race: Avali
    Physical Description: Normally covered head to toe in his armour, which is painted with red markings. When he does show whats underneath, he has snow white plumage and ugly scar across the side of his face. Slightly taller then the average avali, he is still shorter then most of his allies.
    Backstory: Once a member of a pack that protected a colony. Then the ‘Guardians’ came; they not only razed the colony to the ground, they murdered his packmates. Vowing never to rest untill those savages pay for their crimes in blood, he set out for a new hunt.
    Personality: Dour on a good day; the death of his packmates left him near suicidal depression. When he gets into combat however, he livens up in a ‘berserk’ fashion.
    Traits: Swordsman- deadly in close quarters
    High Pain Threshold- Not bothered by non-crippling wounds
    Expert tracker​
    Flaws: Lives on the edge- will not back down from a fight; even when the odds are ‘unfavourable’.
    Vengeful- Firm believer in ‘an eye for an eye’.
    Spray and pray- His terrible aim leaves any ranged attacks to be little more then flash and noise.​
    Starter items: Durasteel Kriegsmesser, Armoured Exoskeleton.
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  7. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    Adding to the thread.

    If you and @zeskorion could add a "Physical Description" section beneath your character's race, it'd help a lot. It's something I forgot to include in the character format. Physical description can include things like height, hair color, feather color, clothing, etc.
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  8. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    I added a flask and bottle of booze to my app, for obvious reasons
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  9. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Alright, edited:
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  10. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    I'm gonna give this a shot, if you don't mind. My current idea is for a mad Glitch medic that wants to fix the galaxy; if that's too much, I can try something else.

    Character name
    : Clutch Cursewire
    Race: Male Glitch
    Clutch Cursewire.png Clutch Cursewire Body Sketch.png
    Physical Description: Clutch is green with a good amount of purple attachments here-and-there. He is overly enthusiastic, which goes well with his thin and spry form better fitting a teenage girl, but goes poorly with the blood stains he often forgets to scrub off his chassis.
    Backstory: Clutch Cursewire was never content with Glitch society. He was often called 'mad' and 'a lunatic' and 'a horrible, horrible murderer capable of the most vile crimes.' He never saw the issue, himself; from his point of view, he was helping his fellow Glitch! There minds were inefficient and their bodies were lacking. For every Glitch that died, he could improve another, increasing productivity and mental capacity tenfold! Of course, these improvements were never put to good use, as the improved Glitch often enough went mad from the blessing of power they mistakenly referred to as 'being a freakish abomination that is in no way extra productive.' Everyone was a critic, it seemed.

    It wasn't until he left his village, banished with the new name Cursewire awarded to him, that Clutch finally found his skills to be appreciated. In his travels, he often found himself stumbling across fleshy meat sacks laying around, having recently killed one another in some freaky meat sack ritual known as 'war.' He decided to start fresh, and began reconstructing these flesh bags into something far superior. It was then that Clutch finally received the recognition he deserved, as by using the parts of many other meat creatures, he was able to rebuild some of the slightly-operational flesh sacks into new-and-improved robo-flesh-sacks.

    While sadly there was still much whining over his improvements that went beyond the original abilities of the meat bags, he soon became well known as a 'field medic,' which apparently was the term used for mobile meat mechanics. However, it seemed that the stars had aligned against Clutch Cursewire, for not long after he had begun his assumed career as 'field medic,' he encountered a group of mercenaries very well known for leaving their prey in the most irreparable states. Clutch was infuriated by this blatant lack of regard for meat mechanics everywhere, as their unchecked destruction made certain to not only destroy all of the useful fleshy bits, but their rampant pillaging also took control of the actual good stuff, like the robotic enhancements he liked to use to give his patients another set of arms when their liver gave out!

    Deciding he'd had enough, Clutch set out to finally defeat these horrid mercenaries, horrendously misnamed as the 'Guardians.'

    Personality: Clutch is more than eccentric; his belief that everything is a machine, even when this is obviously false, makes him look like a madman. He's always very positive, and does not understand the concept of death--instead, he understands the concept of repairs, and prefers to minimize damages to maximize the level of repairs that can be spent to improve what was already there (if he only has to replace one arm and not two, then he can try to add a third!).
    Traits: Creative--Clutch thinks of idea so mad and bizarre that they jut might work, even if it just confuses the enemy so much that he can do what he wants.
    Positive--Clutch is never in a bad mood, even in the face of death (though this isn't always the best of things).
    Meat Mechanic--Clutch is a good mechanic and medic, though his mechanic work often adds superfluous and obnoxious add-ons, and his medical skills often do the same. Basically, he can keep you alive, but you might wish he hadn't.
    Flaws: Mad--Clutch has some crazy ideas. As in, he gets downright absurd.
    Lacking Social Graces--Clutch has no idea how to act in society, and is very willing to tell you that although you will most certainly die, your parts will help him build the perfect meat-machine.
    Horrifying--He'll take your parts to build the perfect meat-machine. Despite all his smiles, he has a bad tendency to let blood sit on his chassis.
    Starter items: Not-at-all-terrifying Medical Tools (limb saw, rusty calipers, various shifty looking chemical bottles, rag that smells suspiciously of chlorophyll, etc.), dingy rags died a suspicious shade of red, enthusiastic smile (permanent), and a sword he used to make 'speedy limb-length subtractions.'

    Clutch fights by making on-field 'repairs.'

    Again, if he's too crazy, I can make somebody else (I have another idea that I could work on a bit).
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  11. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    The craziness is fine. Glad to see someone putting more effort and detail into a character sheet, that's something I'm not seeing too much these days. I'll add ya to the post!
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  12. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    Would you guys want to start out on a planet or in space?
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  13. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Hmm, a bit of a dilemma. Hang on. *Flips coin* Heads. I vote planetside.
  14. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    I vote planetside. barside.
  15. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    I don't have much preference, so I guess planetside's gonna win the day.

    Also, I'm assuming our characters have enough knowledge of one another to have at least some trust and such? It might not work too well if someone wants to beat the bolts outa Clutch the first time he asks to 'perfect' some dying people.
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  16. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    You can take as much time as you need to get to know eachother :)

    If we can get two more to join then I think we could start this.
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  17. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Hmm, why am I feeling some Franken Fran vibes from your character? At any rate, worst Surge might do is threaten cut someone down at knee level if the short jokes get out of hand.
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  18. Cup o' Tea

    Cup o' Tea Guest

    Pff. 3-4 ft isn't short. Other races are just...abnormally tall.
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  19. Hawk Novablast

    Hawk Novablast Black Hole Surfer

    Character name: Hawk Novablast

    Race: Human

    ^ Picture: Closest I can get to him in-game

    Physical Description: About 6' tall, Hawk has short dark brown hair, with bangs swept to the side (think Anakin Skywalker), bright blue eyes, and pale skin. He's fairly strong, but not overly muscular. He usually wears a sky blue t-shirt and black leather jacket, with dark blue jeans and black boots, when not wearing his armor at least. Age-wise, at the time of the story after a few years in the USCM he's about 27.

    Backstory: Hawk was born on the planet Nexus Omega VII, within the human colony on the planet. His family wasn't particularly wealthy, but far from poor, and he spent most of his days playing hologames, exploring the area around his colony, studying the ancient creatures of Earth's prehistory, and taking care of his cat, Nova. One day, after a particularly eventful trip into a nearby forest, Hawk and Nova returned to the colony.

    What was left of it. The Guardians left the settlement burning to the ground, and the last thing he saw was their horrible, red and black ship lifting off into the sky. Everyone was dead. Hawk scavenged the remains of the colony, collecting some personal belongings, and stole the only ship that wasn't destroyed, a Hummingbird-class USCM freighter, left abandoned in the burning wreckage of the small citadel that had once provided safety. He flew the ship to the nearest USCM settlement, and joined the Marines, hellbent on hunting down the Guardians and bringing them to justice.

    Personality: Brave, and very loyal to his close friends. Hawk has a strong moral compass and ideals. He enjoys exploring and adventuring, which occasionally causes him to get a bit reckless.

    Traits: Hawk's training in the USCM taught him a variety of skills. His preferred weapon is the plasma rifle, but he has standard training with pistols, energy blades, artillery, long range rifles, and a great deal of other weaponry. He considers himself a bit of a nerd, he's very much a fan of technology, and in his free time plays plenty of video games, from Minecraft to the latest combat simulators. He also has a love of animals, and his cat Nova is one of his closest friends, although he holds a particular interest in the prehistoric reptiles that once roamed Earth, back when there was an Earth.

    Flaws: His loyalty, as well as his hatred of the Guardians, often get in the way of better judgement. His adventures also tend to get him in a great deal of trouble, and his moral compass tends to cause him to try to see the world as 'black and white'.

    ^ Starter items: Delta 37b USCM battle armor (Think HALO armor, midnight black with lots of electric blue energy streaks, similar to Tron. Not nearly as bulky as similar armors, but not made out of as strong of materials, trading higher mobility for the protection normally associated with armor of it's kind. This particular set is scarred and damaged, dents cover it's surface and the personal energy shield is faulty), an R4-19 Plasma Assault Rifle (mediocre damage, poor aim, but a high rate of fire, it fires blue bolts of plasma energy), standard-issue USCM plasma pistol, a box of pizza.

    Feel free to modify some of this stuff, not sure what kind of gear is going to be the 'norm' for us starting out, so I can definitely drop the armor for example if it's a bit too powerful for starting out. Also not sure how my talk about the USCM conflicts with the story, so again, tell me where I need to change.
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  20. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Minecraft? Did he rob a museum?
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