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  1. MoxxieBoxx

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    I feel like adding a player run restaurant would really brighten up the game. Most of the things we create and sell on our farms are food items, and i feel like if we could sell them to the townsfolk or npcs it would be a really nice addition. Theres not really much point in crafting many of the food items in the game, and i feel like it would add another dimension to the system that just plonking everything in a sell box and seeing money numbers pop up after doesnt give. In endgame, much of the tasks you have to do around the farm become fairly automated, and i feel like having an opportunity to make more money for actively attempting to sell goods rather than just pouring them all in a box would be interesting.

    Thanks for the great game, and its been a pleasure playing!
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    • nukenp

      nukenp Aquatic Astronaut

      Thats what I have been thinkung all along. Selling food we made will be very satisfying. Esspecially when NPC comes to purchase the dishes :)
      • DarkJustice

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        But The Saloon doing that job so the restaurant idea was pointless
        • Gandalor 75

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          Maybe if you could get quests from Gus to make and sell him certain dishes each week or season after year two? Then you could theoretically have all of the TV recepies and some if not all of the Pc recepies. That would be really cool if you were to bring in a bunch of maple bars or crabcakes and hear from Gus how much people liked them or hear directly from the townsfolk on a Sunday that when they were at the saloon they ordered one of the new locally made options and loved it. There are a lot of possibilities for something like this even if you just apply it to something already in the game.

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