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Bug/Issue [Resolved] Disappearing crops and livestock

Discussion in 'Support' started by AslanGrants, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. AslanGrants

    AslanGrants Aquatic Astronaut

    So, recently, since upgrading to 1.3, as recent as today, while playing with other people, I've occasionally had crops disappear and tilled soil untill when I activate such things as furnaces or recycling machines. Not always an issue, just some lost money, but today I had two five-heart cows disappear around 9 AM for no obvious reason, and I cannot purchase replacement cows either because they're still considered entities living in the barn. They don't consume food, cannot be found or interacted with, and do not show up on the debug animalInfo command (counts all livestock on the farm). I cannot move their host barn or destroy it through Robin, and I cannot figure out how to either delete them or get them to reappear. Any ideas?
    • Blorp

      Blorp Big Damn Hero

      Can you zip your save and upload it, and I'll take a look. Can you remember the names of the missing cows?
      Another thing you can try: Back up your save, then try "debug fixAnimals", which may free them from any barns they are still occupying, allowing you to buy replacements. Make sure, after doing this, saving, and loading, that no other animals have disappeared too.
      • AslanGrants

        AslanGrants Aquatic Astronaut

        The fixAnimals command worked, but it made no indication that it did, so...Well, either way, the issue's fixed. Still bothers me that that can happen, though.

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